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Castiel: INFP [Supernatural]

INFP Follower Favorite 2016.

Dominant Function, Introverted Feeling, Fi: Castiel is a very different angel from the rest and this comes from being an Fi dominant with inferior Te. (More on inferior Te below). Fi is a very subjective, individualistic, and experiential function. Castiel is the rebel angel because his first instinct is to judge from his own experiences. He doesn’t obey or follow the laws of the angels first. He will if he agrees with them, but we see he clearly doesn’t. He changes his mind and adapts as he experiences new things, new sensations, new experiences in general with the Winchester brothers. What seems right before he starts to question. It simply doesn’t “feel right” to him anymore. Hence, the start of the relationship he has with the Winchester brothers in their anarchy against mythical forces. 

Fi focuses on fundamental human values and are prone to more of an idealism than the moral dealings of Ti. Fi for Castiel is seen in how he deals differently with each individual human, how one human doing a good thing is beautiful to him. He doesn’t adhere to Angel rules and principles of how to judge and deal with humans and being on  earth. He handles each situation as unique and judges in the moment. Fi has an emphasis on that free will. The very thing that separates him from the rest of the angels. He doesn’t think Dean and Sam should conform to the plans of the angels, but can make their own path. He becomes a defender of free will for everyone, including himself. 

Fi being prone to idealism is also very prone to self doubt as a result. This is what centers on the beginning of his character arc. As an angel his Fi gave him this ideal of how things should be instead of how things are. When he finally is outside of his own head, his own romance of how things are on Earth and he lives in it helping the Winchesters these feelings of doubt set in for him. Life on earth and the angels do not uphold the ideals Castiel held close to his heart. He isn’t seeing reality reflecting his inner world. This can become disastrous for an INFP like Castiel who can’t reconcile with his inferior function of Extraverted Thinking. This combination leads to the darker path he takes.

Auxiliary Function, Extraverted Intuition, Ne: This function helps promote a healthier Fi outlook as it grounds Castiel in the objective experiences in the outer world beyond his Fi inner world of personal and circumstantial judgments. Se can work in much the same way for ISFPs. This secondary function helps balance out an IFP so they are not stuck in doubt, disappointment, and dissatisfaction that comes with being stuck in an inner world of Fi. What Ne specifically focuses on are more impression of experiences rather than the concrete experience. Castiel with Ne is trying to unpuzzle a deeper meaning in the world with Ne, but through his Fi lens. 

This is what makes Castiel feel so lost. His Fi has led him to question and doubt the world as he conceived it before, he is questioning the authorities of the universe, especially as God is real big on one way conversations. If his Fi judgments are to be trusted and all the angels are wrong in their bringing on the apocalypse and using the Winchester brothers, then what is the meaning of angels in the first place. What is Castiel’s role in the big picture of the universe, what is the role of the Winchesters? What is the right thing to do? He is left looking for meaning and patterns that make sense of his Fi judgments. 

Unlike an Ni-Fe combo that looks to help and understand people in a bigger picture, looking at society as a whole, Fi-Ne focuses on helping those who have fallen through the cracks of society and the system. Castiel feels for the demons, for the humans, for everyone his angel brothers and sisters seem to underestimate and dismiss. He finds meaning in helping those who are left behind. 

Tertiary Function, Introverted Sensing, Si: Si is a very personal function that takes in concrete information that works desperately from society and any system therein. This can be a problem as Fi also works in a very personal and subjective form. So without proper use of Ne and Te to ground an INFP in the objective outer world, Castiel becomes rather unhealthy as he isolates himself and doesn’t use his Ne when he doesn’t get the answers he wants. He picks and chooses the Si concrete forms of information that fit his already made Fi judgments. This is what motivates his taking on the position of God and leading the angels. He starts to distribute divine punishment on humans. He works with the information that conforms to his judgments instead of using Ne to see outside of his own perspective. 

Inferior Function, Extraverted Thinking, Te: As the inferior function Te is what irks Castiel the most, but what influences him just as much. He finds Te judgments, those based on proven principles to create rules and order to the world overall to be cold and heartless. They miss the individual experiences of each unique person. Castiel finds this mode of thinking to be incredibly imperfect with his Fi priorities. Order and structure should not come above individual freedom and happiness, no matter the greater purpose. Te structure tries to pin Castiel into a very specific role as an Angel, but his Fi challenges this pigeonholing. Castiel doesn’t see himself as being definable in this way. He is an exception. So he tries to erase this boundary imposed upon him by the angels, demons, and anyone else who wants to tell him who he is. 

However, as much as this thinking irks him, the more he pushes it away and does not see this function inside himself the more Te impulses show themselves within his personality and way of going about things. Because of his Fi he finds the system to be corrupt, morally wrong, and leaving too many people behind. This is when he tries to take on being God. However, he starts imposing his own Te order on others. He becomes strict and cold while being motivated by Fi.

