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House of Cards | kth v. jjk [7]

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House of Cards

The Prologue | Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 | Chapter 6|Chapter 7

Subtitle: V for Valiant  

Characters: Taehyung x Reader x Jungkook (Mentions of Jimin x Reader in the past)

Categories: Fluff, Angst, Suspense

AU(s):College!AU, Stalker!AU, Best Friends!AU

Word Count: 4,945 (A bit carried away, haha)

Sypnosis: Some people see life in black and white, and others see it in brown and blue, but Kim Taehyung only sees it in red and you.

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Profuse knocking at one in the morning is all Hyejin can hear other than your unsteady breathing. Her breath shakes in her throat as she tries to contemplate the magnitude of her actions. She was fairly certain that you would live (or at least, that was the worse outcome in her eyes) but what troubled her most would be what Hansung would dare to do to her if he learned of her actions. Would he confront her about it? Would he kill her? She shakes her head at the last question. There were far more things that Hansung could do than killing her.  

“Hyejin!” Taehyung’s booming voice slams against her dorm’s door. Sweat beads against her forehead. His vision blurred with anxiety. His hand tries to turn the locked knob. His breathing is frantic as he tries to calm his nerves.  

Hyejin looks away your unconscious figure. She bites at her bottom lip to ignore the burning pain (but also the sadistic pleasure) that courses through her. Yet, the second she looks away, she finds her heart beating faster. Why had Hansung shown up? How could he have known?  

“Hyejin, my patience is running thin.” Taehyung tells her on the other side of the door. He takes in a shaky breath to try to ease his nerves. Something didn’t feel right.  

Hyejin timidly walks to the door; her natural habit of always following Taehyung’s order rings through her. She unlocks the door and swallows hard. Tears immediately well up in her eyes at Taehyung’s disheveled state – his dark green jacket hangs off his shoulders; his breathing uneven.  

“Hyejin – jagi-,” the word burns in Taehyung’s throat as he speaks it. It irks him to no end the thought of having to call anyone else besides you that name. He subconsciously glances over her shoulder in efforts to ease his nerves but it only does the opposite; the petals from the roses he bought you earlier are torn, scattering the floor. Broken fragments of a vase dots the floor. Your duvet from your bed peeks from the entrance of your room. “What happened?” His gaze on her hardens.

Hyejin hangs her head low in efforts to try to avoid his question. “Hansung…” Her voice trails off. A part of her wishes that she could merely lie to him – but he knows her too well. Or more importantly, he knows of her secrets.  

“Don’t–” Taehyung quips as he pushes pass her roughly. His shoulder bumps against hers, sending her stumbling a bit back at his careless actions. His jaw clenches at the scattered petals and vase fragments. He turns his attention in the direction of your room. Before he even realizes it, he is taking steps to your door.  

Hyejin’s eyes widen as she runs over to him. Her hands grip the cloth of his jacket. She shakes her head. “T-Taehyung-” she stammers his real name. Her voice trembles in fear.  

“Don’t fucking call me that.” Taehyung quips as he stares down at her hands. “-what did you do to my princess?” He turns to face her, now backing her against the wall. If looks could kill, Hyejin would be dead three times over. “Hyejin – you better answer me.”  

Hyejin swallows hard. “-T-Taehyung,” She tries again.  

He slams his hand against the adjacent wall beside her head. “You don’t get to call me that!” He seethes as he leans in closer to hear. His eyes search for any sense of remorse in her eyes, but all he sees that is laced in her orbs would be fear. Fear of him. To be quite frank, she had valid reasons as to why she had fear in him. “You’re wearing my patience thin, Hyejin.” He takes her chin in his hand to make her look at him. “Look at me before I swear to god, I will kill you myself.”  

She looks into his eyes, seeing the barbarous desire to end her in his eyes. There is nothing more evident than the hate that radiates from his presence for her. “I-I did it for you.” She murmurs quietly.

“You did it for me?” Taehyung looks at her; a cynical laugh escaping his lips. His hands soon grasp her shoulders, a shaky laugh escaping him. “How could you do that for me, jagi?” He spits the nickname like vile.  

