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I'm making a trash indie teen!coldwave playlist so could I ask for trash indie teens Mick and Len?

*Sweats* I made a Coldwave one as well woOPS (Also I wanna hear that playlist yO)

*included their names even though I`m sure you`d be able to tell who is who*

Anime idea:

What if you got superpowers from holding hands with a cute girl that looks just like your little sister but with purple hair! Also, everything is animated like some maximalist horror vacui shitstorm. Nope, this series definitely wasn’t intentionally designed by the Japanese government to kill off the anime watching populace with tons of seizures. Don’t even worry or think about that. Check out the lens flare we made sure to put on every metallic surface.

Okay. The scenes with Len and Jasper, pre-breakup was so cute! I was literally squealing as I watched it. Jasper, Eleanor and Sarah Alice are literally family goals. Ugh I hate Jasper’s father. I love that Jasper was willing to give up his only chance of happiness to make sure that Len wasn’t made to be in a different light. I almost started crying when Jasper was talking to his father and said “you don’t know what you just cost me.” I firmly believe that Sarah Alice or James is going to give Lenny that story book and tell her that Jasper only broke up with her to protect her. You could see when Jasper was hugging Sarah Alice, he was trying so damn hard not to break down and not worry Sarah Alice. I really hope that Len and Jasper figure things out and get back together. I also hope that Jasper tells Len why he did what he did. Here’s hoping next week is a bit better.

I cleaned my Leica Dual-range Summicron 2/50. There was some haze inside on the two front elements that made the lens a “bad user” in backlight conditions.

I can tell you – this is not for the faint of heart! While the two front elements are not cemented and therefor not that delicate to handle, the way they are mounted is a little bit unusual compared to other lenses I cleaned before. I did some very minor damage to the coating of the front lens – so I might have diminished the resale value, but I don’t want to sell this lens anyway (because this is my all-time favorite Leica lens), and it is now fully usable again …


鏡音らくがき ・ Kagamine Doodles by MIKO@ツイッター再開
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