Sweet Pig

I feel so full, so stuffed. We’ve been here in this bed for what must have been hours, you calmly but determinedly making sure my mouth is never empty. Snack cakes, slices of pizza, Coke from the bottle, the tube where my weight gain shake comes oozing down. And my favorite, a dozen assorted donuts. My jaw feels tired but I can keep eating. I can always keep eating.

I’m not aware of much at this point. I’m positively euphoric and mindnumbingly aroused. I can feel your hand on my stretched out belly, lightly rubbing it in circles while you feed me with your other hand. I can feel my stomach straining, aching from being so full and stretched. I can feel the fuzzy handcuffs around my wrists holding me to the headboard; the ones you bought me when I joked about being your captive pet pig. You push me so far past where I ever thought I could get to. I blink my eyes, almost delirious and close to a food coma, and see your hand coming toward me with another donut. I can see the lemon filling dripping, and the powdery sugar looks so tasty on your fingers. I moan in anticipation and dread. I’ve eaten so much more than I ever have before. I want to eat so much more for you, I want you to plump me up like the fatty I was always destined to be.

I’m your piggy. My stomach is so full, so heavy. Please feed me more.

Top 10 Companion Plants

10. Three Sisters (Corn Squash and Beans)

Native American agricultural tribes have been using this combination of corn, squash and beans for centuries because it works. A fish would be buried under a small mound for fertilizer and corn would be planted on top of the mound. Squash would cover the ground beneath the corn while the beans climbed up the corn and added nitrogen to the soil. Multiple mounds could be integrated into an edible landscape. Though this is only one combination of plants that work well together, it is simple, proven to work, and a great basis for understanding permaculture gardening strategies.

9. Yarrow

Yarrow is a beautiful wildflower that both repels insect pests and attracts beneficial insects to the garden such as predatory wasps, ladybugs, butterflies and bees. Yarrow is known for its beautiful, intricate leaves and bright flowers and can be effectively used to combat soil erosion. Besides benefitting the garden, this herb can be used as an anti-inflammatory agent, a tonic, astringent, or can be used in a variety of other medical uses. Flowers can be used to make bitters and has been historically used to flavor beer. Due to its hardy nature, yarrow thrives just about anywhere in the garden and comes in a variety of colors, making it excellent for aesthetic and practical purposes in any garden.

8. Stinging Nettles

Possibly the most unpleasant plant on this list, the stinging nettle is considered a weed by most. Chemical secretions within this plant cause it to burn when handled, so exhibit caution. Despite its drawbacks, stinging nettles are used in a variety of medicines and remedies including gastrointestinal aid, BPH, increasing testosterone in bodybuilding, or as a treatment for rheumatism. The leaves are eaten by many types of caterpillars and will increase the amount of beneficial insects in the garden. Stinging nettles are a natural repellent to aphids and the roots contain anti-fungal properties. Nettle leaves can be cooked as a healthy green or dried and used in herbal teas (soaking in water and cooking eliminate the sting). This weed is extremely beneficial, though care must be taken around the stinging leaves.

7. Wormwood

A strong, but pleasant smelling plant, wormwood is most famously used in absinthe, though can also be used to brew beer, wine, and in making bitters. This hardy bush contains chemicals that are the base of all standard malaria medications, but with wormwood no medication is necessary. It is a natural mosquito repellent, as well as a deterrent for moths, slugs, fleas, flies, and mice. Scattering wormwood around the perimeter of a garden acts as a natural fence to ward off unwanted visitors.

6. Marjoram/Oregano

These perennial herbs are a great addition to nearly any garden. They are unobtrusive to other plants and will increase yields of beans, asparagus, chives, eggplants, pumpkin, squash or cucumbers amongst many others. As long as the light is not being blocked and there is plenty of room for root growth, most plants will thrive alongside both marjoram and oregano. An aromatic mixture of herbs such as mint, spearmint, oregano, lavender or lemon balm can fill any empty spaces in the garden, stifling weed growth.

