Well, I make a littles chibis of my Genderbend ❤

Josephine and Caesarina with casual clothes
Joriko and Tomoe ❤ (Design of Fem!Kakyoin is from @thali-lemonpie )
Jeannette, Merefit and Old!Josephine (Fem!Avdol is from @thali-lemonpie ❤)

PD: If You want a request of my GB You can, and ask about all too ❤…I dont have problem with this uvu

Keiji's kisses - Slbp -

Headcanon 😄

Nobunaga -canon-: candy apple (for kompeito?)
(reaction: rage. Killing instinct -like always-)

Mitsuhide -c-: fish cake cold (for bonito?) 😂
(r: frozen (?) -maybe he liked a little?-)

Hideyoshi: something a bit spicy but kinda sweet -maybe indian food-
(r: he sweats and jokes. And sweats. And he jokes again)

Inuchiyo: Meat 😆. Juicy meat, like a grilled steak?
(r: push and spit. And he swear, a lot)

Kojuro: Irish coffee -a little bitter, a little sweet but yummy as hell-.
(r: Dignified cough)

Masamune: White chocolate mint ice cream
(r: strong blush. Wide eyes. Look at Kojuro for s.o.s)

Ieyasu: Lemonpie .
(r: spit and thread. Yell calling Tadatsugu ) 

Mitsunari:  Really cheesy pizza .
(r: possibly he have a stroke ) 

Yukimura: Vanilla & coconut mousse (nut topping) .
(r: Heart attack. If survive maybe he cries hugging himself  

Saizo:  M&M (’Melts in your mouth’), but Keiji can’t reach Saizo -even if he tries hard- . 

Kenshin: Cream and strawberries .
(r: He blushes smiling a little).

Shingen: Hot chocolate (without sugar. Original chocolate flavour) .
(r: He kiss Keiji laughing hard   ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ) 

I’m drawing SuJu and I tried to find Twins era pics and I found some awesome ones

One happy family portrait:

I kinda screamed :’‘‘‘‘D I mean look at Yesung, Kangin, Leeteuk, Shindong, Eunhyuk and Wookie’s hair. Omg. Then look at Sungmin:D♥ He is like a 5yo kid who is more than happy with his buddy Wookie. Heechul & Kibum (but where is his hand) look like a couple (So does Donghae & Yesung). Lmao just gold.

Then a classic at least for me:

This reminded me of Glee’s prom ep season 2 where Lauren had this yellow dress on and she said: I look like a lemonpie (Or something like that:D)

These last two look like manga book’s front cover:

I just love them. Alot. :’D♥

not my pics found them on google! Credits to the owners!