Six random facts about me!

I was tagged by the delightful theperksofbeingdisabled!

1. I judge people that don’t believe in aliens.
2. All of my nightmares involved people screaming without making any sound because their throats are full of cobwebs. 
3. I check facebook roughly once a week, and I only have like thirty friends.
4. I lived through the Bush administration and I feel like that is an accomplishment even though I am not American. I also survived Y2K.
5. I write freelance articles for my local newspaper occasionally, in the therapy advice sections. My topics range from healthy relationship dynamics to coping with mental illness/parenting a child with mental illness. 
6. At one point in my childhood I had: had a dog, six chickens, twenty one rabbits, five guinea pigs, three budgies, a cockatiel and a peacock.

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