I am a professional artist. I draw things, and I teach others how to draw things, for a living. And this is how I decided to spend my free art time

Drawing Egg-grab.



An Euclase is a rare type of gem in homeworld. They are in charge of the gem courts and gem Class division. Euclases are Skinny and creepy. they usually wear long clothes and have a sky blue scheme. When they are corrupted, they transform into a big slinker plant with strong abilites but no sence of what they are doing. She can be seen in ‘’Reformed’’. Hope you like it guys!

Curious fact: She is inspired by ‘’The lemongrab’’ from Adventure time, most of all, her appearence and sassyness.

Topaz Loves you!


remember how I said I’d make some Valentine’s cards with Fionna and Cake characters? Here they are!

feel free to send them to people if you want but please don’t remove my signature!!