5. Mint

Everyone needs an herb garden. Besides repelling moths, ants and mice, mint is a great addition to many drinks, desserts, or as a garnish. Keep mint with other similar herbs and they will quickly fill out the space. Cabbage and tomatoes reportedly increase yields in the presence of mint, but proceed with caution. Despite all of its benefits, left on its own mint will take over a garden. It grows back with a vengeance after being cut. That being said, there will be no reason to ever buy mint at a grocery store again.

4. Beans (Legumes)

Everyone loves beans, and for good reason. Part of the legume family, they don’t need much space, they’re healthy, and they will revitalize your garden soil. Unlike many plants that use up valuable nitrogen from the earth, beans actually put it back through special enzymes in their roots. Known as nitrogen fixing, legumes take atmospheric nitrogen (N2) and convert it to Ammonium (NH4) in the soil, making this macronutrient available to future and current plants in the vicinity. Aside from plants in the onion family, beans will thrive alongside most crops. For best results, plant legumes before, after, and amongst heavy feeders like tomatoes, squash or broccoli.

3. Chives

Great in soup and even better in the garden, chives are a hardy, low growing part of the onion family. Besides inhibiting mildew growth and repelling many harmful insects, the bright purple flowers are known to attract bees, which are needed to pollinate squash, tomatoes, cherries, or a plethora of other flowering plants. Chives are best grown under most types of trees, bushes and vines but should not be present alongside beans. Harvesting can be done throughout the season as this plant will constantly regrow its leaves. Chives and other members of the onion family are excellent additions to any garden.

2. Garlic

Besides flavor, garlic has a multitude of benefits for many plants. Because this bulb thrives in shaded, nutrient rich soil, cover plants are recommended. Garlic has been known to deter ants, mosquitoes, aphids, cabbage butterflies, caterpillars, snails, tomato worms, weevils and vampires (can never be too careful). Despite all the apparent benefits, avoid planting garlic with any type of beans, cabbages, or sunflowers since they will compete with one another for valuable nutrients. Next time you have an extra clove of garlic, plant it under a fruit tree, amongst cucumbers, or interspersed with lavender. It will grow with minimal effort. The enemy of my enemy is my friend, and garlic certainly is that friend.

1. Tomatoes and Basil

Probably the most well known example of companion plants. Besides improving each others flavor, tomatoes and basil really do work together. The tomato vines provide shade for the delicate basil, which delays flowering, lengthens the harvesting season, and overall increases the yield. Meanwhile, basil is a natural repellent for fruit flies, house flies, and aphids who want nothing more than to lay eggs in a plump, delicious tomato. Tomato roots run deep, while basil tends to stay closer to the surface, eliminating competition between the two plants. High yields and high flavor means true plant love.

Bubblegum Bitch

Summary: When Y/N finds herself wide awake one night, she decides to do some cleaning around the bunker. While listening to Bubblegum Bitch by Marina and The Diamonds, she doesn’t realize he boyfriend is watching her move to the music.

Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester (mentioned), Reader

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Warnings: NSFW, fluff, smutty goodness

Word Count: 2,448

Request: Can you do a Dean fic smut or fluff (either is fine) of the song Bubblegum bitch by Marina and the Diamonds? Thanks so much! -Anonymous

Can you do a Dean fic inspired by the song Bubblegum bitch by Marina and the Diamonds. Thanks! - @mdoodles101

A/N: Beka ( @impala-dreamer) has been a trooper and an angel. She edited three stories one after another for me! Thanks again sweetie you’re awesome! I hope y’all enjoy, feedback is always welcomed!

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After a long hunt there were a few things you liked to do depending on how bad it was. You could either go straight to bed, have sex with Dean, of go for a run with Sam. Sometimes however, when all these things didn’t help, you were left with a sickening feeling deep within your gut.  And that same sick feeling was making it impossible for you to sleep. So instead you laid in the bed staring at the ceiling, Dean’s arm draped over your body as he snored softly. At least one of you was getting a good night’s rest.

