Day 18: why you made your blog, why you still have it

I’ve made my blog because of my love for Paul. This blog consist of my personal and daily rants, How my day goes by with Paul, special occasions with him, pictures of us and my personal photos too, I hardly post pictures of my self on facebook because of some personal reasons ^_^

atleast dito mas COOL kapag nagppost ka ng pics. haha I still have this and will keep this for the rest of my life because I treasure every posts and moments immortalized by writing. I value every characters, letters and images posted in this blog and by this, I can also keep in touch with my friends online even though I don’t have any kada’s yet. But still, thankful for the people whom i’ve spoken and communicated to.

Thankful for the first and one and only fanmail i’ve received from lemonnuestro(princeofbanat), follow backs that made me happy for those persons I respect and got so many ideas on writing to this blog! ^_^, for the occasions that made my day special, and also the time when we, paul and me, get together, Iloveyou! Thank you!