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*Not the same anon* What she is referring to is a parody song of 96 Neko and Len Kagamine. The song is called Rin- chan I think (The original song is Len-Kun Now(?) You can look it up on YT where Ai and Gou just sing of how great Rin is. Sorry If I confused you, I haven't heard it in a long time

Ahhh I see! Yeah sorry I had no idea haha! Thank you for clearing it up, hope you have a good day xxx


Len-kun Appreciation Post

Len’s model in Megurine Luka’s song Hello, Worker on Project Diva is my favorite thing. He’s just such a cutie???? And I love him. He’s just such a child. Most of the time. *COUGHgiganticotnCOUGH*. Ehem. It’s funny, cuz I actually feel like this video fits him more than Luka tbh cuz Luka doesn’t seem very childish to me at least well she’s 20 but like this fits Len and he looks adorable doing it. He’s my favorite Vocaloid (as well as Rin, I really don’t want to choose between them, so I don’t) but this video just reminded me why. This and his Eh? Ah Sou cover. If you haven’t seen that THEN WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR LIFE. 

But really, Len for cutest anime character of them all year.