After laying there wide awake for three hours you finally decided to use your time wisely. You carefully lifted Dean’s arm and slid out of bed. He groaned, turning over in the other direction and continuing to snore. You grabbed your phone off the nightstand and tiptoed out of the room, shutting the door behind you. Once outside you leaned against the wooden surface, sighing deeply; the sooner you got over the hunt, the sooner things would get back to normal.

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not like i

✩ park jinyoung x got7
✩ angst x romance
✩ royalty!au 

Feeling the warmth of the summer sun sneaking into his bedroom, Jinyoung lightly groan as he felt his sleep began to slowly fade. But he refused to fully wake. It was the first day of summer after all and he had no scholarly lessons nor any royal duties or schedules for the day. He wanted nothing more than to linger in the bask of the morning before one of the palace maidens call for him to wake for breakfast and to tidy up his room which shouldn’t be for another hour or so.

However, he wasn’t expecting visitors to be present so early on such a lazy day let alone one to sneak into his royal chambers.

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Cupcake concept:

•Connor Murphy is a black forest cake with dark chocolate ganache and a whipped chocolate icing
-he is slightly bitter, but he has his sweet moments that quickly turn sour.

•Evan Hansen is an angel food cake with a lemon curd filling and a blueberry frosting
-he’s a literal angel, but that lying business leaves a sour taste in my mouth

•Jared Kleinman is a Cinnamon​ and cardomon cake with a coffee frosting, and topped with spun sugar, for the cronch.
-the boy has a sharp tongue and so he gets some sharp flavors to match.

•I call them the Sincerely Three and they can be sold as a bundle or separately.

Next Generation Amortentia:
  • Rose: Old books, freshly made pumpkin juice, grandma's blueberry bread and coconut (Scorpius's shampoo).
  • Hugo: Soft sea-salt pretzels, hot chocolate, dry basil leaves and hazel wood.
  • James Sirius: Butterbeer, toasted sunflower seeds, cinnamon and chestnut wood.
  • Albus Severus: Strawberry jam, firewhisky, cinnamon cookies and clean sheets.
  • Lily Luna: Black tea leaves, cherry flower, rosemary water and blueberry.
  • Victoire: Orange and poppy seed juice (Teddy's favourite), lavender flower, incense and wet grass.
  • Teddy: Fresh ink, lavender flower (Victoire's hair), chai tea blend and rain.
  • Dominique: Almond wood, fresh ginger, bacon caramel and periwinkle flower.
  • Louis: Homemade chocolate-chip cookies, lemon-peel tea, Shell Cottage's wild blackberries and coffee.
  • Fred II: Basil tomato sauce, watermelon, honey-roasted almonds and menthol cigarettes.
  • Roxanne: Coffee grounds, apple and cinnamon soap, warm milk and chocolate.
  • Molly II: Lemon pie filling, olive oil, juniper wood and Diagon Alley's fish and chips.
  • Lucy: Freshly painted walls, chamomile flower, coconut oil and honey-lemon water.
  • Alice II: Wild flower garden, moist clay, lemongrass and pink pepper grounds.
  • Scorpius: Red Roses, roll-up cigarettes, elder wine and apple pie.
  • Lorcan: Cypress wood, blue champagne, jasmine tea and peppermint candy.
  • Lysander: Poppy flower, pumpkin-spice pound cake, caramelized apricot and muggle beer.
“More than Cards and Flowers”

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By: snowbellewells (TutorGirlml on ff.net)

Tagging a few who may enjoy: @whimsicallyenchantedrose @bromfieldhall @drowned-dreamer @kmomof4 @flslp87 @athenascarlet @dramawiie @midnightswans @laschatzi @enchanted-keys @nothingimpossibleonlyimprobable @mossandmushroom

Happy Valentine’s to everyone reading this – even if it’s a day late!  I just wanted to write a bit of festive fluff and feels, and beyond that, this one shot was also borne of my desire to have Killian and Snow White share some bonding time, and to develop for them the sort of friendship and understanding he and David seem to have found.  This may not have the amount of steamy CS interaction one might generally see in a Valentine’s one shot, but it’s definitely still very much CS.

