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🍃🌕My Home Is Protected Spell Jar!🌕🍃

I made my first spell jar! Its purpose is to protect and cleanse my home, or the room it is in. It’s perfect for my dorm, and very easy to make!

🌱Everything inside this jar has some association with protection or cleansing or banishing negativity and creating a loving environment.

🌱What’s Inside:
-3 dried bay leaves with various protection and safety sigils drawn on them
-sage leaves
-mint leaves
-charged full moon water
-sea salt
-a pinch of black pepper
-some lemon peel
-a small piece of clear quartz
* I added some chicken bones in there since I’m very connected to the earth, and I feel as though the bones strengthen the spells connection and gives it an extra oomph, but that’s optional.

🌱You can add a chant or any other ingredients that fee right to you. I just told each ingredient its purpose in the jar and charged it with white candles and intent!

🌱Let me know if this jar is of help to you! I think it’s a perfect and simple spell jar for your altar or your room. 😊

Imbolc Ritual Bath

Imbolc, the Sabbat marking the halfway point between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Solstice, is a quiet celebration for cleansing and nurturing the soul. Prepare this bath on Imbolc after sunset for a restorative bit of magic (and coincidentally softer skin). 

Items needed: 

  • 1 cup whole powdered milk
  • ½ cup honey 
  • 1/3 cup coconut oil
  • large pieces of lemon peel 
  • lavender essential oil
  • clary sage essential oil 

Light several white candles while drawing a warm bath. Slowly add the powdered milk, and swirl the water until dissolved. Then add the honey, coconut oil, and lemon peels. Drop in the essential oils in equal amounts. 

Upon entering the bath, take a few minutes to center yourself in the water. Think about what issues from the previous calendar year are lingering around in your life that you would like to expel in the months going forward. Visualize the purifying energy of the white, restorative water flowing through your body and preparing you for the year ahead. If you wish for a simple protection measure after leaving the bath, rub a little extra coconut oil onto your skin. 

Smooth Social Gatherings Sachet

For when you want everyone to just get along.



Lemon Rind


Amethyst or Selenite


In a sachet, combine one piece of lemon rind, some lavender (dry or wet), and a piece of Amethyst or Selenite. Charge your crystal with your hope for a pleasant social event.

Keep the sachet with you if you are going to a social gathering that has the potential of fights and discomfort to ensue.

If you are hosting the gathering, you can make the sachet a piece of the decor or stow it somewhere safe and secret.

Lemon Uncrossing Spell

to Break a Curse In a sachet, combine the following herbs: St. John’s Wort, sage, calamus and dragons blood powder. Set the sachet aside for later.
Fill an incense brazier with dragons blood incense.
On your altar, you will need an athame, a whole ripe lemon, 1 white and 1 black candle, a bowl of salt and a bowl of water. You will also need a glass or ceramic plate to set the lemon on when you are done. Do not use paper or wood.
Light the candles and the incense.
Hold the lemon in both hands and visualize it magnetized and drawing the negative spell away from you. Dip your athame in the water then slice the lemon into three pieces. Set the athame aside and visualize the lemon drawing the negativity away from you and into the pulpy fruit. Repeat the following: As sour as this lemon be Charged and cut in pieces three With salt and water I am free Uncross me now, I will it be.



Corazon lay on top of (Name) on his bed, making out.

His feathered coat lay on the ground, same goes for his hat and your shirt, leaving you shirtless.

How you got into this position? Actually, it all happened so fast. At first you were greeting, Corazon, your boyfriend at the entrance of the mansion after his 2 month mission; The next thing you knew, he carried you like a sack of potatoes and took you in to his bedroom without a word.

He cupped your clothed breasts and gave them a firm squeeze, making you moan faintly.

‘No regrets’

But you are a bit wary. You’re a little embarrassed that the Donquioxte Family might hear your cries and moans.

He unclasped your bra and threw it across the room.

You helped peel off his shirt; tracing his abs gently with your soft fingers.

His body. So sinful…

He leaned down and sucked one nipple while his fingers greedily kneed the other.

You arched back, clasping the back of his head and pulled him closer.


Corazon twirled it with his tongue.

They’re as stiff as berries.

He looked up at you and saw you bite back a moan.

‘Why? Why is she holding back?’

Determined to pry off her moans, he unfastened your jeans and peeled them of, following your undies.

He sighed at the bared silken heaven before him. It’s wet, completely aroused.

“Sing for me.” He whispered and plunged in a finger inside.

You gasped and gritted your teeth, not taking a chance.

He faintly growled; why in the world is she holding back from him?

Then a conclusion popped in his mind “You don’t want the others to hear, do you?”


He chuckled and gave you a kiss. “Don’t worry, my devil fruit made the whole room soundproof to the outside. Now, let’s try again…” he entered a second finger inside, scissoring. “..sing.”

