Super Proud of Myself! For the month of February, I didn’t drink any juice except a tall passion tea lemonade from Starbucks & a Thai iced tea (couldn’t refuse, they were “gifts”).
This is a a huge accomplishment for me because I went from drinking juice with every meal and/or snack to substituting with lemon water. I also reduced the amount of sugar packets in my tea from six (6), yes I know that’s wild lol to just two (2). Yay me! Addiction to sugar is real but downplayed.

I proved a point to myself & I have decided to continue the challenge, but not as extreme, the raw sugar packet stays at 2 though.

You are what You Eat. Eat Well!


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Y do u luv lemonwater mouth

I love “lemonwater mouth” because it tackles topics that are usually not tackled in Disney Channel Movies, or they took on these topics in a great way. One of my favorite things they tackle is how these people from different backgrounds handle their family lives is how they handled Bridget Mendler’s character, Oliva, and her family life. Olivia lives with her grandma and her mother’s cat. Oliva lives with her grandma because her mom died and her father is in prison. What I like about this story is that there hasn’t been Disney Channel Movie that tackles with someone with this background. It’s great for a kid who watches LM and who has these similar circumstances and can relate to it.

 Not to mention it sheds a light on familial expectations and how art and expression can really help deal with it. Also, the relationships and romances don’t feel wrong or pushed. You can really tell that with Adam Hicks’ character Wen really liked and cared for Olivia. Also, it handles how to correctly handle being friend zoned.

Not to mention the songs in the show are amazing and really backbone it. This is coming from someone who generally doesn’t like Dcom movies with music but there are some great jams. Favorites of mine are “She’s So Gone”, “Determinate”, and “Breakthrough.” The characters are typical angsty high schoolers but they all have their own reasons to be angsty. Lemonade Mouth has a general message of different people join together to challenge a general problem (the high school that doesn't give a hoot about the arts and trying to stop that) and tackle individual issues with each other. It’s a great movie and one of the only Dcom movies (Let It Shine and Descendants in that list) that I thoroughly enjoy.  

So I decided to do some research on the benefits of lemon water and I found some interesting things!

I’ve found that drinking lemon water every morning 15 minutes before breakfast can be a very healthy choice (especially when it’s warm), however don’t forget to dilute it as the effects can be harsh on your teeth.

1. Improves digestion

Lemon water first thing in the morning kick-starts your body's’ digestion system and can also give you more energy.

2.Natural flush

Drinking lemon water can help make the livers job more effective, this is especially true in the morning as your liver as been working hard during sleep.

3. Clearer skin

Since it gives you a natural flush, it can lead to clearer skin and it also contains vitamin C needed for collage production. Vitamin C also helps to improve the body’s immune system.

4.Great source of potassium

Potassium improves your heart health as well as brain and nerve function.

Who knew lemon water could be so helpful?





Barely any yogurt today actually because the fruit itself was so delicious!! Passion fruit is a treat since I don’t normally find it in my grocery store and these are crazy sweet. Of course hot lemon water on the side. Nom nom nom.