What Happened to Beatrice.

“If you have walked into a museum recently - whether you did so to attend an art exhibition or to escape from the police - you may have noticed a type of painting known as a triptych. A triptych has three panels, with something different painted on each of the panels. For instance, my friend Professor Reed made a triptych for me, and he painted fire on one panel, a typewriter on another, and the face of a beautiful, intelligent woman on the third. The triptych is entitled What Happened to Beatrice and I cannot look upon it without weeping.”

Lemony Snicket from the motherfucking get go: this is a depressing story. there is no happy ending. everyone you could possibly love will die. there will be little to no happiness from beginning to end. i am not capable of writing anything other than sweet sweet sadness. please do not read/watch this series if you want any sort of joy.

My dumbass every time i reread the books/watch the series: wow this is sad so far! but i’m excited for things to get better and for all of the children introduced to eventually be happy and thrive. can’t wait for that happy ending!!! :) :):):) :)