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Dio makeouts are the best makeouts but OH MY CORPSE is he sticking his fingers into poor “c’s” gut?! Can’t unsee and finding it morbidly fascinating.

He so is! And I’m so going to blab on and on about this now, because I like talking about Dio and I like talking about artistic process!

He’s got both hands in the first person’s skull and his tongue in the second person’s throat and he’s all kinds of feeling up that third person’s internals too.

It’s a little hard to get exact hand/tongue-into-skin interactions down in monochromatic … And I don’t want to rely on blood dripping all the time to demonstrate whatever penetration he’s got going one (I chose to put blood in the third one because without it, it feels too “smooth” to me … Also, those are presented in the order I worked them so I kinda progressed from normal kissing to body licking to other interaction, ha ha.)

Anyway, ever since I first saw him feed with his fingers and ESPECIALLY since I saw him pull out Jonathan’s neck artery I was like, “DAMN! If I was a vampire like that I’d be swishing my hands around in people all over! HUMAN BODY PLAYGROUND” I mean, if he can connect birds and cats and dogs and humans (AND SNAKES) and heal “birth defects” … There’s just so much possibility …

I also like to think that you don’t have to feel pain if a vampire like that doesn’t want you to- or maybe just that the flow of life (drained/taken), the power and force behind that would be something that demands your attention way more than pain would.

And if he can attach his head to a different body than it seems like there are mind-blowing possibilities for harmonious interaction of his cells and that of another’s … Also, he’s lightning fast and has the abilities to damage AND heal so it seems like he could be doing both for fun at a quicker rate than a human subject could even perceive–

So I wonder if he could do things like, swipe his hand through you for fun, leaving you just the way you started before you could even realize. You’d just be all confused and full of mixed signals!

AHHHHHH, I love thinking about this stuff. And exploring it is a big part of making art for me- ARAKI TELL ME THE SECRETS OF JJBA VAMPIRISM D:

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Why, Layne, I’m glad you asked: I scanned those choice panels from my super sexy VIZ Media volumes 15 & 16.

Each purchased for under $2 from Amazon plus shipping, [supposedly “Used” but they never seem to look it. <3]

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Dio is cute but YOU ARE EVEN CUTER ZAS (I love your Dio appreciation posts<3)

ahhhhhhhhh thank-youuuuuuu <33333333

I always feel so lucky whenever you leave me comments because you’re such an amazing artist and you’re so incredibly inspiring and kind! All the love. ♥ ♥

vanillaicescock-bulge said: I love the colours! They’re so bright! I think you usually use more natural and toned down ones, right? It looks really nice.

Thank-you! It looks alright to me today actually … I think I just had issues because it started off really weirdly sketched & with a more cool black than I like? (And some muddiness that was enhanced by the red) And even when I adjusted it I was still seeing what was left of what I hadn’t liked.

 … I’m just gonna hope my subconscious learned something because I’m moving on now! :D

lemonfruitpie said: Oh man this is drop dead gorgeous! Great work, Zas.

Ahhh, thank you love you are so nice! :D :D