Going Down? (Elevator AU)

Overview: You’re running late for work when the elevator at your apartment breaks down. The problem? It happens to break down with you and your obnoxiously attractive next door neighbor stuck inside. (Sirius Black x Reader)

Word Count: About 2,100.

Warning(s): Swearing, enclosed spaces, talks of sex, they’re both sort of assholes.

Note: Elevator AU / Modern AU I wrote within two hours or so. They’re supposed to be in their mid-to-late twenties here. Enjoy! (Alternatively Titled: “Ellie the Elevator”)


“Hold the door, please!”

You rushed toward the closing elevator, the sound of your heels muffled by the carpeted floor. With only a few inches to spare, you saw a hand jut out and push the metal door open.

Clutching your purse to your side, you entered the elevator, meeting the deepest pair of grey eyes you had ever seen. With his dark hair and unshaven face, you knew it could only be your notorious neighbor, Sirius Black.

“Hi,” you said, slightly breathless from your run down the hall.

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Top 10 Companion Plants

10. Three Sisters (Corn Squash and Beans)

Native American agricultural tribes have been using this combination of corn, squash and beans for centuries because it works. A fish would be buried under a small mound for fertilizer and corn would be planted on top of the mound. Squash would cover the ground beneath the corn while the beans climbed up the corn and added nitrogen to the soil. Multiple mounds could be integrated into an edible landscape. Though this is only one combination of plants that work well together, it is simple, proven to work, and a great basis for understanding permaculture gardening strategies.

9. Yarrow

Yarrow is a beautiful wildflower that both repels insect pests and attracts beneficial insects to the garden such as predatory wasps, ladybugs, butterflies and bees. Yarrow is known for its beautiful, intricate leaves and bright flowers and can be effectively used to combat soil erosion. Besides benefitting the garden, this herb can be used as an anti-inflammatory agent, a tonic, astringent, or can be used in a variety of other medical uses. Flowers can be used to make bitters and has been historically used to flavor beer. Due to its hardy nature, yarrow thrives just about anywhere in the garden and comes in a variety of colors, making it excellent for aesthetic and practical purposes in any garden.

8. Stinging Nettles

Possibly the most unpleasant plant on this list, the stinging nettle is considered a weed by most. Chemical secretions within this plant cause it to burn when handled, so exhibit caution. Despite its drawbacks, stinging nettles are used in a variety of medicines and remedies including gastrointestinal aid, BPH, increasing testosterone in bodybuilding, or as a treatment for rheumatism. The leaves are eaten by many types of caterpillars and will increase the amount of beneficial insects in the garden. Stinging nettles are a natural repellent to aphids and the roots contain anti-fungal properties. Nettle leaves can be cooked as a healthy green or dried and used in herbal teas (soaking in water and cooking eliminate the sting). This weed is extremely beneficial, though care must be taken around the stinging leaves.

7. Wormwood

A strong, but pleasant smelling plant, wormwood is most famously used in absinthe, though can also be used to brew beer, wine, and in making bitters. This hardy bush contains chemicals that are the base of all standard malaria medications, but with wormwood no medication is necessary. It is a natural mosquito repellent, as well as a deterrent for moths, slugs, fleas, flies, and mice. Scattering wormwood around the perimeter of a garden acts as a natural fence to ward off unwanted visitors.

6. Marjoram/Oregano

These perennial herbs are a great addition to nearly any garden. They are unobtrusive to other plants and will increase yields of beans, asparagus, chives, eggplants, pumpkin, squash or cucumbers amongst many others. As long as the light is not being blocked and there is plenty of room for root growth, most plants will thrive alongside both marjoram and oregano. An aromatic mixture of herbs such as mint, spearmint, oregano, lavender or lemon balm can fill any empty spaces in the garden, stifling weed growth.

5. Mint

Everyone needs an herb garden. Besides repelling moths, ants and mice, mint is a great addition to many drinks, desserts, or as a garnish. Keep mint with other similar herbs and they will quickly fill out the space. Cabbage and tomatoes reportedly increase yields in the presence of mint, but proceed with caution. Despite all of its benefits, left on its own mint will take over a garden. It grows back with a vengeance after being cut. That being said, there will be no reason to ever buy mint at a grocery store again.

4. Beans (Legumes)

Everyone loves beans, and for good reason. Part of the legume family, they don’t need much space, they’re healthy, and they will revitalize your garden soil. Unlike many plants that use up valuable nitrogen from the earth, beans actually put it back through special enzymes in their roots. Known as nitrogen fixing, legumes take atmospheric nitrogen (N2) and convert it to Ammonium (NH4) in the soil, making this macronutrient available to future and current plants in the vicinity. Aside from plants in the onion family, beans will thrive alongside most crops. For best results, plant legumes before, after, and amongst heavy feeders like tomatoes, squash or broccoli.

3. Chives

Great in soup and even better in the garden, chives are a hardy, low growing part of the onion family. Besides inhibiting mildew growth and repelling many harmful insects, the bright purple flowers are known to attract bees, which are needed to pollinate squash, tomatoes, cherries, or a plethora of other flowering plants. Chives are best grown under most types of trees, bushes and vines but should not be present alongside beans. Harvesting can be done throughout the season as this plant will constantly regrow its leaves. Chives and other members of the onion family are excellent additions to any garden.

2. Garlic

Besides flavor, garlic has a multitude of benefits for many plants. Because this bulb thrives in shaded, nutrient rich soil, cover plants are recommended. Garlic has been known to deter ants, mosquitoes, aphids, cabbage butterflies, caterpillars, snails, tomato worms, weevils and vampires (can never be too careful). Despite all the apparent benefits, avoid planting garlic with any type of beans, cabbages, or sunflowers since they will compete with one another for valuable nutrients. Next time you have an extra clove of garlic, plant it under a fruit tree, amongst cucumbers, or interspersed with lavender. It will grow with minimal effort. The enemy of my enemy is my friend, and garlic certainly is that friend.