Please enjoy!  I don’t own them, but I would love to hear what you think…


           “So, Killian, if you don’t mind me asking,” Snow spoke up curiously from the bowl of forming meringue that she had been carefully whipping into peaks for the last few minutes.  “Why was I the one you called?”

           At her question, Killian Jones chanced a brief, darting glance up to meet Emma’s royal mother’s eyes.  The apples of his cheeks and tips of his slightly pointed ears are flushed red – he can feel the heat of them – but there is no going back now. “You seemed the best candidate to approach for advice on modern cooking and appliances, Milady,” he offered mildly. Truth, to be sure, but he sensed she could read him nearly as well as Emma would in that moment and could tell it wasn’t the whole reason.

           Shaking her head, Snow pressed mischievously, “Oh really? Me? With the soft spot that Granny seems to have for you?”

           He snorted here, humored in spite of himself. “Aye, well, though the Lady Lucas does have her charms,” he shrugged with a rapscallion’s smirk, “I was hoping for something a bit fancier than meatloaf or grilled cheese.”  He scratched behind his ear sheepishly and added, “Not to mention that, this surprise being for Emma, I felt you would be the one motivated as I was to make the holiday wonderful for her, your Majesty.”

           Snow White’s lovely features sobered and gentled immediately at his words; her heart melting as she reached over to lay her soft hand on his forearm.  She didn’t speak for several moments, merely waiting patiently, kindly, for him to lift his eyes to hers once more. When her daughter’s True Love finally did just that, the emotion in their blue depths nearly stole her breath.  “I’m happy to help you,” she responded hoarsely, blinking back tears at the obvious devotion this man held for her daughter, at the knowledge that her lost little girl was finally cherished as she should always have been.

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Lemon Wedges

“With or without training wheels?” Darcy asked as she brought out a bottle of Stark’s best tequila.

Loki shrugged behind her, eyeing the rise of her skirt as she stood on tiptoe to reach the shot glasses on the shelf behind the bar. “Training wheels? I do not take your meaning.”

Darcy glanced at him as she placed the glasses down on the counter. “Salt and lemon to make the tequila go down easier. Some use them and some don’t.”

“I’ve never needed anything like that before now, so I’ll pass on the training wheels.”

He watched as she poured the shots and handed him his glass. His left eyebrow quirked a bit when she licked the top of her hand and poured some salt on it.

“You know, Darcy, if a simple lick was all you needed I’d have been pleased to assist.”

He had to resist a laugh when she shot him a half-disgruntled, half-aroused look.

“You, sir, can keep your magical tongue exactly where it is!” She reached across the counter to grab a lemon wedge from the bowl Tony kept there and dropped it next to her glass.

“Magical, is it? Last night it was also amazing, fantastical and what was it you said? Oh yes, your second favorite organ of mine.”

Darcy turned bright red. “Loki!” She hissed, glancing around to make sure they were still alone in the living room. She wasn’t embarrassed by their relationship, far from it, but everyone didn’t need to be privy to all the details.

“Your words, darling, not mine. And you certainly weren’t shy about using them last night.” He raised his glass, “Shall we?”

She shook her head with a smile. This semi-reformed villain of hers kept her on her toes for sure in both word and deed. And she enjoyed every moment.

Picking up her shot of tequila she toasted in his direction.

“To us,” she said before licking the salt off her hand, knocking back the tequila and stuffing the lemon wedge into her mouth.

“To us,” he repeated, taking his own shot and watching her with amusement. Darcy smiled then, a wide, lemon filled smile that made him laugh.

