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Letter to my favorite internet friends

30 day letter challenge: Day 8 - To your favorite internet friend(s):

There is one friend who I will not bother to mention. I’ve already written a letter to her and she also will never see this anyway. She doesn’t have a tumblr and we often exchange how much we care about one another so I don’t see a point in writing her a whole letter. So let’s move on. ^_^

Seiferre, my rabbit!!! ^_^ Ah, where do I begin? Well…I guess I just want to let you know that I’m glad we’re friends. Straight up hahah. You’re different than anyone I’ve ever met. There’s just something really special about you that makes you stand out. You know, I’m not too good at explaining things XD hahaah! I just..I really enjoy talking with you, I enjoy knowing about you, I enjoy just sitting at home all day and hanging out with you. You treat me differently than a lot of my friends do and that’s a good thing! Like…for example my fear of water! Instead of brushing it off or laughing at me you wanted to know why. You wanted to change my mind about it and on top that you’re actually working to help me get over that fear. Just that alone has already helped me. We also have some rather serious things in common like my sister and your boyfriend. I obviously won’t go into detail about that in public but it’s nice to be able to talk to someone who understands. You also introduced me to a whole new world, a whole other side of the internet that I never once dared venture to. I love our Frina family to death. I’m so happy to be part of that. It may sound silly to others but I love the family and the little world we created so much and I know you feel the same. I’m also so happy to be part of your Mobiverse. That’s so special and I thank you so much for letting me participate in that. We’re definitely more than just internet friends. You’re my long lost Asian twin sister hahah! I’m learning a lot from you and I can’t even begin to explain how much fun I have with you and how great of a friend you’ve been to me. I hope that I’m giving you back everything you’ve given to me. 

CASS-EVERLASTING! Where are you???? Omg we were talking and chatting and having a great time and suddenly it just stopped! Honestly I felt bad. We stopped talking right when you were going through such a difficult time. How are you? Are you doing better? You know I’m trying to remember some of our first conversations and they of course were about Kaori Yuki. When I look at Cassian I can’t help but see you. I miss you and we need to get back on talking to one another. I’m still waiting for a car full of musicians to come and pick me up ^_^

Lemur…Lemur…Lemur…. You’ve been busy, haven’t you? You’re always busy. You know you were the reason I joined tumblr. You messaged me on my Livejournal, excited that you had found another fan of Switzerland/Austria. I was excited too!! And then together we moved on to AmeChu! That was…unexpected XD You were so much fun to fangirl with and I miss you! And we would always write each other really long emails hahah! Get un-busy and talk to me again ^_^