1. Tomatoes and Basil

Probably the most well known example of companion plants. Besides improving each others flavor, tomatoes and basil really do work together. The tomato vines provide shade for the delicate basil, which delays flowering, lengthens the harvesting season, and overall increases the yield. Meanwhile, basil is a natural repellent for fruit flies, house flies, and aphids who want nothing more than to lay eggs in a plump, delicious tomato. Tomato roots run deep, while basil tends to stay closer to the surface, eliminating competition between the two plants. High yields and high flavor means true plant love.

A Mostly Decent Proposal, Cat/Kara, Rating: PG

Kara tries everything. She drops Cat’s name. Lena’s name. Supergirl’s name. The snotty publicist turns her down each time with increasing relish. 

“The tastings are for engaged couples only, Miss Danvers.”

And it’s not like she doesn’t try Alex. It’s maybe a little insensitive to ask given that Maggie hasn’t exactly given an answer to the spur-of-the-moment proposal yet, but dammit Kara is feeling sorry for herself. Now the best cake on the entire West Coast is being kept from her by the sad fact of being single.

Not that she would have married Mon-El. Honestly it had been effort enough to teach him to chew with his mouth closed. But it had been less lonely, less Kara left behind, less table for one and going to bed early and alone. 

She posts to Facebook in desperation, hoping Winn or James will volunteer to play her fake fiancé and grab one of the exclusive tasting appointments. There’s only four left today, and Kara wants one with a need that’s bordering on obsession. 

Before anyone can reply and save the day, a text from Cat arrives. 

Assistant AWOL. Have my car out front in 5. Meet me there.

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To celebrate the last days of summer I thought I would share my raspberry and lemon raw bars recipe ⭐️

Raw vegan raspberry and lemon bars recipe :

Ingredients : 

Base : 

  • 1 cup almonds 
  •  1 ½ cup pitted dates

 Lemon filling : 

  •  4 frozen bananas
  • ½ lemon juice 
  • ½ tablespoon lemon zest
  •  1/4 cup agave or maple syrup 

 Raspberry filling : 

  • 2 cups frozen raspberries
  •  1 tbsp agave or maple syrup 

 Directions : For the base add the almonds and dates to a food processor and pulse until it forms a sort of paste. You can add a tiny bit of water to help blend better. Press the dough into a cake pan lined with parchment paper and set aside. For the lemon filling : Blend all ingredients into a high speed blender or food processor until creamy. Pour the filling onto the crust and spread it evenly with a spatula until it covers the base evenly. Let it set in the freezer a bit while you make the raspberry filling. For the raspberry filling : Blend or process all ingredients together. Pour on top of the lemon layer. Final bars : Place the pan in the freezer for at least 3 hours but it’s even better to let it set overnight. Once it’s time to serve let it thaw for 10min and cut into bars or squares. I recommend serving it with Thai basil for a little twist.

Cupcake concept:

•Connor Murphy is a black forest cake with dark chocolate ganache and a whipped chocolate icing
-he is slightly bitter, but he has his sweet moments that quickly turn sour.

•Evan Hansen is an angel food cake with a lemon curd filling and a blueberry frosting
-he’s a literal angel, but that lying business leaves a sour taste in my mouth

•Jared Kleinman is a Cinnamon​ and cardomon cake with a coffee frosting, and topped with spun sugar, for the cronch.
-the boy has a sharp tongue and so he gets some sharp flavors to match.

•I call them the Sincerely Three and they can be sold as a bundle or separately.

Bubblegum Bitch

Summary: When Y/N finds herself wide awake one night, she decides to do some cleaning around the bunker. While listening to Bubblegum Bitch by Marina and The Diamonds, she doesn’t realize he boyfriend is watching her move to the music.

Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester (mentioned), Reader

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Warnings: NSFW, fluff, smutty goodness

Word Count: 2,448

Request: Can you do a Dean fic smut or fluff (either is fine) of the song Bubblegum bitch by Marina and the Diamonds? Thanks so much! -Anonymous

Can you do a Dean fic inspired by the song Bubblegum bitch by Marina and the Diamonds. Thanks! - @mdoodles101

A/N: Beka ( @impala-dreamer) has been a trooper and an angel. She edited three stories one after another for me! Thanks again sweetie you’re awesome! I hope y’all enjoy, feedback is always welcomed!

Originally posted by mostly-jensen

After a long hunt there were a few things you liked to do depending on how bad it was. You could either go straight to bed, have sex with Dean, of go for a run with Sam. Sometimes however, when all these things didn’t help, you were left with a sickening feeling deep within your gut.  And that same sick feeling was making it impossible for you to sleep. So instead you laid in the bed staring at the ceiling, Dean’s arm draped over your body as he snored softly. At least one of you was getting a good night’s rest.

After laying there wide awake for three hours you finally decided to use your time wisely. You carefully lifted Dean’s arm and slid out of bed. He groaned, turning over in the other direction and continuing to snore. You grabbed your phone off the nightstand and tiptoed out of the room, shutting the door behind you. Once outside you leaned against the wooden surface, sighing deeply; the sooner you got over the hunt, the sooner things would get back to normal.

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Next Generation Amortentia:
  • Rose: Old books, freshly made pumpkin juice, grandma's blueberry bread and coconut (Scorpius's shampoo).
  • Hugo: Soft sea-salt pretzels, hot chocolate, dry basil leaves and hazel wood.
  • James Sirius: Butterbeer, toasted sunflower seeds, cinnamon and chestnut wood.
  • Albus Severus: Strawberry jam, firewhisky, cinnamon cookies and clean sheets.
  • Lily Luna: Black tea leaves, cherry flower, rosemary water and blueberry.
  • Victoire: Orange and poppy seed juice (Teddy's favourite), lavender flower, incense and wet grass.
  • Teddy: Fresh ink, lavender flower (Victoire's hair), chai tea blend and rain.
  • Dominique: Almond wood, fresh ginger, bacon caramel and periwinkle flower.
  • Louis: Homemade chocolate-chip cookies, lemon-peel tea, Shell Cottage's wild blackberries and coffee.
  • Fred II: Basil tomato sauce, watermelon, honey-roasted almonds and menthol cigarettes.
  • Roxanne: Coffee grounds, apple and cinnamon soap, warm milk and chocolate.
  • Molly II: Lemon pie filling, olive oil, juniper wood and Diagon Alley's fish and chips.
  • Lucy: Freshly painted walls, chamomile flower, coconut oil and honey-lemon water.
  • Alice II: Wild flower garden, moist clay, lemongrass and pink pepper grounds.
  • Scorpius: Red Roses, roll-up cigarettes, elder wine and apple pie.
  • Lorcan: Cypress wood, blue champagne, jasmine tea and peppermint candy.
  • Lysander: Poppy flower, pumpkin-spice pound cake, caramelized apricot and muggle beer.
Lemons and Cherry (Soulmate! Seungcheol)

