The last dreamer

Me and my best friend Saga had the headcanon that a Wish Master is born from the dreams of the last person alive on a planet. The Wish Master is still Prismo, but his personality is always somewhat influenced by the dreamer.

That’s why it was such a crime to kill him: it erased a world’s legacy.

(someone else drew a concept like this already, but i still wanted to do my own version!)

anonymous asked:

So there is only one LemonGrab now... He seems like a... Good... Ruler? I don't really know. He looks like white LemonGrab but that could mean anything or nothing. His people seemed happy. There was a whole service and a farm. But then the thing about only one bite for dinner (Could be all they need) and the fact that he had people carry him to his bed/ window... What do you think? Good ruler, or bad ruler? Also, Good or evil?

This was touched upon in Lemonhope:

The current Lemongrab is Lemongrabs 1 + 2 sewn together. PB says here that we should expect him to be more stable, but also lonely. There’s a good point here that says Lemongrab’s loneliness is his key character trait once again. 

The Mountain of Matthew shows its visitors three visions, of troubles and temptations from within themselves, and if they choose the righteous path they might shed their troubles and be added to Matthew. Lemongrab chose correctly, and appears to consider letting go this mortal coil and being united with the others within Matthew.

If we hop on over to Lemongrab’s first temptation, we see clearly that relating to others is among his desires:

And if you wanna know how much it means to him, check out this moment earlier in the ep:

Dude goes to sleep with a glove. It’s fair to say that this guy painfully yearns for people to understand him and I’m getting sad typing about it. 

I wouldn’t expect him to be so despotic anymore. PB doesn’t. I expect him to act more along this ‘lonely’ characterization now.