lemonade mouth meme

lemonade mouth sentence meme

feel free to change the pronouns and things to fit your muse!

  • “check out the new girl!”
  • “when guys go through midlife crisis, they buy a sports car, right?”
  • “what about freedom of expression?”
  • “but at least we’ll be together, right?”
  • “unless you’re wearing a varsity jacket or a cheer skirt around here, you’re basically invisible.”
  • “______, you have a beautiful voice!”
  • “you don’t have a moment like that and just ignore it!”
  • “the last time i performed on stage was my first grade recital and five minutes into ba-ba blacksheep, i threw up down someone’s back.”
  • “i could start a revolution!”
  • {text}: flux or destiny? we need to talk.
  • “i don’t know about you, but i don’t want to be some random face in a yearbook or a kid people vaguely recall passing in the halls. i wanna be heard.”
  • “so…how’d you get out of the house?”
  • “if a guy doesn’t call for a few days, should the girl worry?”
  • “come on, just leave her alone.”
  • “wow, that’s an old cat.”
  • “i like when you smile.”
  • “we believe in you, okay? i believe in you.”
  • “maybe we do matter.”
  • “sometimes i think i’m too stupid to be in my family, like i’m some big let down.”
  • “they’re playing our song on the radio!”
  • “you are too young for boys.”
  • “just because ____ wormed her way into my family, doesn’t mean i have to be happy about it.”
  • “fine, go ahead, give up! see if i care!”
  • “i did it for you, you jerk!”
  • “you’re lucky i picked up the phone instead of mom.”
  • “i really miss you.”