Originally posted by chae-seung

  • a/n: anon requested a soulmate seungcheol au but including a ridiculous aspect, I also made the title a little different to set it apart from the other one
  • so here it goes
  • soulmate au in which you taste what your soulmate taste
  • yes it sounds really weird at first, even seungcheol thinks it’s really weird until he finds out that the devil is the one who decided his fate
  • why
  • because his damn soulmate is in love with lemon flavored everything
  • lemon hard candies, lemon suckers, and he swears they ate a whole lemon one time
  • Constant anxiety because lemons are his worst nightmare
  • Always feels like he has the after taste of lemons
  • he hates it most then they’re eating anything hard that’s flavored with lemons because then he’s forced to taste the lemon flavor longer and all he wants to do it spit it out
  • tries to eat over the flavor, but he can always still taste it
  • he still does it though because at least it kind of overrides the flavor
  • thus he always has cherry flavored hard candies on hand
  • and guess what
  • you absolutely hate cherries and its flavor
  • and because you think he loves cherry flavored candy, now you carry around a lot of lemon flavored candies
  • thus starts a very unnecessary candy flavor war
  • “Seungcheol your teeth are going to rot if you keep eating all those hard candies”
  • other than the war between lemons and cherry
  • there’s this one taste that Seungcheol is always watering his mouth over
  • it taste like cookies, but these aren’t just any cookies, no, they’re cookies handmade by angels with chocolate raindrops from heaven and the taste alone is not satisfying, he want to have the actual cookies so bad
  • and everyone knows when he’s tasting the cookies because his eyes like roll around, and he’s drooling a large puddle and
  • Seungcheol meets you in the hallway of university
  • it was an accident in which of course 13 boys could not fit onto one side of the hallway and someone thought it would be a great idea to try and fit four boys in a row on one side of the hallway
  • Seungcheol got the end closest to the oncoming traffic, and when someone *cough*jihoon*cough* shoves Soonyoung next to him, it pushes Seungcheol into the oncoming students and then there’s a big accident
  • Seungcheol collides with you in the middle of the hallway, his bag flies out as well as yours and everyone does the whole exaggerated gasp as if something actually terrible happened
  • but while he’s sitting on his bum, he looks up to see the smallest and probably the cutest person he’s ever laid eyes on
  • “i-i’m so sorry!” he’s screaming apologies and instead of trying to collect his own stuff that flew everywhere, he’s helping collect your own things
  • and that’s when he notices it, the array of red and yellow colors decorating the entire floor
  • cherry and lemon flavored candy
  • and for a moment he thinks this is all a coincidence, anyone can have lemon flavored candy in their bag right
  • but it isn’t until, you and seungcheol are all packed up, ready to go that you unwrap a lemon sucker, popping it in your mouth with a toothy grin and a hand out “I’m Y/N”
  • the taste of lemon fills his mouth and he doesn’t gag or complain
  • instead he unwraps a cherry sucker, letting the flavor sit in his mouth and watches your expression become shaken, a grin on your face as he holds your hand “Choi Seungcheol also known as your soulmate”
  • the rest of the boys are standing in the back gagging at that lame attempt to seem cool as a soulmate
  • decides to skip his class and walks with you to yours (much to Jeonghan’s dismay since seungcheol was his chem lab partner but nooo seungcheol claims soulmates are more important than keeping his C in chemistry)
  • finally the whole situation and misunderstanding that has continued throughout seungcheol’s entire life is now resolved and he never has to eat cherry hard candy again
  • you and seungcheol actually start to have a distaste for both lemon and cherry flavored candy
  • Seungcheol claims it’s a couple thing now
  • You and Seungcheol become close really quickly
  • (very awkward sexy times when it comes to oral)
  • it takes him a week before he remembers the cookies made from heaven
  • “COOKIES!” he screams randomly
  • “uh okay Cheol, if you wanted cookies just ask for it you don’t have to scream the word”
  • you don’t know exactly what he’s talking about since the only cookies you usually eat are the ones you make from scratch and you don’t even think they’re that good but seungcheol once again is claiming they’re handcrafted from god himself
  • Pleads for you to make them for him
  • and finally after 100 puppy eyes and kisses all over your face, you fall in defeat and agree to make the cookies
  • Seungcheol is already drooling at the smell of the cookies in the oven and he’s practically drowning in his drool
  • tries to eat it right out of the oven but you slap his hand away telling them that they have to cool
  • he’s actually crying as he eats the cookies because they’re so much better in his mouth than when he was just tasting
  • becomes territorial of the cookies now, doesn’t even want you to eat it
  • you once made cookies for the rest of the boys but they all only got one cookie before Seungcheol barged in and stole them all
  • “You’re gonna get fat from all those cookies”
  • “Worth it, my soulmate are the cookies”
  • your relationship is a very lovable one
  • Seungcheol is a clingy little shit that wants to basically be carried around in your pocket so he can always be with you
  • Also wants a lil you that he can carry around in his pocket
  • Arguments that end with each other threatening to eat cherries or lemons
  • but it’s always resolved with a big bear Cheol hug and him whispering in your ear that he loves you
  • Once again, soulmate seungcheol loves you with the entirety of his heart, despite having to taste lemon most of his life, it was a risk he’s willing to take since he get to eat cookies be with you.

