Also headcanon time. I feel LG1 has some sort of PTSD from beautiful music. Like this can go back to the whole fact that he is based if Frankenstein’s monster. In the book the monster heard a blind man playing a beautiful violin and it drew him in, he was curious about the man and his family, spying on them from afar and even learning their ways. In the book we all know try monster is actually quite smart and learned quickly. One day he decided to approach the blind man, since couldn’t see his monster like appearance. Things were going great until the rest of the family came home and chased him away. What if in this case he links the music back to what happened, it was so traumatic that every time he hears beautiful music that it drives him insane, he can’t stand it.
What if something like that happened to LG1? It seems LG2 and the other lemon people don’t have a problem with beautiful music, so why LG1? Was there something within the 700 years or so since PB first made him that happened that messed him up that badly? Who know im just dabbling and thinking again.


Someone put Lemongrab vocals on this hardcore song or whatever and holy shit