You finally moaned; Music to his ears.

He pulled out his fingers and licked them clean.

‘She’s sweet, like peaches.’

He stood up, unfastening his belt and peeling off his heart patterned pants, revealing his now throbbing erection.

(Name)’s eyes widened.

It’s as hard as steel.

He crawled back to her and positioned himself between her thighs; positioning his cock.

“Time for the main event.”


___________________OUTSIDE THE ROOM_________________________

Law, in his pre-teens, was casually walking by along with a 10 year old Dellinger and pre-teen Baby5.





Dellinger looked confused while Baby5 and Law’s jaws dropped to the ground, their face turned crimson red.

“Ah~ Cora…zon!~…mmhm~”


“It’s Cora-san and (Name)-san.” Law mumbled.

Baby5 covered Dellinger’s ears, shielding his innocence away from the dirty sound emitted inside that room.

____________________BACK INSIDE___________________________

Corazon collapsed on top of you, completely satisfied and so were you.

He sent trails of kisses all over your neck, signalling a good job.

You let out a sweet hum. Thank goodness he used his silence fruit to block out the moans to the outside-

“WTF!? CORAZON! (NAME)!” Law and Baby5 screeched from the outside.

Then it all came crushing down on you.

Corazon smirked, not regretting a thing.

“You lying fucker.”

Energy Bottle!

What you’ll need:
- black peppergrains
- equal parts of basil, thyme & mint (I used a licorice/mint mixture)
- orange calcite
- small green decostones
- gold glitter
- lemon essential oil
- piece of paper & pen
- a yellow candle

What to do:
Mix the herbs, glitter & stones in the jar. Take the piece of paper and draw a sigil for energy (or draw something that means energy to you or write something) and put the piece of paper to the other ingredients in the jar, together with a few drops of the oil. Close the jar and seal it with the wax of the yellow candle. Charge it in the sunlight and shake it to set the energy free .

- burn the paper and put the ashes inside
- scratch a sun or something else into the wax
- draw/write with a yellow pen
- add other ingredients that represent energy for you (e.g. coffe or black tea)
- remember I just used ingredients that I have at home, which means I would have used some other too if I had them, so if you have other ingredients that you think fit in it, add them!
- literally everything bc do your magic your way and do whatever you like

- Draw a circle and cleanse your ingredients before you start! (if you do that tbh I didn’t do shit bc I always forget that and then halfway in I remember I didn’t do anything and do it halfhearted. Still works for me tho)

today’s depression breakfast was three lemon oreos, a cold piece of two day old pizza, and tea poured directly from the pitcher into my mouth

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I'm just curious if you ever write from the pov of Harry? I think it would be interesting! Thanks for sharing your talent with us!

It’s sprinkled in! There’s definitely some pieces that rely more heavily on his POV – Lemon Curd, for instance, very much relies on his for most of the three main pieces and the attached blurbs. :) Thanks for reading! xx


So, I’m planning to post some recipes from time to time of Sephardi food, I’ll start with Fijuelas, also known as deblas or fazuelos ( פזואלוס‎‎). They are traditional Sephardi pastries

Prepare yourself for a sweet taste of honey and cinammon


3 eggs

2 half egg shells of oil

1 half egg shell of warm water

400 gms of flour *

Juice of half a lemon

A teaspoon of baking poder

A little bit of salt

(*) You’ll need a little more to put on the base where the mass will be stretched


1 cup of water

2 cups of sugar

1 lemon ( chopped into four pieces)

8 spoonfuls of honey

A Little bit of cinammon


Mix the eggs, the oil, the water and the lemon juice and incorporate the flour  and knead it until it forms a homogeneous mass.

Stretch the dough several times with a roller adding flour ( the mass must have a hard consistency) stretch  until the dough is as thin as posible.

Cut the dough into thin strips (4-5 cms x 30 cms). Now with the help of a fork you have to introduce the strips in the hot oil and the other hand must be holding the end of the strip and turning the fork to get the shape of a flower.

For the syrup:

Put all the ingredients except the honey and the cinnamon in a saucepan, stirring until the sugar melts completely, cook over medium heat and dont remove (if you start removing the syrup will get dark).
When the syrup begins to boil you must add honey.
Removeaway  from the fire.

When the syrup is cooled  it will slightly thicken

The syrup is poured over the fijuelas and then the cinnamon can be sprinkled all over.

Espero k gozen kon este savor de boka, dulce lo vivas toda la vida.

Luffy x fem!Reader (lemon)

 A HUGE SORRY! Sorry for not posting the last two days but I wasn’t feeling well qwq when I checked the inbox today there were SOOO MANY requests I thought my eyes popped out xD but I’m so glad!

today we had carneval at school and I went there cosplaying Eren in an owl kigurumi, I wonder if some of you want to see? xD

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