Mother and Shinhwa

So when my Mother said Hyesung looked like a girl I’ve decided that I’ll definitely show her Hyesung as LemonSyung. And I did it.

I walked up to her saying if she remembers the guy she said looked like a girl, because I want to show something to her about him.

Want to know what was her first reaction?
“He is gay, right?”

And I was like, oh, no mom, no he isn’t or at least he hides it very well, but he is kind of suspicious with Eric, or at least I wish there would be something between him and Eric, but no, he isn’t.

So I’ve showed her the video.
Actually she first thought Hyesung was the girl who added his make-up, then I told her, no mom she is not Hyesung, she was like “Oh really? But he could be that girl because they are alike.” I was like oh mom, okay he is very pretty and he is prettier as he ages, but… really…?!
“See? That’s why I told so.” Yeah, yeah mom just watch the video.
(I don’t know anyway if the girl should be happy or not for looking like Hyesung, a male :“D)
And then LemonSyung appeared and my mom was freaked out and I laughed so hard. xD
"Jesus, is that him? Oh God, are you for real? *laughs* Really, they are not normal *laughs harder* But he really looks like a woman. And what’s in his hand, a lemon?!” No mom, that’s not a lemon…
Then Hyesung’s leg spreading part came and my mother had a mental breakdown. “Hoooooolycoooooooow, reeaaalllyyyy….they are not normal…*laughs* what the hell are they doing… they are definitely not sane…”

And then I just closed our conversation (after explaining what the hell happened because my mom’s face was epic as she did not understand a thing) with saying “now you know why I love them so much.”

I’ll make Mother face other Shinhwa things, too. Her reactions are just precious. I love you Mother.