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what are samefoods?

Samefoods or samefooding is a community word to describe the autistic trait of eating the same food over, and over and over.

Sometimes this can last a life time, sometimes it can last a few weeks or months before changing to a different food or group of foods.

A lot of times it is not just a preference, it is need. But not like a craving. It is part sensory, part routine driven in most cases. A lot of times we samefood because we need that particular mouthfeel / texture / taste, and a lot of times even after that need passes, it turns into a need for routine until you actively dislike that food again.

My biggest same foods are are fruit and orange juice, lemonaid, and limeaid, which swap out with Coke and Orange Fanta. I samefood both coffee and tea, and that one usually lasts several months before I switch. I samefood a strawberry banana orange smoothie almost every morning.

When I’m not eating fruit and veggies, I sometimes cycle to eggs, or to pizza, or to frozen chicken of some kind, or to boxed pasta salads. But like, the thing is it has to be the right brand and it has to be cooked the right way and if it is not, I will just not eat.

And that is the basics of samefooding!

We’re releasing images of our Fuwakui Fruit Gummy Sea Bunnies today! They’re in final prototype phase and will be released later in 2016. They will all be based off of traditional Salt-Water Taffy flavors! These Sea Salt Water Taffy Bunnies, based off of the Sea Bunny Slug, will be released in many flavors! This current flavor is Strawberry Lemonade! We also have plans for Sour Grape and Blue Raspberry as well! These three will be together in the first batch in 2016!

Bunny got me a souvenir on her trip to South Carolina. She also buys more honey than any other human in existence. Angel honey, bear honey, Holy Hill honey - if it’s a honey, we own it.

That said, lavender is the color of domestic violence, so we had been trying to incorporate it into our lemonaid stand to stop gender-based violence in our communities. A day late, and a dollar short, but “Lavender Honey Lemonaid” sounds good to me! (Our friend Patti was also involved in the lavender honey lemonade idea, concepted at her country club by the pool).