He leaned down and kissed her on the nose. “Don’t ever change, Darcy.”


Anonymous: What about harry comes back from tour to see you and your daughter sleeping at your bed and he doesn’t want to wake you up and the next day it’s all fluffy and cuddly cause you and your daughter missed him and you go for ice cream or something

short but sweet :)


It had been two months since Harry had left for his tour. He had been going bat crazy not being able to see either of you in person. Skype and Facetime calls weren’t enough.

He wasn’t able to kiss his wife and daughter. He wasn’t able to brush his daughters hair whilst she smelt of soft lavender shampoo, fresh from her bedtime bath. Giving her lazy hugs on the sofa, watching the last of the cartoons for the evening. Together.

He wasn’t able to dance with you, late at night in the kitchen whilst you finished off a bottle of wine together. He wasn’t able to make love to you. He wasn’t able to kiss those lips of yours. That drove him mad. 

So when those two months were up and he was could go home, he was giddy all day. Time zones were completely out of sync so when he pushed the heavy front door open, shoving his bags to the corner of the hall, the house was silent. 

He locked the door behind him and quietly walked up the stairs. 

He walked towards his daughter’s bedroom. The door was always left a tad open, letting in a small amount of light from the hallway. He slowly pushed the door open.

He was greeted by the daisy fairy lights which hung along her wall, emitting a soft pink glow throughout her room. He looked over to the bed to see all her sheets messed up. Yet there was no little girl sleeping in there, clutching her small elephant teddy.

He frowned and shut the door behind him, tiptoeing towards your joint bedroom. He pushed the door open to see what he had been hoping for. There, in the king sized bed, was his wife and daughter. The four year old clung to her as if she were a koala. Her legs wrapped around her waist and her face nuzzled into (Y/N)’s neck. 

Harry’s heart warmed at the sight of the two of them. These were the two most important girls in his life. Of course, he cared deeply for his mother and sister but his wife and daughter? Another level. 

He slipped his boots off and changed into some comfier clothes. After washing up a bit, he pulled the other side of the duvet up so he could climb in. (Y/N) shuffled slightly and opened her eyes a bit, noticing Harry.

Her smile was lazy, but wide. Her free hand grabbing Harry’s cheek, brushing her thumb over the light stubble that hadn’t been shaved. Her leaved into her touch, relishing in the soft touch of her thumb pad. 

“Hiiii.” He whispered, cautious of the sleeping four year old between the two of them. She smiled.

“Hey. I missed you.” Her voice gravelly. Harry could tell you were about to fall asleep again so he reached over and kissed your pouting lips.

“Go back to sleep, darling. I’ll be here when you wake up.” She half nodded and went back to sleep, snuggling closer to their daughter and her feet becoming intertwined with Harry’s. 

She drifted off shortly after and Harry couldn’t help but gaze at his two loves. His daughter took deep, slow breaths against her mother’s neck. He remembered when she was born. 

Gosh, she was tiny. Felt like she was almost the size of his hand. She clung to him for dear life sometimes. It was clear she was a daddy’s girl, from the start, but there was a bond between her and (Y/N) that was irreplaceable.

Harry woke up to a small shake of his shoulder and a giggling in his ear. He peeked out of one eye to see his daughter’s bright, a few teeth missing, smile. Her green eyes were bright and full of life as her daddy slept beside her for the first time in months.

“Mornin’, sunshine.” Harry mumbled, pouting his lips. His daughter giggled and placed a sloppy kiss on his lips. Harry’s heart burst with love. He loved her so much it hurt sometimes. 

She was everything he could ever dream of.

“Can we go get ice cream today? I missed you.” She sadly pouted, sitting cross legged in front of him. She wore light pink pyjamas with her dressing gown tied around her. 

“Of course we can, sweetie. Choccy brownie?” She excitedly nodded.

“Choccy brownie.”

