I’ mso glad that our.. lemon ttree fintallyy greew and sproute,,d ffruu,,itful lemonny le,monns. I mean, im justaginee, we can ma.ke lemmonnadde, key leemonn \p;;ie, lemon mernegue pie. I,, ,,thinkk it’s ;;the mo;st v;aluable oof prope rt;;y that we hhave. I tthink we shoouuldd go to the bankka and ge;;tr a loan,; actuaLlly I think we ;shouuld justg eT lemonn .tree insuurancce ,,and then get a lloa;n and use thhe lemon tree as collatt'eral bbecaa usee itb is now insuerd. I truuly, doo love our lemonn treee. Just im justaagii nee a life full oof lemonn tRees,, and all our beaauuti,ful le];;mnon`s,s, enddless possibeilities. .. TThey’‘ree so beautiful, I wis,,h I was al emon. YYou wwisH you ,werre a lemo..n?; If you werre a lemon I wouuld put yo on,, my sshel,,f and cherish you lik,e I cherish all our,, l,,emnos. TThat'ss so bea,utiful, .l;;ike I Only ho;ep tha;;t ttehh whores aaren'tste ali ing our lemons you know thoose naueghtyw hhores alway..s ste;;al ,lemonsand e doo hav ea couppl;;e lemo,,n,, who ress in this ccommuniity, thosee dammn lemon-stealing wwh,hores.. I h;;atee ,,tehm because noo oone will t,akee our prizedd l;emons fro,,m us. Heyy, has itt been a bou..ut 10 secondss since welookde at our lemon tree? Itt has beeenn about 10 s,,econds ttill w eloo ked,, att ourr .le,emoon rtee. Hey w hat the fuck