Anonymous: What about harry comes back from tour to see you and your daughter sleeping at your bed and he doesn’t want to wake you up and the next day it’s all fluffy and cuddly cause you and your daughter missed him and you go for ice cream or something

short but sweet :)


It had been two months since Harry had left for his tour. He had been going bat crazy not being able to see either of you in person. Skype and Facetime calls weren’t enough.

He wasn’t able to kiss his wife and daughter. He wasn’t able to brush his daughters hair whilst she smelt of soft lavender shampoo, fresh from her bedtime bath. Giving her lazy hugs on the sofa, watching the last of the cartoons for the evening. Together.

He wasn’t able to dance with you, late at night in the kitchen whilst you finished off a bottle of wine together. He wasn’t able to make love to you. He wasn’t able to kiss those lips of yours. That drove him mad. 

So when those two months were up and he was could go home, he was giddy all day. Time zones were completely out of sync so when he pushed the heavy front door open, shoving his bags to the corner of the hall, the house was silent. 

He locked the door behind him and quietly walked up the stairs. 

He walked towards his daughter’s bedroom. The door was always left a tad open, letting in a small amount of light from the hallway. He slowly pushed the door open.

He was greeted by the daisy fairy lights which hung along her wall, emitting a soft pink glow throughout her room. He looked over to the bed to see all her sheets messed up. Yet there was no little girl sleeping in there, clutching her small elephant teddy.

He frowned and shut the door behind him, tiptoeing towards your joint bedroom. He pushed the door open to see what he had been hoping for. There, in the king sized bed, was his wife and daughter. The four year old clung to her as if she were a koala. Her legs wrapped around her waist and her face nuzzled into (Y/N)’s neck. 

Harry’s heart warmed at the sight of the two of them. These were the two most important girls in his life. Of course, he cared deeply for his mother and sister but his wife and daughter? Another level. 

He slipped his boots off and changed into some comfier clothes. After washing up a bit, he pulled the other side of the duvet up so he could climb in. (Y/N) shuffled slightly and opened her eyes a bit, noticing Harry.

Her smile was lazy, but wide. Her free hand grabbing Harry’s cheek, brushing her thumb over the light stubble that hadn’t been shaved. Her leaved into her touch, relishing in the soft touch of her thumb pad. 

“Hiiii.” He whispered, cautious of the sleeping four year old between the two of them. She smiled.

“Hey. I missed you.” Her voice gravelly. Harry could tell you were about to fall asleep again so he reached over and kissed your pouting lips.

“Go back to sleep, darling. I’ll be here when you wake up.” She half nodded and went back to sleep, snuggling closer to their daughter and her feet becoming intertwined with Harry’s. 

She drifted off shortly after and Harry couldn’t help but gaze at his two loves. His daughter took deep, slow breaths against her mother’s neck. He remembered when she was born. 

Gosh, she was tiny. Felt like she was almost the size of his hand. She clung to him for dear life sometimes. It was clear she was a daddy’s girl, from the start, but there was a bond between her and (Y/N) that was irreplaceable.

Harry woke up to a small shake of his shoulder and a giggling in his ear. He peeked out of one eye to see his daughter’s bright, a few teeth missing, smile. Her green eyes were bright and full of life as her daddy slept beside her for the first time in months.

“Mornin’, sunshine.” Harry mumbled, pouting his lips. His daughter giggled and placed a sloppy kiss on his lips. Harry’s heart burst with love. He loved her so much it hurt sometimes. 

She was everything he could ever dream of.

“Can we go get ice cream today? I missed you.” She sadly pouted, sitting cross legged in front of him. She wore light pink pyjamas with her dressing gown tied around her. 

“Of course we can, sweetie. Choccy brownie?” She excitedly nodded.

“Choccy brownie.”

All three of you had taken a stroll to the ice cream parlour in town. It was a little chilly outside so Harry lent his beanie to his daughter and carried her majority of the way. Not that he complained, he wanted to spend as much time as possible with her until he had to jet off again. 

The parlour was small but colourful and bright. Your daughter ran up to the counter where dozens of ice cream tubs were laid out. Her nose was pressed against the glass as she decided what to have (even though Harry knew it was chocolate brownie. Maybe some chocolate sprinkles on top). Ice cream wasn’t a regular thing but when Harry was home you couldn’t say no. 

You found a booth to sit at and Harry sat next to his daughter who greedily dug into the pot, ice cream getting smeared around her lips and cheeks. You both laughed at her lovingly and you brought the spoon to your lips, the delicious taste of lemon sorbet filling your mouth.

Harry leaned over the booth and kissed your lips, the sweet lemon on your lips. 

“I’m so glad to be home.” He sighed. You pecked his lips once more and smiled before tapping the end of his nose with the sorbet. 

He dramatically gasped and turned to look at his daughter who was bent over laughing, adorable giggles falling from her lips. He leaned down towards her and tapped the end of her nose with some of his mint chocolate ice cream. She squealed and Harry’s body filled with love.

He loved his daughter so much it hurt sometimes.

I’m glad @jordanlhawk likes my Griffin stress-baking headcanon. Now I have tons of headcanons thanks to it. Here goes:

Griffin excels at anything lemon custard. The old ladies of Widdershins love his lemon custard filled cupcakes. He brings them extra, and they use them as finger food for their late night occult gatherings.

I can totally see Widdershins having Gilmore Girls type town meetings with the Arsenic and old Lace type of insanity like: “The Dweller of the Deep occult gathering has been moved to Tuesday at midnight, leaving the Librarian’s stealth and espionage classes to move to another night since both need the town gazebo. Also, remember no blood rituals at the Whyborne and Griffin fan club, it’s for all ages and during teatime. Blood at a tea gathering, honestly, yes I’m glaring at you Ms. Crabfeathers.” 

The Words We Say

Greg and Sherlock were arguing, the rain drizzling around them as they shouted, the tension of the case making them both tired and irritable. The blasted word spilled from Greg’s lips before he could think of the effect it could have on Sherlock. Sherlock, who immediately stiffened up, not moving, not blinking, not breathing for a prolonged second as the word hung heavily in the air between them.


