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🍃🌕My Home Is Protected Spell Jar!🌕🍃

I made my first spell jar! Its purpose is to protect and cleanse my home, or the room it is in. It’s perfect for my dorm, and very easy to make!

🌱Everything inside this jar has some association with protection or cleansing or banishing negativity and creating a loving environment.

🌱What’s Inside:
-3 dried bay leaves with various protection and safety sigils drawn on them
-sage leaves
-mint leaves
-charged full moon water
-sea salt
-a pinch of black pepper
-some lemon peel
-a small piece of clear quartz
* I added some chicken bones in there since I’m very connected to the earth, and I feel as though the bones strengthen the spells connection and gives it an extra oomph, but that’s optional.

🌱You can add a chant or any other ingredients that fee right to you. I just told each ingredient its purpose in the jar and charged it with white candles and intent!

🌱Let me know if this jar is of help to you! I think it’s a perfect and simple spell jar for your altar or your room. 😊

Lemon Test

Have I been cursed? Only one way to find out! The lemon test, much like the lemon curse, uses a lemon to find out whether or not you have been cursed: Buy one lemon. Anoint a black slow burning candle with an oil with a scent that reminds you of the person who you believe is cursed. Cut the lemon in half and write the name of the person on a small piece of paper and place it on one half of the lemon. Lemons that are cut and left out of the refrigerator only last one day before they start to go bad. leave the lemon halves on the table next to the anointed candle that is burning. Be very concise and ask if the person has been cursed and then leave the candle to burn with the lemon next to it. When the candle burns out, if the lemon with the small piece of paper on it is significantly more “decayed” than the other half of the lemon. Then there is a curse. If they look the same, you’re fine. When you are done with the lemon, rub it in salt and dispose of it. This won’t get rid of the curse if there is one. Just helps with determining.

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The new Villainous short, an analysis

Because I have nothing better to do on a weekend! Yay!

I’m pretty sure that at this point everybody knows that a new Villainous short was released today (by “today” I mean November 4 of 2017, if for some reason you are reading this in another day); there’s a ton of references in the short, and since it was in Spanish and at the time I’m writing this there’s not English version of the short (fan made or CN made), I decided to write a “small” analysis of the short video. It’s more likely that by the time I end this, tons of people already posted something like this, but I want to do this anyway. Notice that this is NOT a resume of the video.

The video starts with this:


We are not responsible for the physical, mental and emotional damage that the comments of the Lord and Master Black Hat may provoke in the audience. It is recommended use safety googles or a helmet when you visualize this video. The prolonged exposition to this show may cause sanity loss, soul loss, hair loss, nail loss, welts, itch, hard snot, stomach ache, headache, mononucleosis, tonsil inflammation, farts, desire to pee (it says “desire to go to the bathroom”; I don’t know other places but in Mexico that means you wanna pee), arthritis and swollen eyes, spasms, uncontrollable fits of laughter, urge to wear a hat, villainy, extreme evilness, sharp fangs or teeth, hyperactivity, among others. Discretion is advised. This section is mere filler and had nothing to do with the previous one, you should stop reading before you regret it. We don’t understand why are you still reading. Seriously, nobody reads the warnings and ended watching it (the video) anyway.

Then we cut to this:

Black Hat Organization

Villain Orientation Videos

Vol. 1 of 666.

Then the video starts with tons of TV’s showing video of several Cartoon Network’s villains as the intro of “Black Hat Organization Lost Cases: Ooo, with Black Hat”. A narrator’s voice greets the watchers because it means that we want to stop being an annoyance at became great villains thanks to the capacitation of the video. Something that called my attention was the narrator’s voice. There’s a Latin-American YouTube channel that dubs fan shorts and comics from Villainous, and the narrator’s voice sounds like the Black Hat’s voice of that channel when he dubs narrators; either CN contacted that guy to work with them (which I think is pretty impossible) or the narrator is Alan himself.

