lemon skirt

️SLAAAAY Ashanti 😍😍 Fashion: Ashanti wearing a Snuggler sweater skirt by For Love and Lemons @forloveandlemons photo: @ashanti/instagram

Thinspo Questions

1. sweetspo or meanspo? Meanspo for the most part :)
2. sunrise or sunset? sunset
3. weighing or measuring? weighing
4. green tea or other tea? no tea :(
5. green tea or coffee?Coffee²
6. walking or running?walking
7. honey or lemon? lemon
8. skirts/dresses or jeans? Jeans
9. breakfast or dinner? Dinner
10. roses or tulips? Tulips
11. glass cups or mugs? Mugs (preferably plastic because I’m hella clumsy nd shaky)
12. pink or blue? blue
13. smoothies or juice? Smoothies
14. ice tea zero or diet coke? Diet coke is what I live for
15. reading or napping? reading
16. jewelry or make up? make-up
17. bathing or showering? showers (i’m too tall for the bath rip)
18. hot showers or cold showers? burning hot showers
19. sun or moon? moon
20. apples or bananas? bananas
21. math or English? English
22. vanilla or chocolate? (flavour/scent) Vanilla is my all-time favorite
23. meals or snacks? meals(I'm a terrible snacker)
24. black or white? gray