Hyejin’s hands reach up to his, pulling at them. The pressure he applies to her shoulders is substantial, but she still continues to speak. “S-she doesn’t deserve-” Hyejin coughs before shaking her head profusely. “-doesn’t deserve you.”  

Taehyung dryly chuckles at her words. “And you suppose that you do?” His grip tightens. “Just who do you think you are that you think that you can even put your hands on her?” He tilts his head as he awaits an answer. “Lee Hyejin, answer me.” He narrow his eyes at her.  

“I heard Jungkook confess to her!” Hyejin blurts. “-I-I know how much you care about her and how much you give up for her. I couldn’t have just let her get away with hurting you…” She admits sheepishly. Taehyung’s eyes soften on hers ever so slightly. “-And Jungkook, he was planning on moving her out. I couldn’t let her steer away from you.”  

Her words appease Taehyung to no end and he knows immediately why he had kept her around for so long. Taehyung knew that Hyejin’s loyalty proved to have no limits. That fact alone had him coming back to her in his sadistic times of need.  

“Jungkook was planning on moving her out..?” Taehyung asks; the house of cards that he built so meticulously in his head begin to teeter.  "-away from me?“  

Hyejin notices Taehyung’s abrupt change in mood. She marvels at his dazed state with a quick nod. "Yes! He was.” She pauses with a bite of her lip. “Taehyung, you’ve always known that he was a threat to the three of us.” She side eyes Taehyung, who is still in his own reverie to notice her number conjecture. “He’s no better than Park Jimin. Isn’t he?”

The mention of the boy makes Taehyung’s jaw clench. His blood boils at the thought of the soft mannered boy. Reveries of seeing you in his arms burns Taehyung’s memories – a smiling you in the arms of someone else that was not him. Jungkook was an exception because he was fairly certain that Jungkook would never have the audacity to act on his emotions. But Jimin? He was entirely different.  

“You got into Seoul University?” You gasp at Jimin. Your mouth falls ajar as the boy in front of you chuckles lightly at your actions. Everything about you made Park Jimin’s heart beat double time in delight. There was nothing he adored more than seeing you smile. “Jimin—that’s like the most prestigious school in all of Korea! And you got in!” You shake his shoulders a bit as you squeal. “I’m so proud of you.”  

Jimin leans back with a smile adorning his Cupid’s bow. His onyx black hair kisses his forehead as he leans back against the grass. His legs dangle over the rocks. He sits so close to you that your knees touch. “Y/N-ah, jinjja?” He chuckles a bit. “It’s not really that big of a deal.”  

Jimin’s lack of excitement dawns on you. How could he not match your excitement for him? You shake your head at him. “Yes, Jimin, it really is!” You reply to him. You hastily lean over his lap to take the acceptance letter in your hands. “Do you know the acceptance rate for getting in? It’s less than seven percent and you made it. How are you not excited about this–?”

Jimin cuts you off when he cups your face in his hands. His eyes dart down to your lips before they meet your eyes. His gaze softens when he meets yours and you notice the apprehension in his eyes that you had not been able to notice before with his breathtaking eye smile.  

“Jimin..?” You ask with narrowed brows.  

He stares at you wordlessly for a moment. His eyes forage over your face one more time; engraving every imperfection that he adored of you into his mind for him to remember. His lingering orbs meet your own. His eyes seem to ask you for permission and you dumbfoundedly stare back.  

And before you know it, his lips are pressed against yours.  

Much to your surprise, his lips are much softer than you expected. They mold against your own perfectly; their texture’s only counterpart matching that of a rose or a fragrant lilac. The taste is much sweeter, too. As he takes your bottom lip in between his own, you can taste the remnants of lemonade from the small bakery that the two of you had stopped earlier.  

His hands move from your face to your waist as he pulls you closer into him – though trying to make you one with him. He pulls away for a second before returning back to your lips. He doesn’t dare stray longer before chuckling against them weakly. His hands ransack your shirt, a small heart is traced against the small of your back before his left hand finds your right and entwines your fingers.  