The first time that Sherlock was called that loathsome word, he was just in second grade. He was in the playground, but he never did actually play with the other children. Instead he’d sit in the corner of the playground, underneath the trees that covered him in its shadows like a blanket of protection. He would read books that were meant for the older children that his teacher, a kind woman named Mrs Petelli, gave to him. He would solve puzzles, or he’d sort the wood chips by size and height if he was truly bored.

He existed peacefully alone, a shadow scarcely noticed and heard, until another kid named Sebastian decided that the scrawny loner was an easy victim. “Hey, freak!” he’d shouted, and Sherlock’s entire grade listened and for some godforsaken reason the name stuck. The first time Sherlock had been called the name, it stung. The question of what he’d done to deserve the name brought tears to his 7 year old eyes, before he turned on his heel and ran as fast as his legs would take him.

He did the same thing now at 24 years of age, his coat billowing out behind him as he ran, unable to stay at the crime scene any longer. The pounding in his ears sounded like the crashing of waves against an empty beach. Ice crept up and down his spine, freezing his fingertips over. It wasn’t the weather though, he was certain that today was a mild day in spite of the rain.

Sociopath was a word that Sherlock overheard from a conversation between his mum and dad when he was 13. Loud voices as sharp as shattered glass that filtered through Sherlock’s door and assaulted his ears as he tried to finish his writing assignment. Mummy and dad were arguing about something, and it took Sherlock a few beats before he realized it was about him and Mycroft. “They’re sociopaths!” Father had shouted, “I cannot have this go on any longer! William’s an outcast, he hardly socializes, and our neighbors think were some type of oddball family now because of those two!”

Mummy yelled back of course, voice tight with tears that Sherlock knew were falling even if she was hidden behind a closed door. The argument continued on, until it ended in whispers that were no longer coherent to Sherlock’s racing mind. Mycroft found his way into Sherlock’s room, silent as he looked into Sherlock’s eyes, and no words needed to be said. There was a silent understanding as he simply placed his hand on Sherlock’s shoulder and handed his younger brother his mask of aloofness.

“It’s easier not to care, Sherlock,” he said suddenly a few nights after that, and Sherlock looked up already knowing what this was about. “Caring isn’t an advantage, I’ve learned. Ordinary minds often try to suppress the extraordinary, so they call us names to bring us down.”

“What do we do then? They think we’re…” he trailed off then, unable to say the word out loud, afraid that saying it would make this entire nightmare more real. 

“What have people done throughout the ages when they’re called unsavory names?” Mycroft asked, a small smile pulling on his lips in spite of the look in his eyes that reflected the sharp edge of an icicle. “We take it and we own it.” And they did. They began acting distant and colder, because it becomes harder to target a heart once you’re no longer sure it exists. Sherlock forced himself to stop caring, shoving all emotions into a closed off wing of his mind and refusing to show any vulnerability.

Silk turned into leather.

 The car came out of nowhere, it seemed. It wasn’t going very fast, Sherlock decided as he fell against the concrete, otherwise he’d be dead. Between 20-30 mph then, because at 40 mph there was a 90% chance of death, whereas for 20-30 there was only a 10-50% chance of death. He was fairly certain he was neither dead nor bleeding internally, although the fact that he hit his head on his way down may have been a mercy handed out by the powers that be to stupidify him into believing he was safe. His body felt… distant, as if he was a disembodied consciousness floating in the midst of a world that was spinning rapidly, colors and muffled sounds swimming past his mind as he fought to grab onto something that could steady him, anchor him to reality.

He could feel the pain burning beneath the surface of his skin, bubbling like a pot of water left on the stove. Someone was touching him, he belatedly realized, a wet hand pressing against his face. Maybe his face was what was wet and not the hand. Maybe it was raining. Or maybe nothing was wet and it was all in his messed up mind.

He couldn’t be sure anymore, and he fought to focus, trying hard but he was just so tired and his eyes were slipping shut, too heavy for him to keep open. Sherlock was vaguely aware of a pressure building in his head, and it felt like someone was wrapping a rubber band around his brain, tighter and tighter.

He couldn’t speak.

He couldn’t move.

He couldn’t think.

 “Focus on me,” Mycroft had whispered, voice soft as Sherlock- 16 years old- shuddered, too cold and covered in sweat as he lay on the mattress that did nothing for his bones. “Don’t go to sleep.” The light off of the candle lent a soft glow to Mycroft’s eyes as he stared down at Sherlock worriedly, wiping the sweat off of Sherlock’s face with a flannel with an uncharacteristic gentleness. The silence stretched on forever as Sherlock fought to stay awake in spite of the exhaustion the fever was causing him.

 “You worry so much it makes me worry. Am I dying, Mycroft?” he asked with a teasing smile that Mycroft didn’t return which slowly fell from his face. He shifted slightly, trying to ease the pain in his back. “Am I dying?”

The look he received was filled with what could only be labeled as a mix of frustrated helplessness, panic and shame. “I don’t know, brother mine. You better not.” Mycroft moved slightly, face turning away and Sherlock watched as the shadows danced on his face. It did nothing to hide the tears which shined clear as day in his periwinkle eyes. “Not yet. Not before me, at least.”

Someone cried, “shit, are you okay? Don’t you die on me, you bastard…” and Sherlock wanted to reply, perhaps snap at the person to shut up, yet his entire mouth tingled and he wasn’t sure if anything even tumbled out his traitorous lips. All he knew was that everything was too cold and too hot all at once, his vision turning gray at the edges. 

“Come on, Sherlock, wake up!” A hand slapped against his face, panicked and desperate. “He’s not waking up!”

Death was not a concept that Sherlock was knowledgeable about, he’d known about death and its permanence since he was 5 years old. He learned it through Mycroft, of course, since he learned most things through Mycroft. Redbeard had died, and he stared up at Mycroft with wide eyes. “He’s not waking up,” he had said in confusion, speaking slowly as he tried to piece together the events to form an explanation. “Why isn’t he waking up?”

