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Dolmades… little bites of heaven 

Often served as part of a meze platter, Dolmades are the ultimate bite-sized appetizer, and are best served while taking in the sights and sounds of Greece

Beautifully shot by Buttery Planet. Keep reading to find their recipe below.

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Who's Dalton?

This guy who went to my high school, graduated a couple years before me. He was into video production and wore a Gumby suit to school like twice. Now hes a memelord apparently. He’s the guy who made the “when life gives you lemons” vine and the guy who made that cardboard cutout of himself and sent it to his mom when he went to college, haha.

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i don't have apple cider vinegar, and i don't want to ask my mom to buy some because she will wonder why, is there anything else i could use in place of it for the lemon juice and cider vine that drink?

green tea has a similar effect!

seersuckerforbowties  asked:

What are some things you should and shouldn't bring to college? (Besides like the obvious things)

Here are some good things to bring and not to bring:

Do bring:

  • Lots of socks. That sounds weird, but I definitely did not bring enough socks to college (and I wear tennis shoes every day). It can be annoying if you don’t have enough and are slacking on laundry. So for my sophomore I brought a ton, and it’s been really nice!
  • Quarters. If you are living in a dorm freshman year, you will most likely have to use quarters to do your laundry, I remember coming home for Thanksgiving break and collecting any quarter I could find in the house to use for laundry! A laundry bag or basket is so important too. 
  • A shower caddy and shower shoes. This is something that is essential, but I think some people forget. Nail polish remover/cotton balls is another one of those things that seems obvious, but I always forget to bring. Towel wraps are awesome for the dorm too!! 
  • Cleaning supplies. A broom/vacuum cleaner, trash bags, mirror cleaner, cleaning wipes, etc. you’ll want to keep your room clean, so definitely pack those kinds of things! 
  • A step stool. If you are short like me, having a step stool is great for getting onto a lofted bed or reaching something way up in your closet.
  • Hanging clothes hanger trees. They save a ton of room in your closet. I also like those thin velvet hangers.
  • Headphones, an extra phone charger, a portable battery charger, earplugs. An extension cord is very useful too if you want to charge your phone and computer from bed comfortably. 
  • A waterbottle. I didnt get a nice plastic water bottle until this year, but I carry it everywhere and I really like it. It’s much easier than buying those huge packs of water bottles because they run out quickly and are heavy to bring up to your room. Having a reusable water bottle to just throw in your backpack is easy, and cheaper. 
  • Plastic drawers. These are a life saver. It’s awesome to loft your bed, and put plastic drawers under. They are great for tshirts, leggings, etc.
  • Stationary. I am a huge thank-you note, letter writer, so for me, having stationary and stamps at college was a great thing to have.
  • Healthy snacks. If you don’t keep healthy snacks in your room, you’ll be more tempted to go pick up some fast food or hit the vending machine. Having a variety of healthy/semi-healthy snacks in your room is great and will help you stay healthy in college. 
  • Wash clothes. This sounds weird, but for me, they are so important. It’s not good for your skin to use the same wash cloth every day to wash your face. I brought 5-8 with me to college, and use a new one every day or two! 
  • Rain coat, umbrella, rain boots. It will rain in college, and you do not want to walk all around campus in the pouring rain without these things. I have forgotten to bring an umbrella for these past two years, but I am definitely going to bring one next year! 
  • Storage bags. These will be great for weekend trips, bringing things to/from home during breaks, packing at the end of the year, general storage. I have a lot of those reusable plastic foldable bags (from Vineyard vines, lulu lemon, central market, lilly pulitzer). They are great to have, especially during breaks. 
  • Drying rack. I had one freshman year, and absolutely loved it. There are some things you don’t want to just throw it in the dorm drier or don’t want to shrink, so having a drying rack can be great. Oh- and steamers are great too. There are much smaller and faster to use than an ironing board. I would definitely recommend having one. I have one and I share it with my three roommates right now, and we love it. 

Don’t bring:

  • Don’t bring a crazy amount of clothes. I literally had a uhaul my freshman year (no joke) of clothes, stuff, etc. When I got to my dorm, I realized I definitely didnt have enough room for all of it. Also, I didnt have the opportunity to wear all my ‘cute clothes’ and shoes as frequently as I did back home. If you are in a dorm, your closet will most likely be tiny. I recommend going through your closet before packing and thinking about what you will really need, and what you haven’t even worn in the past year.  Making a list when packing can really help like ‘10 nike shorts’, ‘5 nice dresses’, ‘3 pairs of jeans’, etc. Also, try to pack seasonally. For example, when I head off to college at the end of each summer, I only pack summer clothes and just a few fallish things. When I come home fro thanksgiving, I bring my summer clothes home and swap it out with my winter and fall pieces/shoes. Trying to fit an entire year of clothes in your closet just isn’t ideal and can be make you feel disorganized. 
  • Don’t buy your textbooks before class starts. You may get the class and find out that professor doesn’t recommend getting a textbook or that you may want to drop that class. I get my books a week/week and a half after classes start because they are very, very expensive and you want to make sure you are spending your money on the right things. 
  • Anything big your roommate is bringing too. If your roomie is bringing a microwave,  you don’t need to bring one. Offer to get the fridge, and you can share. You can also share things like cleaning supplies, a tv, step stools, and foutons/chairs. 
  • Lots of books. I am a big reader, but I sadly don’t have time to read in college like I get to at home. Bring a book or two if you enjoy reading, but I would not bring more than 2 or 3 because they do take up space and you won’t get to use them much. 
  • Highschool shirts/etc. it’s okay to bring a tshirt or two from high school, but I would recommend not packing a lot of those sort of things. You will get a ton of tshirt and stuff in college, and you won’t get much use out of tshirts that have your high school on them (you’ll definitely want to rep your college and things like that!). 

Hope that could help!! Sorry that was SUPER long, but I get asked this so frequently that I figured I should finally answer it in detail :)