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Could you do a imagine with jack where he lost his contact lens and he has to wear his glasses and Y/N took hella cute pictures and video of him but he gets shy.Thanks

Posted, kinda changed it a bit tho. Same big idea :-) thank you!! This was very cute!!

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I wish you'd write a fic where, to save Len, Mick must find his soul/heart/presence in the void the Oculus left (somewhere in the wreckage of all the shattered timelines) and bring it back. AKA a coldwave Orpheus and Eurydice AU

sooooo this got away from me a bit

Fic: Sailor’s Sorrow (AO3 Link)
Fandom: Flash, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, Literary Allusions Galore
Pairing: Mick Rory/Leonard Snart

Summary: Sailors tell the same tales everywhere you go.

Sometimes, they tell you how to bring someone home.

(an Orpheus and Eurydice retelling - and a bit more besides)


Sailors tell the same tales everywhere you go.

Different languages, different cultures, different people, but in the end it always comes down to them and the sea: stories of danger, stories of wonder, stories of strange things you can’t even begin to imagine.

Mick Rory was born on land, as far away from a coast as you could go in his continent.

Kronos was born to the sea.

The Time Masters belittle it when they call her the Time-Stream, their pathetic and futile attempts to make it less than it is, to make it something they can understand, something they can master.

She is no mere stream: she is Oceanus and Tethys, Varuna and Varuni, Anahita and Aegir and Ryūjin and Idliragijenget, all of them together, the great Tiamet who blankets the world entire. She is the Many-Named, the Inexorable, the Endless, Time in all its forms: all oceans come from her, and she is both the greatest of them all, and yet beyond them. She is the slow, rolling wave, the quiet calm, the swiftly rushing current that carries the many-mirrored universe ever forward in her hands, gentle and rough in turn, and she had no beginning but is in herself the whole of creation entire.

And, like all seas, there are those who sail her, and their stories.

It’s on a mission for the Waverider when he first hears of it.

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Your trashesty, Len as Kirk and Barry as Spock. Let's leave that there.

Listen. We’ve been over this many many many times. And I will NEVER GET OVER IT.

I’m a fan of Captain!Barry but I can dig this.

Captain Leonard Snart of the USS Rogue. (COOLEST. SHIP NAME. EVER.).

I need them to not get along at all. They just don’t click. Barry is all too eager to prove Len wrong. To correct Len and let him know when his plans are against regulations. Arguing with him to the point where it’s borderline insubordination, and Len is two stars away from marooning him onto the next Class M planet.

Except… Neither of them request a transfer. Len knows that Barry is the best Science Officer/First Officer in the fleet. Bribed many people to get him aboard his ship, specifically. And Barry knows he’d be stupid to give up serving under THE Leonard Snart. So they tough it out. They can’t seem to agree on anything, but they’re gonna try.

Eventually, they do start getting along. Mostly when there’s a crises, but it’s progress, right? When the ship is in danger, they’re perfectly in sync. Finishing each other’s sentences. Communicating with looks and nods. Making sure everyone is safe on and off planet. And because of this, Len hasn’t lost one crew member since Barry has come aboard. The kid is annoying but dammit, he makes Len a better Captain.

At some point, they start getting along when there /isn’t/ a crises. They both know how beneficial it will be to the crew if they just sit down and talk like actually adults. Try to get along outside of the occasional Klingon attack or manic slave trader.

It starts off as lunch together. Iris basically forcing Barry to sit down with Len and figure their shit out. She can’t stand their stupid arguments any more.

They don’t actually expect to get along. To have things in common. The petty arguments start becoming playful. They eat lunch together every day and people have actually started to join their table now that they aren’t yelling 24/7.

After that, they actually become friends. Missions start running smoothly. The bridge is peaceful for a change.

Len starts planning /with/ Barry, as opposed to coming up wit plans and expecting everyone to go along with it without question. And when Barry disagrees with any part of the plan, he discusses it in private. Proposes alternatives. Most importantly, he stops doing it in front of the entire command crew and embarrassing Len like he was before. Stops undermining every one of his decisions. For the first time, Len actually thinks this could work.

Then the feelings start. It’s mutual, of course. Everyone on the ship can see how much they want to bone. They aren’t very subtle with the looks and the touches and the smiles. Hell, half the ship thinks they’re already sleeping together.

(“HA! If only.” Len tells Cisco when he tries to give him the Best Friend Shovel Talk, only to found out his friend is not, in fact, dating their captain.)

It’s only a matter of time until this sexual attraction turns into more. Risking your life every other day makes you realize a few things. Especially when the object of your affection ends up unconscious in the medbay because you just weren’t fast enough to save them.

Finding out they love each other normally wouldn’t be a problem. They aren’t acting on it. They’re still good friends who run a starship together and still haven’t lost a crew member. It’s perfect.

