lemony snicket's a series of unfortunate events

Everyone tells you it’s all right to cry, but not enough people say it’s all right if you don’t want people to know.
—  Lemony Snicket

Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events (2017-), The Wide Window


ASOUE as “The Office”gifs

Esme Squalor 

Violet Baudelaire

Mr. Poe 

Lemony Snicket 

Klaus Baudelaire 

Count Olaf 

Duncan Quagmire 

Isadora Quagmire 

Sunny Baudelaire 

Carmelita Spats 

Quigley Quagmire 

Olaf’s Associates throughout the series 

The Baudelaire’s every time Olaf shows up 


Get a first look at A Series of Unfortunate Events season 2

Covering books 5 (The Austere Academy) through 9 (The Carnivorous Carnival) of Lemony Snicket’s beloved series, this season aims to be more ambitious and complex than the first.

“Tonally, we have more action, and things are little darker and sadder,” executive producer Barry Sonnenfeld tells EW.

“Now that we’re in season 2 – and I think the same is true with the books – now the Baudelaires can start to take some control and try and take more action,” says Neil Patrick Harris, who returns as Count Olaf, the villainous man who is after the Baudelaires’ fortune. “I think season 2 ends up being a little bigger in its scope and scale, but also allows for a little bit of a more fevered heartbeat from our protagonists.

ASOUE characters as Vines
  • Lemony: I love you. Bitch. I ain't never gonna stop loving you. Bitch.
  • Violet: I'm a bad bitch you can't kill me.
  • Klaus: Is there anything better than pussy? Yes, a really good book!
  • Sunny: *cute baby whispering ''what?''*
  • Esme: O0oHh you spilled-wawalalawa you spilled lipstick in my Valentino white bag!?!???

Me: *Immediately gets attached to Uncle Monty*

Patrick Warburton: This character with which you’ve become infatuated is fucked, a word which here means “doomed beyond hope”, though it can also mean “recently engaged in intercourse.” However, Uncle Monty’s only lover is the study of Herpetology, an abstract concept that is difficult to achieve coitus with, and with Count Olaf on the loose, the usage of the word “fucked” lends itself much more easily to describing the untimely death that awaited him.

Me, teary-eyed: Fuck you, Kronk.

Can we talk about both the psychology and foreshadowing significance of the way the Quagmires are sitting on this bench?

Now, we [those of us who have read the books] know that Quigley survived the fire, Duncan and Isadora, however, do not. Yet, they’ve left a spot for him. Most people would spread out on a bench of this size if there are only two of them, but not the Quagmires, who are still waiting for their brother, not quite able to believe that he’s gone.

While this is a psychological sign of the denial stage of grief, it is also foreshadowing that Quigley survived the fire, because there is a spot being saved for him.

And I really love everything about this.