He pulls away first, small, rushed breaths escape his lips as he stares at you breathlessly. He presses you against the gray gym door. His thumb caresses your forehead as he entwines his fingers tighter in your own.  

“I’m not excited about being accepted because it means leaving you.” Jimin whispers against your lips. Your eyes frantically try to drink in every ounce of his expression as he says this – swollen lips from kissing you, furrowed brows searching desperately for your response. “Y/N-ah… I’ve loved you since the first day I saw Jungkookie bring you to soccer practice." He smiles faintly, his thumb strokes your knuckles. ”—when you had your hair cut short and  wearing Jungkook’s jersey because he didn’t want any of the guys looking at you.“ He chuckles abit. "I’ve loved you for so long and have known you even longer. It burdens me to think that I can’t bring you with me… yet.” He chuckles a bit to ease the burning situation, but he can’t help but worry at the idea of his friend, Taehyung. On several occasions, he had noticed the sinister look in Taehyung’s eyes whenever they fell on you.  

He knew something was not sane in the way Kim Taehyung looked at you.  

“Taehyung?” Hyejin calls to the troubled Taehyung, pulling him away from his reverie. Hyejin had known all too well – the constant blur of past, reality, and his imagination and how they blended contemptuously. Her eyes search over his paling face. She takes note of his trembling hands – the way his bottom lip quivers at the memory. He remembers that night – prom night – all too well.  

Taehyung’s hands tremble as his eyes gaze over Jimin. He swallows hard, the brick falling out of his hand as the image of the boy cements itself into his mind. His mouth falls ajar at the idea of hurting his best friend - a boy he both loved and adored all because he threatened to take the one thing that mattered most to him; you.  

“Jimin!” Your voice calls out as you round the gym entrance. Your eyes scower to find the blonde haired boy. “Jimin, come on. This isn’t funny!” You yell out into the darkness as you step out of the gym’s entrance.  

Please don’t come. Please don’t come. Taehyung repeats those three fatal words as he cradles Jimin’s head into his chest. He presses his hand against the back of the elder’s head and takes in another shaky breath. The all too familiar hue of crimson stains his skin.  

Am I really that much of a monster?  The question dawns on him

He looks up at her; the hate that he manifested over the years swallows him whole. “Don’t you dare touch her again.” His voice lowers to an octave Hyejin had never heard from him. “I trusted her to you.” He moves closer to her. “I trust that you will treat her as such. Unless you want to end up where Hansung is.”

“B-but Hansung is you.” Hyejin stammers, in a final effort to appease him, as she takes in the monster that looms in front of her. A sadistic light crosses in his eyes before he smirks lightly at her.  

He ignores her weak attempt at appeasement before he stands up. “You will be treated accordingly.” He tells her before hastily walking to your bedroom. At the sight of you laying on the floor, helpless, a thousand knives stab at Taehyung’s heart at the sight of you. He had no desire to allow Hyejin to carry on as she had before after this. But then he remembers her idolatry of him – the loyalty that she had bred for him to no end; something that she could only take to grave in efforts to bring him closer to you.

“My sweet, sweet Y/N-ah,” He gently picks you up in arms before caressing your cheek. “You look so beautiful like this—” he smiles down at you. Eyes filled with adoration stare down at you. He lazily pulls out his phone – more absorbed in your helpless state rather than attempting to fix it. “-and to think, all of this because you forgot you belonged to me. Ha.” He laughs mechanically before dialing ‘119’.

Taehyung maneuvers you to cradle you into his chest. The only illumination comes from his phone, the time reading '4:00 AM’ makes him smile in content. This was a  time that he would remember. He clears his throat before taking in a shaky breath. “H-hello? Yes, operat-tor?” He chokes out the words as he smiles down at your ignorant state. “M-my friend L/N Y/N isn’t waking up and I’m scared. P-please help her. She means everything to me.” He stumbles over his words meticulously as he awaits for the operator to ask what happened.  