Black Hat then greets the watchers but is shortly cut because he starts to insulted them as he goes mad; later he presents himself, but he says we already know it because, apparently, the short is part of the “Black Hat Organization villain orientation video ahora en español” (now in Spanish) VHS, volume 1, which apparently we bought; according to Black Hat, the point of the video is that he “will mock of the pathetic forces of evil and we will give him our money”. Later we cut to several scenes of the Lich King only to later change to Count Lemongrab, much for Black Hat annoyance. For the rest of the video Black Hat complains about how Lemongrab is, in his opinion, a pathetic villain and points other stuff too.

Regarding Lemongrab as a villain we learn this:

  • Black Hat says than Lemongrab voice is annoying and that he’s an idiot for not having security as he sleeps.
  • He shows surprise when he realizes Lemongrab has ears (as he picks his own ear).
  • He complains about how Lemongrab’s “minions” are “as sweet as 5.0.5.”
  • Lemongrab’s villain speech is pathetic and that his sentences are too long.
  • He says that Lemongrab has no class (as Lemongrab strips) and is ashamed of him.
  • Lemongrab is pathetic because he allowed the Pup Gang to be disrespectful at him.
  • Lemongrab’s torture chamber lacks of torture devices.
  • He is “a crybaby, incompetent, poorly dressed guy that only shrieks” (he calls him that as Bubblegum tries to talk with him when he’s torturing Finn, Jake and the Pup Gang.)
  • His mistakes are: being a big piece of… lemon (he clearly wanted to insult him in this part), being a crybaby and not hiring Black Hat Organization.
  • However, Black Hat praised Lemongrab when he wanted to eat the apple because that was “fruit cannibalism” and becomes proud when he “tried to eat” Peppermint Butler. He was also pleased when he blasted the Pup Gang and when he tortured them and Finn and Jake.
  • He ended his analysis by calling Lemongrab “deplorable” in his file. 

However, in Black Hat’s opinion Princess Bubblegum (whom he calls “the bubblegum girl”) is THE REAL villain in Ooo because:

  • After she spikes the dirt Lemongrab was eating he says that she looks like the most intelligent person in the video and even ask Flug is she wasn’t really the villain instead of Lemongrab.
  • When she says that she knew a way of be her past self all the time Black Hat says with joy: “clearly this girl has a disturbed mind. I’d love to extirpate it from her…”
  • When Finn is putting the pieces of the candy people on Bubblegum Black Hat says that “is one of the most evil rituals he knows” because she’s using “parts of his minions” to boost herself and he says that that’s pretty effective. Then proceeds to say that he is going to remove an arm off Flug, presumably to boost himself like her.
  • Black Hat asks if he’s really the only one who sees that Bubblegum is more diabolic than Lemongrab, especially because she created him “and condemned him into a life of suffering”.
  • He says that Bubblegum is pretty intelligent by “pretending she agreed in her rival’s terms when in reality she’s sending the worst of her society” and that is a really great villain lesson to learn.
  • He, however shows great disappointment because she didn’t learn of her past mistakes (by cloning Lemongrab); he even says that the situation is going to became worst because “it will end in one of them eating the other”.
  • He praised her when she was cutting the legs of a candy with her scissors, but the scene apparently became too much for him later.

Black Hat also:

  • Wanted to see Lemongrab breaking Manfried because “wanted to see his sweets organs”.
  • Was disgusted of Cinnamon Bun.
  • Every time Finn and Bubblegum shows affection to each other he becomes really angry.
  • He says that Bubblegum and Finn should squeezed Lemongrab instead of putting a note. He proceeds to say that he will show an example and calls for 5.0.5. to come.
  • When Bubblegum rejects Finn Black Hat laughs and says “you can see the part when his heart breaks in half!”

By the way, the information of Lemongrab’s file says this:

Count Lemongrab

  • Subject: Lemongrab.
  • Age: ???
  • Gender: Male.
  • Species: Fruit.
  • Taste: Sour.
  • Status: Alive (unfortunaly).
  • Abilities: None.
  • Occupation: Count.

Creation of the ruler of…

…grab has become independet of…

becoming in the dictator of…

war against the Candy Kingdom…

eating his own clone to…

and satisfied his own hungry of po…

the regimen of the Count Lemong…

At the moment he doesn’t represent a…

for the powerful Candy Kingdom.

creator, the scientist and prin…

Bonnibel Bubblegum alias Prin…

he’s nothing more than one lemon o….

ridiculous and pathetic.