Until it actually does become a problem.

It was bad enough when Len wasn’t following regulations but now…Barry isn’t either? If one of them is in danger, the other does anything in their power to keep them safe. Even if that means endangering the lives of their crew mates or not following regulations.

Which totally isn’t true. Yeah Len may or may not have strong feelings for Barry. But there’s no way in hell he’d risk all these lives for the kid. At least not now. Now Lisa? That’s a whole different story. He’d do a lot for Barry, but risking the lives of hundreds for him? That’s ridiculous…

Okay it happened once, but no one got hurt! The kid he used as bait was totally willing and harbors no hard feelings.

Same goes for Barry. He and Len just started getting along! He’d go to great lengths to protect his crew, yes. But risking hundreds of lives in the process? Hell no.

But that doesn’t mean everyone believes it. Someone saw their relationship and saw how often they risk each other’s lives to save the other. How often they break the rules to keep the other safe. You can’t really blame them. Len and Barry’s inability to separate their feelings from missions would make many people feel unsafe. Like they are only worried about each other. Which is why this crew member has no problem with bringing this issue up with the admiralty.

They have a field day. They’ve been looking for a reason to get Len out of that chair for the last ten or so years. He thinks Starfleet rules don’t apply to him. He’s far too cocky and self centered to care about anyone but himself and that’s specifically why they think he’s unfit for captaincy.

Only. He is the best Captain they’ve ever had. Has the lowest amount of deaths and casualties out of all the other ships. He hand picked every person in his command crew which consists of Barry, Iris, Hartley, Lisa, Caitlin and Mick aka the highest ranking cadets at the academy. They still have no idea how he managed that.

Basically, Len is the best captain with the best crew and the best ship. He’s never actually been caught breaking regulations, but they know he has countless times. They’ve been looking for a reason to kick him out of that chair for a decade now and this here? Is the perfect opportunity .

And I’m literally falling asleep while typing this so that’s all you’re getting outta me lmao I hope this makes some kind of sense

Some headcanons for ace!coldflash that I didn’t get into cause @starshineandhappythoughts wanted a happy ace!coldflash fic:

-Barry has pretty stable boundaries on what he is and isn’t okay with intimately/sexually. 90% of the time he just wants cuddles and kisses when he can get them . The other 10% of the time Barry might want something a little more but it’s usually a fleeting thought and gone before Barry can work up the nerve to ask Len about it.

- Len’s boundaries fluctuate a lot more than Barry’s and he’s generally speaking a lot more sex repulsed than Barry. Barry could be talked into sex and enjoy it with the right partner. Len doesn’t do sex at all. Period. End of story.

- Due to his childhood, Len has trouble with physical contact in general. This can mean some days Len does not want to be touched at all, wants to be touched by a select few, and/or has to be the instigator of any physical contact. Len’s issue with general physical contact and his boundaries don’t always match up. So some days Len could want to kiss and cuddle Barry but at same unable to comfortably do so. Len’s a lot more frustrated by it than Barry.

- Barry accepts pretty early on Len determines what intimacy they have on a given day. Barry’s more concerned with planning romantic evenings outs, remembering anniversaries, and making sure he and Len can survive living together. (especially the last one since Len is only semi-heroic)

- It think the ace!coldflash I Drabble I wrote works with canon. I imagine further down the Legends of Tomorrow plot Barry and Len cross paths in 2016/17 and discuss Len’s heroics. The two start to openly acknowledge they’re interested in the other and flirt. Eventually Barry goes to Len to get help from Team Legends and the two finally start discussing boundaries and start to date.

Barry being asexual did not mean he was not jealous over Eddie and Iris. If anything Barry was more jealous of Eddie because he could be with Iris in ways Barry was not comfortable with. At least before Eddie Barry could pretend he and Iris were more romantically involved than they were. However, Barry did not try to break them up and get with Iris because he accepts she wants more out of a romantic relationship than he does.

Len totally had a crisis or two over his interest in Barry because people typically don’t expect him to be ace and very few people he’s dated in the past have accepted his boundaries (especially since they fluctuate so much). So while Barry is so good about it all Len has trouble not feeling guilty because he’s lost Significant Others over it.

|| Closed AU with xikuohatsune || Len Has Lost It

Len had been feeling odd lately. Did all ghosts feel this way…? Running a hand through the cool pond water in the back of the mansion, he stared at the windows… Glass. Windows. Falls. His blueish eyes seemed deadened now.

Floating through the window, he attempted to pull up a knife– and failing. Maybe… Ehe.

Seeing Len round the corner of the staircase, he floated up. Pushing him, he watched the brown eyed teen scream and fall from the window to the ground– since it was a short fall, the boy just had a few cuts. The blue eyed ghost stayed invisible, floating up.