All three of you had taken a stroll to the ice cream parlour in town. It was a little chilly outside so Harry lent his beanie to his daughter and carried her majority of the way. Not that he complained, he wanted to spend as much time as possible with her until he had to jet off again. 

The parlour was small but colourful and bright. Your daughter ran up to the counter where dozens of ice cream tubs were laid out. Her nose was pressed against the glass as she decided what to have (even though Harry knew it was chocolate brownie. Maybe some chocolate sprinkles on top). Ice cream wasn’t a regular thing but when Harry was home you couldn’t say no. 

You found a booth to sit at and Harry sat next to his daughter who greedily dug into the pot, ice cream getting smeared around her lips and cheeks. You both laughed at her lovingly and you brought the spoon to your lips, the delicious taste of lemon sorbet filling your mouth.

Harry leaned over the booth and kissed your lips, the sweet lemon on your lips. 

“I’m so glad to be home.” He sighed. You pecked his lips once more and smiled before tapping the end of his nose with the sorbet. 

He dramatically gasped and turned to look at his daughter who was bent over laughing, adorable giggles falling from her lips. He leaned down towards her and tapped the end of her nose with some of his mint chocolate ice cream. She squealed and Harry’s body filled with love.

He loved his daughter so much it hurt sometimes.

Because Kurt probably bakes when he’s anxious

The apartment smells like vanilla and dough when Blaine walks in the door, unwinding his scarf, and he can hear the thump of cupboards opening and closing and Kurt’s feet padding on the kitchen tiles. Leaning against the wall to unhinges his shoes, Blaine peeks at the light pooling on the floor through the kitchen doorway. “Kurt?” Blaine calls, raising his voice slightly over the hum of the radio bubbling in the other room.

Draping his jacket over his forearm, Blaine trails the light into the kitchen archway—and stops.


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We picked up the recipe for a refreshing #covcocktail at @achotels during our latest trip to Milan—and naturally we wanted to share it with you. Prepare to have the best Aperol Spritz of your life. 🍹
3 oz. Aperol
3 oz. prosecco
Splash of sparkling water
Orange or lemon for garnish
One > Fill a wine glass with ice.
Two > Pour Aperol, prosecco, and sparkling water into your glass.
Three > Stir and enjoy!
📷: @alec_kugler http://ift.tt/2pNReKy

Sinful: Part 2 (M) (Final)

Vampire Jaebum

“Thousands gather this time of year, a time to mask the face most fear. The bloody grin stays hidden, stare into my eyes, the forbidden.“ - Peter Gundry

Category: Fantasy, smut

Length: 5.8K

Part 1

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Cassandra: The Inquisitor hears she’s craving blueberry sweet rolls, and they make a fresh batch. Cassandra, abashed and flattered, agrees to try one, and she stops short as she puts it in her mouth. It’s warm and sweet, and the taste of sweet blueberry hits her. They’re sticky and stain her fingers blue, but Cassandra doesn’t care. It takes great effort not to start moaning in ecstasy, it’s so good, tinged with bittersweet memories as she thinks of Antony. The Herald asks, hopefully, if she likes it. Cassandra, in turn, nods eagerly and takes another sweet roll. She’s tempted to take the whole plate. “You are the Maker’s chosen, indeed.” she declares. “It’s wonderful.If romanced: her love surprised her with the sweet rolls, and it makes her heart swell with adoration. She drags him off to a quiet grove, and the two eat the pastries and cuddle, her head on his shoulder. New memories together would be nice.

Blackwall: He thinks he’s about to get standard camp fare when the Inquisitor makes stew for the others. When he tastes it, though, he’s actually shocked by the exquisite taste. He stops short, spoon still in his mouth, and stares down at the bowl for a moment before wolfing it down. He’d ask for seconds, but the whole pot is already gone, finished by the others. He sighs in mild disappointment, then looks to the Inquisitor with so much joy, so much hope. “If we get the ingredients for you, could you cook for us in camp from now on? Please?” If romanced: he tries to help by doing whatever his girlfriend tells him to. The food comes out delicious, and she giggles and praises him. He laughs and shrugs sheepishly. “Oh, I was just following your orders, my lady. Only thing I had to offer is love.”

