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Sweaty, red-face gym selfie! Went for a half hour steep incline walk tonight to try and strengthen my ankle. Not quite up for running anytime soon, but I want to build it back up so I eventually can. Spent 10 minutes climbing stairs too! My face was so red afterwards, this pic doesn’t do it justice. My Parkway Drive Pandora channel has proven the best for workouts, it really gets me hype to go longer.

🔥February 21st, 2017🔥
Breakfast - Sausage, egg, and cheese sandwich on whole wheat flatbread with a banana, coffee with a little soy milk.

Lunch - Lemon pepper salmon with carrots and hummus, water.

Work snack - More carrots and hummus!

Dinner - Applewood smoked chicken with a giant plate of cheesy broccoli, and a ginger kombucha.

BEAUTY: Face Masks

In the teenage years it’s difficult to keep skin under control. The number of beauty and skincare products on the shop shelves increases every day, but often the best quick-fix for troubled skin can be found in your fridge and cupboards. Fresh ingredients from the grocery shop can work wonders if you know what combinations are best for your skin.

+ Banana and Honey Face Mask: This one’s perfect for dull skin that needs brightening. Mash up a small banana into a paste, add two teaspoons of clear honey and sprinkle in some oats. Apply over the face, leave for 10 minutes maximum and then rinse off gently with warm water.

+ Egg White and Lemon Face Mask: If your pores are a little bigger than you want or your skin doesn’t feel as smooth as you like, this mask is perfect. Whisk the whites of two eggs until frothy and add in two big squeezes of a fresh lemon. This mask is very runny so apply over the sink. The mask should go stiff after around 5 minutes. Rinse away with warm water and enjoy your silky smooth skin.

+ Avocado and Brown Sugar Face Mask: Avocados taste great on toast, but they’re also great for the skin. Mash up a squishy avocado and mix in a few teaspoons of granulated brown sugar for an exfoliating effect. Smear over the skin in circles, leave for 15 minutes and then rinse off with warm water.

Written by Ellie, photography by openmysoul on Instagram


My skin isn’t the best, and I tend to have pimples and black heads around my nose and on my forehead. I know how frustrating this can be and I have honestly tried SOOO many DIY facials and scrubs to try to get my skin clean and clear. Finally, I found an amazing DIY and modified it a bit to make it easier on me.

•LEMON JUICE (this can be fresh or out of a bottle, I switch off depending on which one I have at the moment)
•A SPOON (just for scooping, you honestly don’t need one if you’re good at eyeballing measurements)

1. Pour some baking soda into the bowl. You won’t need more than one tablespoon, but it’s up to you how much you use.
2. Add in your lemon juice. Add it in one or two drops at a time, as it will have a fizzy reaction and adding too much lemon juice in will prevent it from working as well (I speak from experience)
3. Mix! Once you are done you will have a paste that is not runny but not stiff either. You should be able to mix it using your finger without too much force, however it shouldn’t be pourable.
4. Wait for it to finish fizzing, and put in on your face! You can cover your whole face, or just areas that you feel need to be cleared up. The thickness of the layer does not matter, but try to even out the thickness as much as possible.
5. Wait for ten minutes or so (until you stop feeling a tingling on your skin; you will know when to take it off) and wash it off using water. It should come straight off with no problem.

This stuff works like magic for me, I hope it works for you too! If you have any questions about this feel free to message me!!

Lavender Honey Brightening Face Mask DIY Recipe + Body & Beauty Announcement!

When it comes to skincare, I’m the biggest minimalist around: I wash my face with honey and moisturize with a face oil I make myself (and for a coterie of friends who are now equally hooked). This post is the inaugural first of a new chapter of Kale & Caramel Body & Beauty DIY recipes—I could not be more excited to share these time-tested wise-woman secrets with you! The best part? They’re made with ingredients pure enough for you to eat, which also means they’re likely already in your kitchen. Like this Lavender Honey Brightening Face Mask DIY recipe.

Honey is an impeccable preservative and antibacterial agent, used by the Egyptians and found intact in the oldest of recovered tombs. I’ll take some of that anti-aging power on my face, please and thank you! This recipe also incorporates the brightening power of freshly squeezed lemon juice, which cuts through excess oil and pore clogging yuckies, and the calming sweetness of fresh lavender flowers.

Read more and get the recipe to pamper yourself this Memorial Day here.

GUYS IF YOURE HAVING PROBLEMS WITH YOUR FACE (oily, acne, just not at its best) THIS STUFF IS AMAZING! It has instant results of smooth skin and my face already feels better! I work at a pizza place and i’m always around a oven that’s at 450 degrees so i sweat and my skin becomes really oily and gross. But this makes me feel like I have soft baby skin!! 10/10 I highly recommend plus it’s 98.7% natural! (Also has an amazing lemon smell mmm yes)

So, I didn’t expect the impact that WITCH Disney Animation version I made had. I did in a hurry, my skills in editing are not one of the best in the world and I confess that I am a little lazy. But I hope the small (almost negligible) changes I did have become them less clones
Hay Lin… I just give up :c
and Cornelia looked like a stick D:

But obviously they will look like each other ‘cause I used the same faces. Elsa (Corny and Hay Lin) Anna (Will and Irma) and Rapunzel (Tara)
I would use Tomago and Honey Lemon, but I didn’t found a picture with clean face: c

I should take a picture of all the products I use on my face. Last night was exceptionally plenty.

The nighttime routine was as follows:

- Neutrogena Morning Burst to wash off make up. I like that it’s gentle but a pretty good way to get the make up off.

- (hours later) lemon and honey face mask. Left it on for about 2 hours (even though maybe it’s best for only like 30 minutes. It can be harsh but the honey helps a lot)

- brown sugar scrub for exfoliation. I basically put a half a teaspoon of sugar in my palm and rubbed it all over my face in sections. Rinsed with warm water. I do this about once a week.

- oil cleansing method. I used a teaspoon to measure the following oils into a little plastic bottle. Each has specific benefits for my oily, acne-prone skin. I poured a quarter-sized amount into my palm, massages it all over my face for about 2 minutes and steamed it off with a washcloth.
1 castor
2 grape seed
3 almond
1 jojoba
5 licorice root extract
10 tea tree
1 hemp

- aloe vera gel + 2 drops of licorice root extract as a toner/moisturizer. This is the first day I’m using aloe vera. The licorice root extract is used to fade my dark spots from acne scarring. I just started using it.

- tea tree oil and vitamin e oil for spot treatment on current bumps. This has worked better than just about every rx acne medication I’ve used. It’s amazing.