The video ends with a live action Black Hat “squeezing” Lemongrab and with a special thanks list, aka “Black Hat’s black list”. In italics I put the ones I recognized and I could translate; the names in normal letter where the ones I didn’t recognize, even if I traslated their names. The names in black are the ones who have diferent names in spanish, but for some reason were already in English.

Flug, Vilgax, Yellow Diamond, Marvin (the Martian?), Lex Luthor, Peppermint Butler, Cambot, Phil Ken Sebben, Top Cat.

The Red Guy, Mojo Jojo, Mandark, Excusator, Nergal, Katz
, Hammerhead, Aku, Grodd, Siniestro.

Snorkel, Sticky Stud, Secuencia, Diego, Diego Mejia, Gafael, Kimmy, Kim, Black Manta, Spuntaneous, Salmonella Fitzgerald, Him, The Beast, The Kanker Sisters, Father, King Ramses, Malek, Medusea.

Some of the names where recognizables others… not that much. Who are those people? Animators? Future characters?

Regardless of that, we did learn lots about Black Hat:

  • In Black Hat’s opinion, pineapples are evil, but lemons are useless.
  • According to him, once he puked on a past minion’s face and that’s the reason Flug works for him now; he says this when he plays with the red skull in his desk, maybe implying that that’s his past minion’ skull.
  • He says that minions should taste their master’s food first as a safety precaution.
  • Watching Lemongrab being punched by Finn and Bubblegum make him laugh so much that in one point he loosed control over his powers and the video cuts momentarily to this beautiful picture:
  • He also laughs maniacally when Peppermint Butler is crying over the spice serum in his eye and you can hear a little echo in his laugh, perhaps because he wasn’t in full control of his powers at that point.
  • He stays that “(a minion) only learn their lesson if they can see light at the end of the tunnel”, and that’s why he complains about Lemongrab’s excessive long sentences.
  • He IS the original Black Hat, the one who created the “black hat” type of villain in movies.
  • According to him, a real villain shouldn’t let a pubert to be disrespectful at him.
  • The sound of a hero screaming in pain is “always put a smile in his face”, but then the camera show Black Hat not being happy at all, causing that the person with him (Flug? The narrator? Alan!?) to laugh awkwardly.
  • “Rule #43 of the manual: Do not stop attacking until your enemy’s heart stops beating!”

But there are other things that fans may not notice:

  • The fact that Black Hat wants to rip off one of Flug’s arms and use it in a similar ritual than Bubblegum’s to boost his power may suggest that Flug is in fact, not human, but a supernatural creature.
  • He says that 5.0.5. is indeed a failed experiment. Alan already confirmed that in his Pixelart conference, but now we have an actual canon confirmation.
  • Black Hat’s manor may have a torture chamber.
  • There’s a manual of how to be evil, apparently.
  • Sometimes you can hear “Black Hat Organization”, other you can hear “Organización Black Hat”.
  • Black Hat’s Organization “please stand by” picture is Cambot fighting against one of Black duplicates (specifically, the short one) who is using a fish as a weapon.

Technical difficulties. Don’t go away! 

  • The short was clearly archive footage.
  •  Is more likely that Alan was the live action Black Hat at the end of the video.


(By the way, why is thay woman smiling? Did she saw a hero coming to her rescue? Is she smiling because the photo? Is she happy because Black Hat is about to kill her? Is she insane as Demencia? Is she Demencia’s ancestor? Is that Demencia!?

  •  It was clearly that the video was shoot just after 5.0.5. creation, because you can see a picture of him glued at the VHS tape’s case.
  • By the way, in a bigger version of the image you can see clearly that Demencia’s feet are in her head and Flug is in shorts with Black Hat too close to him.

You can take that as you want.

Also, this picture.

Black Hat organization


The New Security System!

Batteries not included.

If you call now we will include this key chain.

Pieces come separately; if you don’t buy anything we’ll keep your money!