“Call 999! We need an ambulance, he’s fucking dying!” a man’s voice shouted, distraught. Sherlock heard the marching of feet, and then succumbed to the darkness which swallowed him whole.

“Everything dies, Sherlock. All lives end.”

 Sherlock became lucid in fragments, becoming aware slowly as his mind tried to stitch together the little slivers of data he received from each individual sense into a whole picture. The heart monitor beating to his right, noise loud and sharp in the otherwise silent room. The smell of cleaners so strong that it felt as though the inside of his nose was being burned, a lemon-like aroma that filled Sherlock’s lungs with every inhale. The scratchy blanket that bundled around his legs, coupled with the feeling of a cool metal bed rail against his left arm, helped him come to the conclusion that he was in a hospital without him needing to open his eyes.

He opened his eyes slowly, the lights thankfully having been dimmed to be more agreeable with his headache. “You’re awake,” a rumbling voice like rain against a window said from the corner, and after a moment more of staring up at the ceiling, Sherlock turned to look at Greg. “I thought you were going to die…”

Sherlock stared at him for a few seconds, eyes dull as he took in the sight of the disheveled man with wrinkled clothes, before looking at the wall instead. “I didn’t want to die yet,” he replied simply, unsure about how to speak to the man he’d considered a friend and father figure for a long time, his chest aching as he remembered the words they’d exchanged. The vitriol that Greg had yelled, the anger in his eyes- or was it disgust?- that had suddenly made Sherlock feel as if he needed to be anywhere- anywhere- but there.

Greg shifted in the plastic chair, nodding as he offered a tight smile. “I’m glad.” The smile was so bitter and brittle it seemed as though the slightest breeze could blow on it and leave it a pile of dust and regret.

“I’m sorry,” Greg finally said, breaking the silence awkwardly, like a child clumsily shoving a block between two others and bringing the entire tower down. “I didn’t mean to… call you any of those things. I didn’t mean it.” His Adam’s apple bobbed as he swallowed hard, and the dim lighting of the room did nothing to hide his glistening eyes. “I’m so sorry, Sherlock.” His voice wavered, on the edge of cracking, and Sherlock couldn’t help the tears that rushed to his own eyes.

Mirroring, he told himself. It was just a human instinct deeply wired into the subconscious to react to someone’s tears and pain with empathy. It meant nothing. Fighting to regulate his breathing, he nodded slowly, afraid that the wrong action would break open the dam and leave him to drown in an ocean of unshed tears that had collected through the years.

“When I saw you get hit by that car… I thought you were dead. Blood was all over your face, you weren’t responding to anything, and I just- I thought I lost you. I don’t want to lose you, Sherlock, and I hope you can forgive me for what happened.”

There’s a bridge being stretched out between them, and Sherlock knows that he could either ask the question that weighed heavily on his mind or he would miss the moment and wonder forever.“Do you really believe that?” he asked, voice hoarse. “That I’m a… freak?” He faltered at the word freak, feeling like he needed to drink an entire bottle of the horrible lemon-scented cleaner the hospital used to get rid of the dirty feeling that overwhelmed him at the use of the word.

Greg’s eyes bore into his, dark pools of sadness swirling behind them as he shook his head. “I don’t. I never did, I never would believe that you’re anything less than… extraordinary.” He moves closer in his chair, hand on reaching out and tentatively placing it on top of Sherlock’s which were idly tracing patterns against the blanket. “I don’t know why that I used that word, or why I snapped at you but I wasn’t angry with you, I was just- angry and I snapped. I’m sorry, I don’t have any excuses for my behavior but-”

“You apologize too much,” Sherlock cut in with a small smile playing on his lips, but the tears shining in his eyes contradicted them. “Apologies are tedious. A simple sorry would have sufficed”

Greg laughed in surprise at the statement, then his eyes flickered to Sherlock’s left leg that was in a cast, and his eyes softened, no it wouldn’t have.

Sherlock cleared his throat, staring at the tan and calloused hand on top of his for a few long seconds. “My father never apologized.” He shook his head quickly after speaking as if he was shaking an idea out, something akin to flustered panic written in his eyes. “Not that- not that he had any reason to! He never hit me, or anything. He was a good man, he just said some things sometimes.”

 “He’s a good man,” Mum had said to Sherlock, who laid with his face buried into a pillow, his back against the headboard and his knees pressed tight against his chest. “He just has a bit of a temper these days, and he says the wrong things with good intentions at heart. You have to learn to ignore the things he says, love. In one ear and out the other.” She pressed a kiss to Sherlock’s mop of curls before she left Sherlock alone in the room that was far too big and far too cold for Sherlock. This isn’t home anymore, Mum, he had thought as the tears fell quickly, creating a pattern fit for a Rorscach test. “What do you see here?” a man in a white coat could ask, and Sherlock knew what his answer would be.

“I see a fallen angel without a home.”

“Sometimes good people do bad things,” Greg murmured, eyes scanning over Sherlock. “Sometimes the words we say carry more weight than we could believe. They get embedded into a person’s mind and after that, it can be a pain to get out. Even after years and years, the words we say could still be echoing in a person’s mind.” 

Sherlock nodded, a tear falling from his eye as he bit down on his lip. “I’m not a sociopath,” he said, wondering if it was Greg he was saying it to, or the memory of his father that he could still hear yelling the word. “I’m- I’m not as strong as everyone thinks I am, Greg.”

He used the name deliberately, and he knew the older man knew that as well. The hand on top of his tightened for a second, before leaving it completely. “That’s alright,” Greg responded, standing and pulling Sherlock against his chest, mindful of the wires. “You’re plenty strong enough for me. And if you need me, I’ll help you carry all that weight you lug around inside you.” Sherlock buried his face into Greg’s soft cotton Henley, the dam broken as his skinny shoulders quaked.

“I don’t want to be alone,” Sherlock whispered between his tears as if  it was a truth he was too afraid to say out loud, a thought which haunted him during long sleepless nights.

“You’re not alone anymore. I’m here.”

So! That took forever to write and the timing of it was pretty much all over the place. I hope it made sense. @princesspeach212 suggested it again, so she’s to thank for this little fic. 

