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Prompt/Ask: Can I get some Benverly(Like Ben bakes treats for bev, and the rest of the club gets a little jealous) pls?? :3

The first time Ben baked treats, specifically cookies, it was for all the Losers. Well, it should have been for all the Losers. They were gonna hang out at his place, watch movies, and have a good time. But, they all cancelled last minute; Richie and Eddie said they were gonna do something, Bill and Stan said that they had to do a history project, and Mike, well, Mike said that he didn’t want to go if only Bev and Ben were there since he’d be third-wheeling. So, just as Ben was fixing the couch pillows, there was a knock on the door, making him jump.

“Coming!” Ben said as he brushed dust off his pants. He opened the door to a smiling Beverly Marsh.

“Hiya Ben!” she said and walked past him.

“Hey Bev.” He said and closed the door. She sat down on the couch and patted the spot next to her, and Ben sat down.

“Ooh, I smell something good.” Bev says and Ben blushes and fiddles with his fingers.

“I, uh, I baked cookies. Do you want some?”

“I’d love some!” Bev says and Ben smiles, gets up, and goes to the kitchen. He comes back with a plate of cookies. “Here.”

“Thank you.” Bev gets one and tastes it. She moans. “Wow. These are SO good. Best. Cookies. Ever.”

“Really? You think so?” Ben smiles.

“Yup. Next time you bake something, lemme know.” She smiles and Ben nods, blushing.

The second time Ben baked something, it was brownies. And it was for Richie, well, it should have been for Richie. But, Richie was absent that day (and so was Eddie, apparently), so Ben gave it to the Losers. Bill declined politely, Stan and Mike grabbed a piece, and Bev, who fell in love with Ben’s baking, ate more than one piece.

“I swear, these are SO good. If you keep baking anymore food, I’m gonna get fat.” Bev said and Ben smiled, blushing.

The third time, Ben baked cupcakes. And these were for Bev. Ben found out that Bev loved cupcakes, especially Lemon Raspberry ones, so he baked some for her. Ben put some in a container and walked over to her apartment, and found her just about to get in.

“Bev!” Ben called. Bev turned and saw Ben, a container in hand.

“Hey, Ben!” Bev said and walked over to him.

“I got something for you.” Ben said.

“Watch’a got there?” Bev said. In unison. Bev giggled and Ben blushed.

“I made you cupcakes. Lemon Raspberry.” Ben said and Bev’s reaction made his whole day.

“Seriously? I LOVE Lemon Raspberry! Thank you!” Bev said and grabbed the container, opened it, and took a bite of a cupcake. “I LOVE this. This is really good. Thanks Ben!” She said and gave him a peck on the cheek, making him blush.

“N-No problem.” Ben smiled but just as he was about to walk away, Bev grabbed his hand.

“Wanna share this and hang out?” Bev asked.

“Sure!” Ben said and they spent the rest of their Saturday eating the cupcakes and watching movies, and they ended up cuddling.

It sort of became their thing. Where Ben would bake treats for Bev, sometimes more than once a week, and then they’d hang out together. It made Ben’s heart flutter every time Bev would complement him or gave him a peck on the cheek.

Eddie found out about this first, gushing at the sight. Next, Richie found out and would continuously tease Ben and Bev about how cute they were. Stan and Bill and Mike all found it cute. But all of them were lowkey jealous and wished that they all had a (/boy/friend like) Ben Hanscom in their life.

so, I’m gonna be answering prompts like this from now on bc idk, I’m just extra af lmao. And also, I really loved the prompt and I probably wrote this badly aksjhdksj