His fingers touched the strings, and all my thoughts were displaced. The sound was pure and sweet as water, bright as lemons. It was like no music I had ever heard before. It had warmth as a fire does, a texture and weight like polished ivory. It buoyed and soothed at once. A few hairs slipped forward to hang over his eyes as he played. They were fine as lyre-strings themselves, and shone.
—  The Song of Achilles, M. Miller

Sitting #outside with my #honey staring at #jupiter and #venus #bright in the #sky, (did you see it?) #meditating on the vast #wonder of our #solarsystem as we sip on #homemade #sangria with #fresh #lemon #basil from our #garden, with my #new #midcentury #glasses, on a #warm #summer #night. 🌚🌌🌕🍷 + 🍋🍇🍓🍑 = 🍹#theend (at Sherman Oaks, California)


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1. Why did you choose your URL?  Because. Jack Spicer. I was unoriginal but now I can’t change it! It’s my label now. uwu Besides, I like it.

2. What is your middle name?  Lee.

3. If you could own a fairytale / fictional pet, what would it be? Put a Yautja on a leash for me. <3 Or if we have to pick nonsentient species, I guess dragon is the obvious choice here– Ice dragon tho.

4. Favourite colours? Black, white, bright red, lemon green

5. Favourite song? N O T POSSIBLE.

6. What are your top five fandoms? Uhh… Currently. Xiaolin Showdown, Steven Universe, Metalocalypse, ANIMES, uh –

7. Why do you enjoy Tumblr? Cause it’s a quick & easy & pretty place to rp. It’s more quick pace than forums. Plus it’s a hub of information. p l u s there are AWESOME people here. [but tbh like 3/4th of tumblr is trash lbr]

8. Tag your Tumblr crushes: I LOVE EVERYONE. chase-eternally-young & gxxdjxck tho r bebs.

anonymous asked:

If it's not too much to ask, could I have a dragon? I'm alone for the majority of the summer, and it would be nice to have some company.

Of course you can have a dragon! I’ve decided to send you Lemon, who is bright yellow and always buzzing with energy. He makes for great company because he’s always down for whatever it is you feel like doing. If you want to watch a movie, he’ll perch on your shoulder and make disapproving noises whenever the characters do silly things. If you want to organize your room, he’ll fly around picking things up for you. When you’re feeling bored, he’ll fly around and make you try to catch him, or attempt to build little things with his claws.

He’s very excited to hang out and keep you company this summer!

witch20 asked:


ʺWell, well, well,ʺ I said. ʺIf it isnʹt the people responsible for unleashing Rose Hathaway on the world. Youʹve got a lot to answer for.ʺ

My parents stood before me in their typical and wildly contrasting clothing. My mom wore the same guardian outfit I did, a white shirt with black slacks and jacket. Abe was … well, Abe. He had on a black pinstripe suite, with a black dress shirt underneath. Splashed against the darkness was a bright, lemon-yellow paisley tie. A matching handkerchief peeped out one of the jacketʹs pockets. Along with his gold earrings and chains, he also wore a black fedora, which was a new addition to his outlandish wardrobe. I guess he wanted to go all out for an event like this, and at least it wasnʹt a pirate hat.

ʺDonʹt blame us,ʺ said my mother. ʺWe didnʹt blow up half of Court, steal a dozen cars, call out a murderer in the middle of a crowd, or get our teenage friend crowned queen.ʺ

ʺActually,ʺ said Abe, ʺI did blow up half of Court.ʺ

-Last Sacrifice

Abe matches up with you pretty well.

Send me “hey” and I’ll select a quote that reflects your personality based on your blog.

Tips To Help You Get In The Habit Of Juicing

Tips To Help You Get In The Habit Of Juicing

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