lemon x annabeth


‘You get back out there and try again. You want an apartment? Move onto this houseboat. Hell, I’ll even help you paint it. You want a job? Spend ten minutes, and figure out what you’re good at. No, we know it’s not waitressing. But Crickett and I were watching you at the bar during our girls’ night. Know what we saw? A force of nature at work. Someone who doesn’t hear the word “no”. When you set your mind to something, you will it into existence. You always have. Take those powers and use 'em for good.’

hart of dixie

but what if annabeth and lemon just stop dating these doofuses? how about they just get together and makeout and share their dresses and live happily ever after in annabeth’s little hosue. annabeth will mow the lawns and lemon will tend to their three dogs and four cats. they’ll be fierce as fuck and wear lipstick and be event planners. 

also, lemon and zoe will finally be friends! they go shopping together and share custody of an obscene chanel purse collection. it’s annabeth’s idea to bring zoe into their relationship. because, yeah…

i just really need this, okay.