I wanted to present you one of my favourite beauty products, Benefit Lemonaid.

I am not a big fan of eye shadow or big make up, but I do appreciate a fresh, awake and healthy look. Unfortunately, I am not blessed with they fresh look, crazy dark circles surround my eye plus I am really fair skinned.

So I use a thick layer of Clinique’s ‘All about eyes’ concealer and dab a thin layer of Lemonaid on my eye lids as well as on top of the concealer. Et voila, I look like I slept 10+ hours and went for a jog before work.

Benefit Lemonaid - buy it.

We’re releasing images of our Fuwakui Fruit Gummy Sea Bunnies today! They’re in final prototype phase and will be released later in 2016. They will all be based off of traditional Salt-Water Taffy flavors! These Sea Salt Water Taffy Bunnies, based off of the Sea Bunny Slug, will be released in many flavors! This current flavor is Strawberry Lemonade! We also have plans for Sour Grape and Blue Raspberry as well! These three will be together in the first batch in 2016!


Jai & Margot visited an amazing little girl by the name of Na'ama. Please Squad family, help spread her site! http://cureangelman.ca/lemonaid/