lemondrop 2

My Lemondrops wearing Lady LG cloths!

Actually, Lady Lemongrabs’ outfit is really cool  (and I just noticed their butts are different from earls…).

Finally, finally we have female LG! so I will not draw Lemondrops very often. I know you guys must blame me but I created LD because I want his genderbend, now there’re exist!

Edit: ops, I wrote wrong that made everyone’s worried. sorry lol

I read this first time and I was really, totally, super worried. Also, I used to ask a question to him (that I sudden felt I was stupid after sent a question) so this made me extremely worried. I was like, I created Lemondrops and now some AT’s crews will be upset because they already have Lady Lemongrabs (I saw some Lemondrops arts got many notes so they probably saw all of mine…) Did I create hype? They must thought I’m an idiot and annoying. What should I do?

Well, I calm down next day and though about yesterday… Why I was worried too much with a silly thing. It is not really good for my health if I am keep thinking negative thought. So I imagined my expression of doom. I also draw Lamondrops’ expression, they must be frightened and begin to shout. I used to be worried and now it's ridiculous.