Iron Bull: The Inquisitor was showing Sera their cookie recipe when he asked to try one. More than half of the plate was gone already because Sera nabbed them, and she reluctantly allows the Bull to take one. The taste of melty, sweet warm chocolate and sugary sweet cookie dough actually makes him moan in ecstasy– he doesn’t hold back. “This… you made this, Boss? Wow.” The Inquisitor nods and goes to get another batch out of the oven, and Bull’s eye is full of hope and desire. “Boss? Can I have this batch to share with the Chargers? Please?” From then on, he always hovers around the kitchen whenever they cook, eager for a taste. If romanced: He’s not much of a cook, but he tries to help anyways. By “help” he means intermittedly coming into the kitchen, dipping a spoon into whatever they’re making, tasting it, and nodding. “Yep, Kadan, it’s good. Aren’t you glad I’m here to help you taste-test?” They kiss, and they get second-hand taste in doing so.

Sera: After tasting her cookies on the rooftop, the Inquisitor drags her to the kitchen to show her their cookie recipe. They giggle and toss flour at each other as they cook, and when the cookies come out, Sera hardly gives them a chance to cool before tasting one. Her eyes bulge at the flavor, and with a moan, and she immediately reaches for another. “Soooo good. And you! You made me not hate cookies anymore. These… these are friendship cookies, yeah? You’re the best cook ever.” Like Bull, she starts hanging around the kitchen whenever the Inquisitor is cooking. If romanced: Both of them are covered in flour and their faces are covered in melted chocolate, especially around the lips that kiss, and they’re giggling like maniacs. “These are us cookies, yeah?”

Varric: He mentions braised nug with elfroot, and how awful it was, and the Inquisitor is on a mission to make it appetizing. They soon present him with the dish, and he fully expects it to taste moldy and dry, but he’d be damned if he didn’t try it. To his shock, the meat is moist and melts in the mouth, and rosemary combined with a hint of dried elfroot just right, just tantalizing right. “Maybe I ought to change your nickname to Chef.” he says wryly.

Cole: He doesn’t eat, so instead he takes to distributing the Inquisitor’s baked goods to people in need throughout Skyhold. Spirits are raised immensely with the gesture, and soon thereafter the kitchen is asking for the Herald’s recipe after a bunch of requests for more. “it won’t be the same,” Cole says, “they put love into it as the main ingredient. They have to make it.”

Dorian: He was talking about a traditional Tevinter dish that he hasn’t had since he left home, mentioning how much he was craving it, but no one would make it. The Inquisitor then looks up the recipe and makes it themselves, and presents rice and curry to a surprised altus. He tries it, and he’s utterly floored, and so, so happy that he got to have it again– it tastes like home. “It’s even better than at home! Thank you!” he says, sincerely, as he reaches for more. He then pauses and reaches for a bottle of wine and looks up to the Inquisitor, grinning. “This goes down well with it. Dine with me?” If romanced: Dorian is breathless, imagining two things: being home, and being home and living in peace with his amatus as they eat the delicious food. So they settle for looking over Skyhold together, and he’s rarely been this happy before.

Solas: He makes an off-hand mention that he would like to get petit fours next time they go to Val Royeaux, and he’s actually surprised, for once, when the Inquisitor presents him a few hours later with a full plate of lemon and raspberry petit fours. He thanks them and reaches to try one, but he never expected it to be so good. Sweet, tart lemon filling and a sweet crumbly base melt in his mouth, and his eyes widen. “These are… delectable. Thank you…” He tries to surreptitiously be around the kitchens whenever the Inquisitor is done cooking, though he denies it. If romanced: “Vhenan, open your mouth.” She does it, and he gives her a half of a petit four he cut in half. She giggles as he tries to feed her, though he does it with closed eyes and misses her mouth and hits her nose instead, leaving cream on it. He’s mortified, but she thinks it’s hilarious.

