spicy tomtord fic

ok @sewlovelyyy and i wrote this wrote this new really really intense TomTord fic pls reblog and like and tell ur friends!! 

(warning: spicy stuff ahead, 18+ only!!)

Tord runned his fongers threw Toms lushus spjky har smiling at him with flirty eyes and he spoke in a vary suggestive tone “Heyyyyy babeeey heard you lieky to have a goud teim???” Tom smuled back in the saem wae “MMMMMMmmmm YESs of COARSE TordykiNnssss!!!” Torf whent forword and kissing Tom wispering sins two his eers ass they maed out on the bed the mayn waring the read hudy liked hees lips and the mayn who was no eeys waes intimidatid bye this “Tohm iff we where in a lemonn as the tweens call thehm, I’d be soundding as a hentie gurl”

lol that was good folow my new myspace pls 

(dont hate or santa will give u coal for christmas!! this is only my 20th fic so far!! p.s: santa i love u!!!) 


Fanime Day 2 2015.

Awesome cosplays from day 2. Also got to meet up with C9 Balls and C9 Lemonnation!

If you’re in any of these photos let me know so I can tag you!