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Imagine Deadpool Teaching You To Shoot

“Right, just like that.” Wade whispers in your ear, his breath hit against your skin as you take an uneasy breath, trying your best to focus on your far off target. Wade’s hands were on top of your’s, helping your grip remain steady on the “Metal Member of Death” as Wade had so…creatively put it. “Grip it nice and tight,” he orders smoothly, his voice coming out husky and making you furrow your brows. “That’s what she said,” he declares, his voice remaining that same serious tone, making you roll your eyes, “Wade,” you growl making him speak once more, “I didn’t say anything.” he retorts, helping you cock back the gun, “Now just aim…and…” he stops, leaning closer, “Shoot.” he whispers rather sexily, making you lose focus slightly as you pull the trigger, the bullet way off from the target. You groan in annoyance as the merc speaks, “You were really close that time!” he declares, befire fake coughing into his arm, “That’s what she said,” You hit his arm in annoyance, “I swear if you say that’s what she said one more time I’ll shoot you!” you groan and Wade raises hisnhands in defense, “Sounds like someone didn’t get their iced mocha latte today,” he jokes, making you level a cold glare at the merc with a mouth who only helps you reposition the gun in response, “Alright, now nice and smooth,” he says, helping you cock back the gun once more, “Now stroke it nice and–” “Wade,” you inturrupt warningly, “–Soft,” he continues ignoring you, “That’s what he said.” he whispers as softly ad yiu could possibly imagine. You open your mouth to speak when he beats you to it, “Ah ah ah, I said ‘he said’ so…” he defends, making you roll your eyes and focus once more, shooting the gun and almost hitting the bullseye. You smile wide and turn back to Wade to most likely had a proud smile on under the mask, “I did it!” you exclaim, jumping up and down excitedly as Deadpool claps, “It’s not as hard as it looks.” he declares, making you stop in your tracks, dreading his next response, “That’s what she said!” he blurts, not being able to hold it in and practically doubling over in laughter. Without hesitation, you cock the gun and shoot the anti-hero in the foot. “Aaah!!” the Merc screams, clutching his bleeding limb and making you laugh, “It’ll heal asshole!”

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Time For a Change?

I’ve been thinking if opening my writing to not only be dedicated to Spiderman, but maybe have some Deadpool imagines too? I mean, everyone loves the merc with a mouth and I’m no exception. If you want me to stick to writing Spiderman/Peter Parker then I’ll do that but I was wondering if it would be ok doing some Pooly too ❤

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