Hey guys its me again, here with my big ass homemade gif of the ultimate Daddy, Kim Seokjin. 

So awhile back I hit a follower goal and I’m really happy to say that it’s been constantly growing ever since.  So in order to thank everyone, its time for another follow forever!! When I follow back on here it follows back from my personal so I may be following you but you have no idea its me unless you know of my personal! What a treat, right? But whether or not you’ve been mentioned, I’m equally grateful for all of my followers, I’ll never know why you like me.

BOLD is for my boobies, whether I’ve talked to you every day, or sometimes!

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happy international friendship day let’s pretend that i wasn’t late af making this post even though i am a crappy friend who is bad with keeping in touch with people.

anyway thanks for keeping me sane literally and making me feel loved when i’m feeling particularly down… i love you guys so very very much

the love of my life: @jvlianbaker

i’d die for you guys: @aamirmitchell @augglematthews @babaneaux @calyjan @carito3102 @coreyfogel @girl-meets @inhellwithbands @issiahbabineaux @isadorabalagot @jelenarulestheworld @joshdunstattoo @l-friar @lucasfriur @lucayagifs @maiammitchell @marlyevans @mayaheart @missy-bradford @moesha @peybrinaa @rowan-blanchard @ryrissa @shwnhuntrs @styidiaa @thewritingfreak19 @this-starry-universe-is-mine @tpanga @zaybab @zaydoras

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i love you guys sm… thanks for putting up with all my annoying posts 

imagine being so old and bitter that you feel the need to make fun of people who are exercising, overcoming their anxiety, and actually having fun. there is literally no reason to mock people for this

not to mention the fact that baby boomers have been complaining about cell phones nonstop calling millennials lazy and once we use it for a healthy reason they still say its bad????

I want to thank everyone who gave a shit enough to reach out last night and make sure I was okay. I had a really bad day and an even worse night.

Fortunately, I held off. I didn’t relapse, and I’m still going strong, self harm free.

It’s rough, but I’m getting through. I appreciate all of your past support, and hopefully continued support, as well.

One more day in my apartment, moved everything art related to my new studio today, my arms are sore and my body is tired but I’m ready for new beginnings.