I had way too much fun doodlin’ this up.

For anyone who is most likely confused, today is my best internet bro’s birthday. I wanted to make somethin’ awesome for him because he turns the big ol’ Twenty-Two today, so why not a quick comic that shows how manly he is while poking fun as well?

Seriously, though. If you guys like what I have, then you’ll love Lemon’s stuff. He draws all sorts of awesome things.

So yeah. Happy Birthmas, dude.

Roommate Contract

How will you communicate with each other if there are problems? What are your expectations regarding relaying phone messages? How do you prefer people address issues or problems with you?

Arron/Lemon: By phone, text, email, or leaving a message behind

Cody: Smoke signals

Zach: Falcons, Mockingjays

What do you need to maintain privacy in the room?

Arron/Lemon: We don’t have problems, we have “broblems”. We’re pretty much cool the way we are and if we do, we’ll talk to each other

Cody: I have a cheetah.

Zach: I’m a ginger.

Who will do what and when?

Arron/Lemon: Periodic sweeping/mopping/picking things up, They’ll be assigned between the three of us.

Cody: We hired a French maid. Spicy!

Zach: (Cody got the maid pregnant, so we let her go.)

Will you share food? Do I have to pay for food I use of your? How will you split your costs?

Arron/Lemon: We’’re bros, we all support each other. You don’t know how much I, Arron S., spoil these two. I love them man! ;v;

Cody: There is a typo in the question…

Zach: We all pick an arena and fight with nerf swords.

What personal items may be shared?

Arron/Lemon: Pretty much everything as long as permission is granted.

Cody: I am not at liberty to discuss such matters.

Zach: Anything with the cost of your soul.

What hours do you like to sleep? Study? Hang out?

Arron/Lemon: We’re gamers, we’re up all night. We’re pretty much good with noise. Sleeping is good too, no worries.

Cody: I never sleep and the sun burns.

Zach: I’m not allowed in the sunlight.

When are they allowed? Not allowed? Who is allowed? Do you prefer or require advance notice for overnight guests?

Arron/Lemon: Anyone can come at anytime! We’re social, we have people in a lot. I’m usually gone so I don’t mind people being over.

Cody: No hookers, please. We don’t need a repeat of last year.

Zach: Anyone except Brian Compton. 

Are there any other living expectations important to you?

Arron/Lemon: Nope.

Cody: I like pancakes in the morning, so get to it.

Zach: I feed off misery. 


To my brother at http://thelemondungeon.tumblr.com/ for making my new header and avatar for this blog. The avi isn’t done just yet, but it’ll obviously be changed when it is complete. ouo

This amigo of mine really deserves all the goddamn high fives and shit. He generally goes above and beyond when it comes to helping me out, despite how infrequently I may assist him.

Go send him some presents or something, I dunno. I have to get back to work on things because of reasons. :U

Pretty sure Poke'Bank comes out at around December 27th or so, and my bro Lemon (lemondragon19) always considers her to be the bane of his Pokemon career, so I decided to doodle this real quick. 

I’ll whip out something that’s not a doodle soon. I promise. Because I love you guys.

Also, sorry that the quality is SHIT. The laptop’s camera wigged out on me a little and this was the best one out of, what six tries.