About 97% of you guys missed the point of "Too Old"

The episode “Too Old” had more going on in it than a majority of you actually realize. In fact, this episode is just about as emotionally gripping as “Simon and Marcy” when you realize the magnitude of what actually happened.

So to clear up a considerable amount of the unjust hate aimed at Lemongrab, I’ll explain the main points of this episode, and why this episode is pretty significant:


1. “I want to be acceptable”

     In all of Lemongrabs appearances- leading up to this episode- he shows that he so desperately desires to be normal and be accepted; To both princess bubblegum(his mom) and to the Candy Kingdom. And goes to great (and insane) lengths to obtain this desire. It’s important to remember that Lemongrab was sent to live a solitary life shortly after he was born, as the princess couldn't deal with his strange and spastic behavior. Know that Princess Bubblegum was literally all the family he had, and still remains the one person he will fully respect, and (to an extent) obey. 

       In “Too Old” we are shown that Lemongrab has modeled Lemon castle and it’s citizens to be just like the candy kingdom when he first visited.

(Credit to dewogong for the gif’s)

Judging from lemongrabs speech and mannerism’s when first greeting them to the castle,it’s apparent he had been studying on how to be more cultured. It can be said he was trying to prove to them that he and his people were (in his words) “sophisticated”. In fact, the entire reason he invited them to the castle was probably a ploy to gain their acceptance. And has become corrupted in the process.

(If you noticed, the FlamePrincess/Finn drama was thrown in the episode to keep PB and Finn from paying any attention to Lemongrabs antics. If Lemongrab really was trying to win them over, they were ignoring him almost the entire episode up until they met Lemonhope.)

     In the episode, Bubblegum literally said “I don’t understand. They started out exactly the same. What happened?” If you think about it, Lemongrab and Lemongrab 2 are exactly the same; but grew up under extremely different circumstances. Lemongrab grew up with heavy loneliness and conflicted feelings, While Lemongrab 2 always had his brother, and has never experienced loneliness or a lack of acceptance.

That is what defines these two.


  • “Lemongrab’s eidetic memory was inspired by Stephen Wiltshire, a famous autistic savant who has eidetic memory and the ability to draw an extremely detailed landscape of a city after a short helicopter ride above the area.”

As stated by Jesse Moynihan, an adventure time employee at http://jessemoynihan.com/?p=1868


2. Lemonhope

Lemonhope, is a lemonized physical representation of whats perceived as normal, and acceptable to mainstream society in the eyes of lemongrab. Basically, a representation of everything Lemongrab wants to be like to gain Bubblegum’s approval. Because of this, he has Lemonhope thrown in the dungeon where no one will be able to see him, because he’s jealous.

But then, Bubblegum finds Lemonhope; and offers him to live in Candy kingdom right in front of him. Can you even begin to imagine what it would be like to have your mother tell another kid to live with her after she abandoned and declared you a lost cause? Yeah.

As proof of this theory, as they were scaling the wall, there was a deliberate pause as Lemongrab and Lemonhope made eye contact with each-other.

This was no mistake. Know that this was intentionally storyboarded in and holds significance, because at that moment Lemongrab saw the life he always wished for go to another boy. He’s pressing so hard into the concrete that hes cracked it too. This will definitely cause conflict in a later episode.


3. Lemongrab 2

Lemongrab still cares deeply for his brother. You can tell because Lemongrab wouldn’t have bothered to regurgitate and build him a hover wheelchair otherwise if he didn’t, as he typically never showed a shred of mercy to anyone else in the shows history. This is probably because Lemongrab 2 is the one other individual who is the most mentally close and understanding to himself, and he finds comfort with him being around. It’s also interesting to note, that unlike the other Lemon citizen’s; Lemongrab 2 was not wearing an electric collar. Lemongrab 2 also knew the codes to the prison and the electric collars remote control.

(Actually, I have reason to believe that lemongrab 2 understands his brothers emotional turmoils, and is why he puts up with his brothers abuse.)

So with the facts weighing in, its extremely likely that Lemongrab 2 will be making another return. (But perhaps with much less of himself intact).


So with this, I hope your impression of Lemongrab has changed. Because it’s really the sad story of a mentally degrading boy who wanted nothing more than the acceptance of his mother and peers.







Similarities between Phlannel Boxingday and Princess Bubblegum.

  • Phlannel Boxingday (PB), Princess Bubblegum (PB)
  • Phlannel (8 letters, 2 syllables) Boxingday (9 letters, 3 syllables), Princess (8 letters, 2 syllables) Bubblegum (9 letters, 3 syllables).
  • Both able to speak German.
  • Same skin color. The storyboard art for Phlannel even describes his color as “PB skin.”
  • Both want Lemonhope to help his people.
  • Both tousle Lemonhope’s hair.
  • Phlannel mentions zanoits, just like Bubblegum has in the past.
  • Both say that they can’t enter the Lemon Kingdom due to “pacts and treaties.