Help this LGBTQ photo book be published after 15 years in the making
It's being called "the most ambitious photo series ever" of the LGBTQ community and for good reason...

Kings & Queens in Their Castles features 160 subjects at their homes across the country. The photo book, created by photographer Tom Atwood, also includes around 60 celebrities, like actor George Takei, cartoonist of Fun Home Alison Bechdel and television personality Carson Kressley.

Find out more information about how you can help support the book’s publication here.


One bowl of soup is two stuffed jalapeños with cream cheese and lemon pepper, baked. Added a bit more cream cheese in the blender.

The second bowl of soup is mushrooms (fried in butter, with seasoned salt (like used for meat), pepper, and chipotle powder), zucchini (baked with butter, salt, and pepper), and a poblano pepper (baked along with the jalapeños from the first soup). With Parmesan and the rest of the cream cheese (not much, but enough to taste it). I always add water to things to help them blend, and this time at the suggestion of the guy who’s teaching me to cook, I used beef bouillon cube broth instead of water, and it made it very flavorful.

Both were delicious. Yay for j-tube soups! And this was my third how-to-fry-things-without-making-them-explode lesson, and I’m absorbing more and more information all the time. Luckily the guy teaching me learns by doing things, the same way I do, so his teaching style matches my learning style pretty well. He won’t let you get away with just watching.

Also I love the way he gave the jalapenos little “hats”. You can’t see them in the pictures, but they originally had little “hats” (the end piece with the stem on it, carefully cut off and put back on after stuffing) that were like a lid that closed the jalapeño after stuffing it.