Hyejin quietly observes from the door frame. Her eyes drink in Taehyung’s blissful state with glee and she smiles at the idea of being the cause of it. Nothing in this world meant more to her than seeing her Kim Taehyung happy – even if it meant ending you.  

The next morning Jungkook is awoken with a call from Seoul Medical Center, informing him that you were in need of being discharged from the hospital. Worry laces his every move as he frantically gets dressed in his apartment and hastily catches the bus to come and get you. His heart thuds with every move he makes and he can barely manage to stand still as he travels from his apartment to the hospital.  

His breath hitches in his throat as he stands in front of the hospital. His heart sinks to his stomach as he sprints into the hospital. He pants as he looks at the receptionist. His hands shake as he looks at her. “M-miss? I was called this morning about my–” he pauses, thinking of a convincing title for himself. “–my girlfriend, L/N Y/N. My name is Jeon Jungkook.”

The receptionist nods at him. “One moment, sir.”  She takes in his flustered look – a wrinkled button up white shirt that clings to his skin and denim jeans. She leans forward to notice his untied Timberlands and sighs a bit at the boy. 'How worried for his girlfriend he must be’ she thinks as she types in your name in to the hospital database. “She’s in room two hundred and forty-seven on the second floor, right wing. Take the elevator on your left.” She smiles weakly at him.  

“Thank you!” He bows deeply before taking off to the elevator on his left.  

Within minutes, Jungkook is racing down the hall to room two hundred and forty-seven. He apologizes as he narrowly bumps into a boy his own age with an accompanying girl. He quickly skims over the numbers; two hundred and forty-four, two hundred and forty-five… “Y/N-AH!” He calls out to you as he turns the door knob and bolts into the room.  

The sudden booming voice makes you rub your head in disgust. “Jungkook… do you have to be so loud?” You whine as you cover your face.  

“Yah, pabo! I’m worrying about you and all you can complain about is how loud I am?” Jungkook quips as he closes the door gently before taking the seat beside you. He sits down at the chair beside you and his brows narrow at how warm the chair feels – as if someone sat there prior. “Pabo! I’m talking to you.” He says nervously.  

You take in a breath wearily. “I can hear you, Jungkook. I can hear you, Kook-ah.” You respond as you cover your face. “I just want to leave here already—”

“As your oppa and as someone who takes care of you-” Jungkook says, making you roll your eyes at his careless honorific dropping. “-I think you should stay here. I feel like you’d be safest here.” He takes your hand in his. Nerves leave his hand slightly damp as he squeezes tightly. “I thought that I lost you.”  

You turn your head toward Jungkook with tired eyes. Your breath uncharacteristically hitches at the way Jungkook stares at you. He looks at you as if you’re the only thing on this Earth that matters to him and to see so much love and adoration in one person – especially for someone that you have cherished for so long makes your lungs burn at the idea of it. “You could never lose me, Jungkook.”  

“What happened?” Jungkook asks before he presses his lips against your hand. His orbs never dare to leave your own in fear that it would be his last. The chaste kiss against your hand leaves a tingle in its wake.  

You lick your lips before parting your lips to speak, “Hyejin… she tried to kill me last night.”  

Your words immediately have Jungkook’s brows raising to his hairline. “What?”

“She tried to kill me, Kook. That much I remember.” You look him in the eyes with a shaky breath. “-and she kept mentioning a Taehyung.” You add, brows knitting together at the name. “Does that sound familiar? It sounds familiar to me, but I can’t put my finger on it.”  

Jungkook stands up before pushing you over slightly to lay down beside you. His careless action is only characteristic of him and it makes you smile a bit at the familiarity. He lazily wraps his arm around your shoulder as he draws circles on your arm. It was a habit of his, keeping you close. He could never fathom why, but he felt as though he could think better with you by his side. “Taehyung..?”  

You lay your head on his chest, this position reminding you that of your late high school years – the plenty of times where Jungkook crawled through your window at early dawn to help ooze your fears. It doesn’t fawn on you for too long how surprised you are to feel the warmth of him has still not left him. “Yeah… I don’t know where I’ve heard it before.”  