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not like i

✩ park jinyoung x got7
✩ angst x romance
✩ royalty!au 

Feeling the warmth of the summer sun sneaking into his bedroom, Jinyoung lightly groan as he felt his sleep began to slowly fade. But he refused to fully wake. It was the first day of summer after all and he had no scholarly lessons nor any royal duties or schedules for the day. He wanted nothing more than to linger in the bask of the morning before one of the palace maidens call for him to wake for breakfast and to tidy up his room which shouldn’t be for another hour or so.

However, he wasn’t expecting visitors to be present so early on such a lazy day let alone one to sneak into his royal chambers.

The young prince didn’t hear his bedroom door opening nor did he hear footsteps carefully crossing the plush carpet floors, but he could sense a presence in his private quarters. However, he didn’t felt a sense of danger of any sort and his tired eyes refuse to open from the disturbance in the room.

But, oh, was he wrong.

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Lemon [lin x reader]

Warning(s): Cursing, champagne, kissing, kinda fluffy (nothing too bad hehe)

Summary: You and Lin were great friends back in high school. You recall all the memories the two of you shared, yearning for a chance to go back and change things. But little did you know the chance was bound to come ;)

Note: I had a fun time writing this :) I got a tinsy bit inspiration from In The Heights. Requests are open!

The smell of freshly baked goods and beverages flooded your senses, as you entered the local café that was near your block. You had come here every day precisely at 5 p.m to grab your slice of cheesecake and a cup of lavender chamiolle tea to relax. You looked outside your booth. The sky was a beautiful shade of lavender with a splash of tangerine across the horizon. A sigh escaped your lips as you sunk further into the plush velvet chair.

“as his hit musical Hamilton continues to amaze individuals of various ages, Lin-Manuel Miranda-” Your eyes snapped to the small television. Images of an energetic man flashed across the screen. You smiled for a moment. Lin-Manuel Miranda. You were the least bit surprised to see his name all over New York. Smash hit sensation. An absolute genius. Possibly a reincarnation of Alexander Hamilton. You had heard it all. You closed your eyes for a moment.
Lin and you had history.The both of you had been close friends in high school.  He was a senior and you were a junior.

“Y/N, do me a favor and grab the extra sheet music from the storage room. We’re gonna need two more cellos” Your conductor said. You nodded, walking over to the storage room. ‘We have enough cellos, why would we need more?’ You thought. At the corner of your eye, you saw a boy running quickly towards the storage room. Someone had called his name and he had turned around, seconds away from slamming into the wall. Your breath hitched as you lunged for his arm, pulling him roughly into you. “Woahwoahwoahwoah” The boy said hurriedly, grabbing on to your shoulders for balance. His eyes flickered to your face for a quick moment. “Are you okay?” You asked. Lin-Manuel Miranda. He was a senior. If you did anything as close to laying a finger on him, he would either shrug it off or make you the school’s new laughing stock. You had your bets on the latter. He swiftly let go of you and ran his fingers through his hair. “I’m fine. You look a little winded there yourself.” He smirks, carefully examining his surroundings before looking back at you. You furrowed your eyebrows. Did he forget that you were the one who just saved him from a bloody nose? “Uh-” You started but he cut you off. “Babe, if you wanted my number you could’ve just asked. No need to get all touchy.” He said rather loudly. A couple of guys his age barked in laughter. You grimaced and side stepped him, deciding to not dig yourself a deeper grave. Lin furrowed his eyebrows in confusion for a moment, watching you pick up some sheet music. Usually the girls he flirted with would either blush or giggle. Not side step him and forget about his existence. For a moment, he flushed. He was sounding like the rest of them. Lin let out a breath. Only five more months till he can leave this hell and become himself again.

Lin wasn’t always a jackass. In fact, he never was to you. It took you awhile to figure out his “dual personality” but when you understood, you were amused. Putting up a front just to fit in sounded like too much of a hassle. You took a bite of your cheesecake and let the tart lemon flavor fill your senses. Lin always seemed to remember your likes (and dislikes). Even before the two of you were friends.

“I don’t understand why a dumb club requires meetings in the mornings. Do they understand that kids don’t sleep till 3 a.m because of homework?” You grumbled to yourself, as you shut your locker. “No they don’t. They don’t call high school a “hell hole” for no reason.
You turned around quickly, clutching your chest.  “Didn’t mean to scare you. I brought donuts to compensate for my unacceptable behavior yesterday. Being a dick really does take up 2/3s’ of your personality. Minus the actual-” “Okay I think its a little too early for those kind of  jokes.“ You mumbled, rubbing your eyes. “Sorry. Uh. No I mean sorry for the dick joke. It wasn’t exactly a joke. Fuck, also sorry for being a dick yesterday at rehearsal.” He looked flustered for a moment before sticking out a brown paper bag. “Donuts? I heard you liked tart sweets. Well, lemon tarts. I mean, lemon flavored things” You eyed him, only making him more anxious. “Do you stalk me or something?” “No no! Crap you probably don’t even know me. I’m Lin-Manurel Miranda. Friends call me Lin. You can call me anytime. Oops sorry, there we go again. You call me Lin for real. Well not for real but if you-” “Jesus you talk way too much. I know who you are. You’ve been in every musical we’ve had so far. I was just giving you a hard time” You said, sheepishly taking the bag. Lin let out of an embarrassed laugh. “But seriously? Lemon frosted donuts? What is with you and lemons?” “What’s it with you and stalking?” “Its called being observant” “I don’t think observant people buy other people whom they have never talked to their favorite donuts to compensate for their insolent behavior”