Send me a fruit ask in my inbox!

Strawberry- favorite summer drink

Tangerine- sunrise or sunset

Grapefruit- something positive you’ve done this week

Watermelon- typical summer outfit

Dragonfruit- any tattoos and piercings?

Banana- when making S'mores, do you put the chocolate beneath the marshmallow or above?

Cherry- modern or old fashion houses i.e Bricks, etc.

Huckleberry- swimming in a lake/creek/ocean/ or a pool?

Peach- favorite temperature and weather

Guava- favorite summer activity

Plum- makeup or nah??

Pear- upcoming vacations

Kiwi- sleep outside under the stars or inside with the AC cranked?

Mango- long or short hair

Plantain- pastel of neon

Blueberry- if you could travel anywhere for free, where would you go??

Apple- flowers or succulents

Nectarine- what book or movie would you live in if you could

Honeydew melon- sweet or sour

Acai- stripes or polkadots

Raspberry- favorite kind of desert

Coconut- cats or dogs

Starfruit- showers or baths? Hot or cold? Bubbles or no bubbles?

Lychee- favorite restaurant

Avocado- video games, which ones are you favorite and what console

Pineapple- are you a long kisses or a quick peck on the lips kind of person

Blackberry- coffee or tea, creamer or black, sweet or unsweetened

Pomegranate- one thing you want most right now

Lemon- one piece or bikini

Passion fruit- name of your first pet

Imbolc Ritual Bath

Imbolc, the Sabbat marking the halfway point between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Solstice, is a quiet celebration for cleansing and nurturing the soul. Prepare this bath on Imbolc after sunset for a restorative bit of magic (and coincidentally softer skin). 

Items needed: 

  • 1 cup whole powdered milk
  • ½ cup honey 
  • 1/3 cup coconut oil
  • large pieces of lemon peel 
  • lavender essential oil
  • clary sage essential oil 

Light several white candles while drawing a warm bath. Slowly add the powdered milk, and swirl the water until dissolved. Then add the honey, coconut oil, and lemon peels. Drop in the essential oils in equal amounts. 

Upon entering the bath, take a few minutes to center yourself in the water. Think about what issues from the previous calendar year are lingering around in your life that you would like to expel in the months going forward. Visualize the purifying energy of the white, restorative water flowing through your body and preparing you for the year ahead. If you wish for a simple protection measure after leaving the bath, rub a little extra coconut oil onto your skin. 

  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>Friend:</b> How do you choose which fanfiction you're going to read today?<p/><b>Me:</b> Whichever seems like is going to grab my heart and stomp on it the most.<p/><b>Friend:</b> ....<p/><b>Me:</b> ....<p/><b>Friend:</b> Me too tf!!!!<p/><b></b> *high five*<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>

💙💧Stress Reliever Bath Spell💧💙

💧Peppermint oil
💧Lavender oil
💧Blue candles
💧Blue color changing tablets (optional)
💧Nose plug (optional)

Begin by slicing very thin pieces of lemon. Place in a bowl and take with you to your bathroom.

Continue by filling your bathtub, be sure to use warm water as it will be soothing to your body. Be careful to not make it hot, use caution when temping your water.

As the water is filling, pour roughly 2 tablespoons of peppermint and lavender oil into the water, as it’ll spread as the water continues to fill.

Once the bath is full to your liking, place the color tablets into the water. Once they are finished, put the lemon slices in the water to float.

As you light your candles, think of the things that cause you stress.. job, school, family, friends, relationship, money.. then say out softly,

“Let the warmth of this bath wash away, the stress I carry day to day.”

Get into the bath slowly. As the water touches you, feel the water crawling onto your skin and washing the stressful energy off of you.

Once submerged, if you can, begin to meditate and place yourself into a trance. When you feel at ease, let yourself sink under the water. NOTE: if you do not have a nose plug or have issues holding your breath, simply let yourself sink until you feel comfortable, your face doesn’t have to go under if you don’t want it.

Continue to meditate for as long as you need to. When you’re ready, slowly rise so you’re sitting. Cup the water in your hands, splash it on your face. Feel the negative energy wash off of you. Pour the water over your head, splash it across your body.