Jungkook nods in agreement, trying to piece through his memory of anyone named Taehyung. The name sounded familiar enough but he could not piece it to a single face. Then all at once, his face pales as Jungkook looks at you with wide eyes. “Jimin.”  

“Jimin?” You tilt your head to the side in confusion. The boy’s name still sprouted flowers in your heart and you sigh at the idea of him. Everything between you two seemed to depreciate after your graduation. All contact halted entirely after you heard of him mysteriously losing his scholarship. “What about him?”

Jungkook stares you, emotionless. He suddenly swallows hard. “Y/N…. Jimin’s best friend’s name was Taehyung. He was that creepy sunbae, remember?” He pauses, searching your face for any sign of recognition. He notices the first implication of it. “–Jimin talked to me a lot before he graduated about how worried he was about having to go to Seoul University.”  

“Jungkook-ah,” Jimin looks up from his coffee with knitted brows. He looks over his shoulder before leaning forward to the younger boy. His blonde hair kisses his forehead. “I know you’ve looked over Y/N-ah all your life, but I really need you to look out for her now than ever.”  

Jungkook blinks at his hyung with knitted brows, evidently confused. “Why hyung?” He leans closer to Jimin as well. He makes sure to not spill his coffee on his blue and white striped shirt as he does so.  

“Jungkook-ah, it’s complicated.” Jimin mumbles as he bites his lip. “You know Taehyung-ah? He doesn’t really hang out with a lot of people. He’s a bit antisocial?”

Jungkook tilts his head, thinking. “I think I know who you’re talking about.”

“Him…” Jimin replies curtly before taking a sip of his coffee gingerly and placing it back down. “I’ve seen the way he looks at her – he looks at her like she’s the last meal he’ll ever eat and that scares the fuck out of me because I care for her so much.” Jimin runs his fingers through his hair to help ease his nerves as he talks. “H-he’s unhinged, I think.” Jimin stammers.  

Jungkook notices the disdain in Jimin. It could only be serious if Jimin were to be this worried about it. “Taehyung?” He repeats before tilting his head. “But he’s so quiet. He doesn’t even talk to anyone.”

“The quiet ones are the ones you should watch the most.” Jimin tells Jungkook with warning eyes. “But jinjja, Jungkook. I need you to promise me that you’ll take care of her enough for the both of us, okay? I don’t know what I would do if something ever happened to her.” He pauses slowly. “Taehyung looks at her so much when he thinks no one is looking and I’ve seen him even try to approach her at times. Don’t be fooled.”

Jungkook pauses until the realization hits him like a ton of bricks. “Doesn’t it only make sense that Hansung is Taehyung?” He sits up before tilting his head as he runs through his thinking process. “After all, the roses – and the fact that Hyejin is your roommate is too coincidental.”  

“Jungkook, what proof do you have that it could be Hansung?” You ask, still considering that Jungkook’s claim happened to be a valid one. “I do believe you… but if we informed the police or something – what would they have to prove it?”

He nods, your rationality was something he always enjoyed about you. You were never quick to make hasty decisions without theorizing first. “The roses – wasn’t he the only one who could have known? And the first day he met you – he- he -” Jungkook stammers in anticipation as he tries to get the words out. He pauses as he realizes the only fragment that could fit the situation are the words that Jimin had told him two years ago “- like you were the last meal he’ll ever eat.”

As though the stars aligned, the door to your hospital opens with Taehyung standing there with three police officers behind him. A smug smile kisses his lips as he eyes fall on Jungkook’s hardening gaze. He quickly changes his expression in an instant before crossing the bed quickly to you. “Jagiya!” He calls out as he pulls you out of Jungkook’s grip like a mad man. You thrash in his arms as he pulls you as close to him as possible. “D-did he hurt you? Are you okay?” He cradles your head in his hands.  