Vivienne: She had asked to talk to the Inquisitor, and was surprised when they brought up a few of the petit fours they managed to spirit away from Solas, who took most of them. She sends for tea, and the two talk for awhile when she finally reaches for one of the petit fours. She was absolutely not expecting them to be so good, and she asks where the Herald bought them. When they reply that they made them, she’s even more surprised. “Truly? Well, my dear,” she says, eyes hopeful, “we’ll have to have tea time again sometime soon. With more of your petit fours.”

Cullen: One day, when he’s particularly stressed, the Inquisitor makes him simple shortbread cookies. He’s excited to see them, of course, and after eating one sweet, buttery cookie, the entire plate is gone within the hour. He finds them later and thanks them profusely– it really cheered him up, as well as complimenting them on their cooking skill. If the Inquisitor ever wants to give him a gift or anything, he only wants one thing: more shortbread cookies. He actually dreams about them on rare occasion, when not having a nightmare. If romanced: The next time they go to make butter cookies, Cullen comes to help, and together they make cookies that are even better than before. He forgets his worries for a while as he stirs batter and cuts the cookies, and the two sneak dabs of cookie dough and tease each other.

The Inquisitor sends her some petit fours from a batch they make, and Leliana has already heard from the others how good they are, so she’s eager for a taste. A rare smile blossoms on her face as she tries them, and she wants to savor them, enjoy them for as long as they last. She offers her compliments to the chef, and one day when the Herald mentions they’re in the mood to cook, she has an agent take care of whatever they were going to do to free up their time. “It seems as though you now have some free time. And the chef is out of the kitchen! Have fun.”

Josephine: When the Inquisitor is asking her about Antiva, she mentions a popular dish there– paella. After being unable to get fresh seafood to Skyhold, the Inquisitor settles for making a vegetarian paella. Josephine is eager to try it, and when she does, the spices and flavor takes her back home, if only for a moment. “Thank you so, so much,” she says, utterly floored as she leans back in the chair, thrown back by the flavor, “I just… it takes me back to the shores of Antiva City. Would you be willing to make this again, sometime?” If romanced: she carves out some time to go cook with them, and she giggles and chatters away happily as they cook together. A few times, she stops them just to give them a kiss, and then they go back to cooking, all blushes and spices.


Lemon Tart 2: Redemption was a great success!

As you may recall, last time I tried to make lemon tart it was an unmitigated disaster.  Well, I made several changes this time around.  Used a completely different recipe - Stephanie Alexander’s recipe, to be exact, as recommended by a friend who’d actually used it before - and went with frozen shortcrust pastry instead of making my own.  I thought it would be less depressing if this attempt was as much of a disaster as last time if I hadn’t spent ages carefully making the crust as well as all the rest.  Frozen pastry is often tougher than homemade, and this is no exception, plus my blind baking still needs work, but the crust is perfectly edible.

I left off trimming the pastry until after I’d blind baked it, because I read that as a tip for fighting shrinkage, and it worked!  The crust shrank a little when I baked it with the filling in (which just kind of shows it was underdone on the blind bake) but only slightly, and there was enough room for all the filling in the crust!  Yay!

The actual lemon filling is gorgeous.  It’s just lemons (juice and zest), eggs, sugar and cream, that’s it.  And it’s SO GOOD.  It baked evenly without puffing up or browning (I suspect my oven was too hot last time) and has set to a lovely creamy, wobbly consistency.  It’s gloriously lemony and not too sweet, but not quite eye-wateringly tart either.  And so pretty!

I was impatient and cut a slice while it was still warm, so I can only imagine how good it will be once it’s chilled properly.  And lemon tart is one of my favourites, so it’s nice to know I can actually make one after all!  It’ll be even better with a sweet homemade shortcrust, next time.