He smiled at you and it nearly caught you off guard. It was almost as if you had forgotten how charming and alluring he looked when he smiled. “Touche” He mused. You looked away quickly, nibbling at the donut  “Am I forgiven?” He asked after a beat .You chewed thoughtfully. “Do you always try to bargain apologies with food ?” You asked, brushing your hands on your jeans. He ducked his head sheepishly. You had him pinned to a t. “No, but I don’t really know how to make it up to you other than buying lemon donuts.” He grumbled. “Speaking of which, how do you even know I like lemon donuts?” You asked. “Cast parties.” He said. You furrowed your eyebrows for a moment but nodded your head. Awkwardness began to fill the air. “Okay I really don’t think buying you donuts erases away my behavior from yesterday.” He said. “That would be a correct statement.” You retorted, rocking back on your heels. “Let me make it up to you? There’s this really cool café that’s opened up. They have stellar cheesecakes. Some of them lemon. Meet me there at 5 and I’ll prove it to ya.” He pleaded. You looked at him. His eyes had a strange glint and you could see how nervous you made him. It almost flattered you. “Are you tryna give me diabetes or something?” You asked, shutting your locker and grabbing your books. “They say sugar is the key to the heart” “Whoever said that was probably a diabetic” He let out a laugh, and you grinned. “So its a deal?” He asked, his eyes hopeful. You were taken aback for the second time. He was being genuine. You blinked, and looked at your sneakers and back at him. He had the same look. You shrugged in response. He chuckled happily. “i’ll see you then!” He called, trotting towards his locker.

And that was how your friendship bloomed. You looked longingly at your half eaten cheesecake. This café brought back so many memories, it almost hurt. The two of you would always spend your afternoons here. Splitting money to pay for the cheesecakes, paninis, pina coladas. He even seemed to acquire a taste for lemon flavored cheesecake. Sometimes, he would invite you over to his house and his mom and dad would cook dinner while listening to music. He would teach you how to dance but most of the time it ended up with you stamping on his feet and clutching onto his chest so you wouldn’t fall. He would laugh so hard, there were tears in his eyes.

You glanced back at the t.v. Lin wasn’t on it anymore. It was broadcasting the local news. You closed your eyes again. You remembered a particular night. It was one of your favorites. The night before everything blew apart.

“Lin, your parents aren’t home. I’m pretty sure they would be pissed to see-” “Relax! They love you almost more than me. And to be honest, its kinda scary. Plus, they are on vacation for the weekend. We’ve got the place to ourselves” He said, opening the door and holding it for you. You hid your blush, turning away from him. Feelings were one thing you were able to control all your life, as ridiculous as it sounds. But Lin confused you. He steered you off the tracks by saying small things that meant more to you then you would care to admit. He would look at you sometimes, softly with a small grin on his lips. You would look away of course, trying to hide your blush. He grabbed a bottle that looked like champagne. Your eyes widened. “I graduate next week, I thought we would celebrate.” He said happily, a glint of sadness in his eyes. Your heart dipped. He would be gone. In a week. No more dancing. No more café “dates”. No more Lin. You gulped and matched his feign happiness. “We don’t have any cups.” He grinned, opening the bottle. You giggled, watching the champagne spill everywhere. Lin took a gulp from the bottle, a little longer than you would have expected. He let out a breathy chuckle, handing it to you. You laughed as he got up and starting jumping around. You took a generous sip, and joined him. The two of you spent the rest of the night sharing the bottle and talking about anything and everything.

“Do you wanna dance?” He asked after a moment. You laughed. “No way! I’m going to walk all over you again.” But he wasn’t listening. He put in one of his parents old cassettes, and the house was flooded with slow music. “You didn’t teach me this kind of dance.” You said quietly, as he walked over to you. He didn’t answer, taking your hand softly. His hand pressed against the small of your back. Timidly, you placed a hand on his shoulder, keeping your gaze down. “ Y/N, look at me” He beckoned softly. You kept your eyes fixed on the collar of his shirt before slowly raising your eyes to meet his. And yet again you were thrown off guard. The look on his face made your breath hitch in your throat. His eyes were glassy from the champagne but sober. They were soft, overcome with emotion. You swallowed hard. His cheeks were pink and you could see the peach fuzz on his chin that he so desperately has been trying to grow. Your eyes settled on his soft pale pink lips. You let out a small hiccup and he smiled softly, twirling you around. “Has anyone told you that you have the softest prettiest smile when your guard is down?” He asked. You kept quiet, your eyes flickering down. “How come your always on an edge, Y/N?” He asked again. You didn’t say anything, letting him twirl you. He pulled you closer to his chest. “I-” You choked. Feelings were flooding in your head. Your heart was pounding. He was holding you closely, his eyes intent. It was so new. He cared for you. Cared. You swallowed. “I don’t know” You whispered. You could feel everything. His calloused hands that were folded within yours. His soft and staggered breathing that flushed against your cheeks. You could feel the blood rush to your ears. “Y/N-’” You blushed furiously. The way he said your name. Like it bounced off his tongue. Like music to your ears. His voice was a symphony. You wanted to hear it over and over and over again. You hummed, gaining the courage to look up at him. “Can I-” He swallowed. He was choking too. You shut your eyes tight, nodding. You were too scared. This was beyond your control, and yet you wanted it so badly. He waited for a second before softly pressing his lips against yours. You let out an involuntary sigh that spoke waves. You’ve been waiting for this. He smiled against your lips, almost as if he was responding. ‘me too’. His lips were soft and molded against yours with precision. They tasted sweet, like the champagne. You pulled away for a moment. He leaned in, yearning for more. Your lips were intoxicating. You studied him for a moment, smiling widely. He blushed, and you kissed him fiercely, trying to convey that what he felt was reciprocated all this time. You were just too scared. Too scared.

And that was where you ended it. Ever since that night, you had cut off all ties. Lin tried desperately to contact you. He had even messaged your parents, but you were stubborn. The thought of him leaving you was terrifying. But the thought of him leaving you with your heart in his hands was absolutely petrifying. So you did what you thought best. You “saved yourself” from the heartbreak by simply cutting everything off.

You leaned against the window, the familiar sense of regret taking over. That is until you heard the door chime. A man stepped inside, removing his hoodie and your breath caught in your throat. He walked towards you, a warm smile on his soft pale pink lips. “Y/N.” He greeted. “Lin? What are you doing here?” You said, quickly getting up. I’ve been looking for you. He thought. He sat down instead.

“I think you owe me a slice of some lemon cheesecake.”