Take all the time you need.


The One | Part 2

Summary: Sirius and Remus want to cheer up the reader again, inviting her to a party, where things get drunkenly complicated.

Characters involved: Reader, James Potter, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, Lily Evans, Peter Pettigrew

A/n: GIF by @liviablackthorn - thank you for letting me use it!

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | MASTERLIST

Time heals all wounds. That’s what they say. You knew it had to be true, but you also knew that it would need a lot of time, to heal yours.

One week had passed, since James asked Lily out on a date. Still, every time you saw them together - talking, skin touching, whispering sweet nothings to each other during class - you felt like a new part of your soul was cut open, the flesh still sore from the moment earlier.
It made you wonder if time could heal a wound, that’s constantly being teared up again.

You retracted yourself from the group for a while, not wanting to be exposed to their sickening aura of joy, for every minute of the day.
You usually spent your free time in the Gryffindor common room, with the boys, but you preferred staying at the Ravenclaw dorm, since the unfortunate incident had happened.
Knowing that the Marauders couldn’t be bothered to solve the riddle asked at the entrance, you felt safe there and enjoyed not getting regularly reminded of things you wouldn’t like to know.

The place you felt the best, was the library. Thousands of books to learn from, to distract yourself, by letting their stories take you to other places, waited for you to be read.
You were sitting between two aisles of bookshelves, your back to the window, so the sunlight would shine onto the pages of your newest achievement.
Letting your knee rest on the table’s edge in front of you, you turned over page after page, diligently reading its text.

A small object hitting your forehead lightly, followed by someone cursing a muffled “Shit!” caused you to flinch.
When it fell down onto your open book, you frowned and took the mysterious Snitch-sized thing, which was covered with paper. You picked it up and unwrapped it to see, that inside was a piece of chocolate. 

You couldn’t help but smile, knowing who was behind this joke, as you put the delicious treat into your mouth. When you looked up, you saw another item floating your way.

“Remus!”, you laughed, catching the second treat.

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So…should i explain? No. Why? cause most of y’all probably don’t need it, but imma say some stuff anyway. So the Bee miraculous’ tool or whatever you’d like to call the yo-yo and staff, looks to me like an old fashion perfume spray bottle, but it could be some other handy dandy lemon shaped piece of awesome. Wonder what it does? yeah me too. And we all hopefully know that the peacock tool is a feather pen so yeah. In the background there are other cool things we have no crap idea whatsoever about. So i guess just enjoy looking at all these spoiler/miraculous book secrets or whatever.

if i sounds like and butthole in this post it’s cause it’s 3 am rn. Sorry XD yeah ik i’m an idiot lol. 8)

Smooth Social Gatherings Sachet

For when you want everyone to just get along.



Lemon Rind


Amethyst or Selenite


In a sachet, combine one piece of lemon rind, some lavender (dry or wet), and a piece of Amethyst or Selenite. Charge your crystal with your hope for a pleasant social event.

Keep the sachet with you if you are going to a social gathering that has the potential of fights and discomfort to ensue.

If you are hosting the gathering, you can make the sachet a piece of the decor or stow it somewhere safe and secret.


(A/N): So, I wrote this shit. Yeah, I know I can do better but I was in a mood for a one-shot that sux. Anyway, I might do part 2 but I’m not sure yet. 

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Summary:  (Y/N) got drunk and said her secrets to the one and only Bucky Barnes - the man she had a crush on.

Warning: humor, alcohol, language

Words: 1700+


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It was rare when the team saw (Y/N) drunk. Most of the time, she would have a wine or two, not risking getting wasted or in any funny mood. This time, it was different.

The best hits of the 80’s were heard in the whole room while the guests were drinking and dancing. It was Tony’s idea to have a themed party. It was for the two White Walkers as he liked to call Steve and Bucky. Of course, he had invited as many people as possible.

Natasha was sitting at the bar with Clint and Bruce, sipping a drink and talking about Clint’s family. All of them wore colorful clothes that perfectly represented the 80’s fashion. The redhead even helped the two soldiers to put on something appropriate.

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