len scribbles

darling, let's burn the world tonight

it’s no secret
you and I
have plucked
luck from this
world in

you can read
it in my pen

you can see
it in your lens

furious scribbles
life captured
in soft focus

we aren’t made
for this world

we deserve
an arse load

we can plant
for everyone
like we were before

we still won’t say it

I want to bleed
it on sidewalks

you want to wait
so you can
whisper it
into my ear


we can incinerate
the world in
stanza stains
shutter snaps

we aren’t made
for this world

so we watch it
into a
new one

Just skinny little Len scribbling away on a pad of paper while looking over blueprints and Mick just over in a corner doing push-ups to pass the time, and Len looking over to make sure Mick isn’t playing with his lighter again and just staring because Mick’s shirt has ridden up in the back and it’s starting to stick to his skin with the sweat and holy shit if that isn’t the hottest thing teenage Len has ever seen. Meanwhile Mick’s trying to beat his personal best and thinking of ways to convince Len to order pizza for the third night in a row.

Daemion is supposed to wear reading glasses. ‘Supposed to’ is the operative phrase here, because he hates them and basically never does wear them. He slips and mentions them to Frankie, which of course leads to her demanding that he show them to her.