lemur fursuit

Look at this hairy monster I’m attempting to make. Messy poopy eye is a prototype just to try and get some kind of idea for the shape since I’m really struggling with the eyes at the moment. I need to work on cutting the pupil hole cleaner. x3x If I see this junky toothy lemur through to finished then he’ll be my first completed suit. It’s a project I’ve wanted to try for so long and this is by far the furthest point I’ve ever got so fingers crossed!

Working on this fluff monster again. My deadline to finish him is October 22nd in time for MCM Expo in London next month. I’ll have some pictures of his other body parts to post soon when I’ve furred them. :D On the head though, I’ve adjusted the ears to make them rounder and more forward facing, fixing up the teeth a bit and messing with lower eyelids. I might make them an optional look. Still trying to fix up a bit of the wonky symmetry as best I can. >3<;