Jungkook lunges for Taehyung immediately. He pulls Taehyung’s arms way from you and instinctively pulls you into his chest. “Don’t touch her ever again or so help me, that will be your last breath.” Anger radiates from Jungkook as he stares at him with pure hate in his eyes.

“Officers, this is him.” Taehyung says as he points at Jungkook. The glasses on his face make him appear smaller in comparison to Jungkook’s bulkier figure. “He’s been stalking my girlfriend for years – he’s crazy.” He says frantically. “He tried to get his girlfriend, you know her?” He pauses with a shaky breath. “Lee Hyejin? He tried to get her to kill her last night.”  

“What?” You yell as you look at the officers who approach Jungkook and you. “No! No, he’s lying! Jungkook’s my best friend–” you cling to Jungkook’s arm tighter. His grip on you tightens as the officers approach. “He didn’t do this! Jungkook is innocent – it was him!” You point to Taehyung frantically as the officers edge closer to you.

“Ma'am, please move away from the suspect.” The officers say as you compress yourself deeper into Jungkook’s embrace.  

“He’s convinced her that he’s her best friend.” Taehyung says. It appears that his body trembles from fear, but in actuality, it trembles in delight of finally having you to himself for the first time in fifteen years. “-he’s brainwashed her.” He lunges for Jungkook immediately before the officers hold him back to stop from an altercation.  

“Sir, please remain silent if you do not want to incriminate yourself.” The first officer tells Jungkook as the other officer pulls a thrashing you away from him. You let out a shaky breath as you try to grab Jungkook’s arm but fail as you watch him.  

“Ma'am, please refrain from touching the suspect.” The second officer tells you as he holds you back. Your mouth goes dry as you watch the remaining officers press Jungkook’s face roughly against the hospital bed.  

“I am going to read you your rights.” The first officer says as he pulls out the handcuffs to handcuff Jungkook. “You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be provided for you. Do you understand the rights I have just read to you? With these rights in mind, do you wish to speak to me?” The officer finishes as he handcuffs Jungkook.  

Jungkook hangs his head low as he stares at Taehyung and then you with wide eyes. "I love you, Y/N-ah.” He says before the officer pulls him up roughly by the back of the shirt. His eyes turn to slits as he stares at Taehyung’s figure.  

The officers evidently take note of Jungkook’s words hastily before clearing their throats. “You are now under arrest Jeon Jungkook for one count of stalking, one count of conspiracy of murder, and two accounts of aggravated battery.”  

You crumple to the floor as you watch the police trot your best friend off to jail and you immediately turn your gaze to Taehyung with disgust lacing your orbs. You shake your head at him immediately, tears rushing to your face. “What is wrong with you?” You yell at him.

“You’re what’s wrong with me, Y/N-ah.” Taehyung says in a monotone voice. He advances towards you before you sputter back onto the chair, clearly distraught with what happened. “Do you know how fucking painful it was to see you with him all of these years? To look you in the eyes for the last few months and you can’t even remember who the hell I am?” His voice cracks as he stares at you – or rather, through you. “You belong to me and no one will ever change that. Not even a boy in a sandbox.”  

The reference makes your grip on the chair slack at his words. That was how you first met Jungkook. Immediately, a thousand memories collide to obscure your vision at once – Taehyung pushing you on the swing; you catching him putting love letters in your locker as a high schooler; the warmth of his hugs when he made you hot cocoa in his father’s kitchen after your first day of kindergarten. It was him.  

Your final memories of him retreat back to your orbs and you immediately look away from him and stand up. You now could remember where Taehyung had gotten Jungkook to replace him – or rather, you know remembered why he did.  

“I never want to see you again.” Your voice is barely above a whisper. A tear escapes your cheek before you stand up; too weak to even move. “… Taehyungie.” You utter the childish nickname you had given him.  

Taehyung, too absorbed in his own blissful state of your remembrance, he does not notice how you run out of your hospital room after the officers and Jungkook. Jungkook was a minor tradeoff, much like Jimin was. Like Jimin, he would be easily disposable in due time. And in that moment, Taehyung knew that this was only the beginning for you and him.

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