lemon strawberry cheesecake

Headcanon- Desserts

Yugi- All types of candy, more so bubblegum! Doesn’t matter what the flavor. He likes the fact that he can keep a piece going for a while. Also hard lollipops and jolly ranchers.

Yami/Atem- fruit parfaits with chocolate sauce. He likes the richness of the chocolate, and the refreshing sweet/tartness of the fruit.

Seto Kaiba- likes salt/sweet things. Whoever invented Salted Carmel ice cream is a freaking genius in his book, also saltwater taffy and dark chocolate with seasalt are pretty high on the list.

Joey - All types of Pies and Pastries. If its got a flakey crust and yummy center, weither it be fruit or dessert middle. He has had almost every flavor possible that did t sound gross and is happy to say blueberry with Vanilla ice cream is his favorite, perhaps in a tie with lemon meringue.

Tea- strawberry cheesecake, end of story, there is no contest and if she could and keep her figure she would eat it every single meal, along with real food of course. But hey her dancing for school and her job helps her indulge more then people think.

Tristen- Carmel. More so soft carmel. He likes how it melts in his mouth almost and can buy a bunch for cheap at a local store that makes them from scratch and are a good thing to keep in his jacket pockets.

Duke- He’s not really a sweets type of person but if it’s cherry flavored he will eat it.

Ryou- it might seem very English but he is very fond of coffee cake with a nice dark earl grey tea. Reminds him of good times at home with his mum.