lemon mate

🏡🌿Home and Hearth Herbal Steam🌿🏡


Moon Water - Magic

Lemon Balm - Love and Healing

Blackberry - Money and Protection

Sea Salt - Cleanse

Sage - Wisdom and Protection

Tansy - Health and Longevity


Chili Pepper - Fidelity and Hex Breaking

Nettle - Exorcism and Lust

Yerba Mate - Fidelity and Lust


Boil the Moon Water in a pot. Reduce to a low setting and add components in whatever quantity feels right. Let simmer for 15-20 mins. Allow the steam and magical properties to flow through your home.

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Yes! It was so clear to me that the bond is not apparent to Cassian yet since he left Nesta looking like boo boo the fool the second Mor came into their tent. He's such a turd. I have more to say about this but I forgot. :( PS: what if Cassian has to be the one to offer Nesta food? I'm dying.

If I am being honest that scene in the tent where he literally SNATCHES HIS HANDS AWAY from Nesta the moment Mor walks in made by heart crack. I hope Nesta asks Cassian in the future what is going on between him and Mor. That girl needs clarification and Cassian needs to be firm that he has a friendship of a relationship with Mor. Nothing else. (Though I wonder if somehow Nesta will find out about Cassian being Mor’s first. Kind of curious how that would make Nesta react after seeing how Cassian and Mor were so close in ACOWAR.)

It would be sweet if Cassian cooked food! In ACOMAF it was revealed that Cassian can actually cook and has made meals before for the Inner Circle. So I wouldn’t put it pass Maas to include this little detail further down the storyline!

I swear if he offers her a blueberry-lemon muffin (you know the one when Nesta was obviously oggling at him the whole time while he was eating AND THEN LICKING THE CRUMBS OFF HIS FINGERS???) my life will be complete.


Word count: 4.300
Warnings: Smut
A/N: Yeah umm I don’t know what happened xD Naji and I were talking about oneshot ideas and this is what become of it.


Most people don’t believe in them, but to your kind, they were important, very much so. As werewolves, your soul mates are your other half. They are the person you would spend eternity with and when you find them, you’d know. When you were a little girl, your parents often said that your soul mate would be powerful. Since your parents were alphas when they had you, you were born an alpha. There are three classes of werewolves, Alpha, Omega/Beta and Rouge. Alphas are the leaders of the pack and have absolute authority. They are very powerful and their senses are 2x better than the average werewolf’s. Betas and Omegas are a majority of the population and are very normal. Their senses are better than the average human but not as good as the alphas. The lowest level are the rouges. They were either kicked out of their packs or they broke pack rules. They were what people would call “lone wolves.” Even though you still follow the ways of your kind, you’re still like any other human being. With the exception of your heats. Both male and female werewolves have to go through this, and you usually only get it 2-3 times a year. It goes on for about a week and it’s like being super horny for 24 hours, for 7 days straight. Since there’s such a high chance of your kind going out and fucking a human of the opposite sex, they keep you chained up and away from people. If a werewolf has their mate, they’d usually help each other out during these times, if not they spent the whole  week in  a dark room alone, the feeling of your body being on fire.

As you’re sitting at your medium sized wooden desk, your stomach made a sound that sounded much like a growl. You had been so busy studying for the test you had tomorrow, that you didn’t realize how late it was. You sigh and close the 600 and something paged text book. After cleaning up your desk a little bit, you get up and stretch. Grabbing your phone and stuffing it into your pocket, you walking out of your bedroom and into the kitchen. When you get there, you go straight to the fridge to see what you have. Opening the fridge and looking around, you know you have enough ingredients to make a decent meal. You pull everything out and place it on the counter before you start to cook. Once you’ve finished, you grab the plate of food and go back to your room, shutting the door behind you. After sitting down and eating, you go back to your desk and start to write out more notes

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the idea of a student falling in love with one if the gentry was to interesting

every one told her she was insane, “the gentry do not love” was repeated to her by her closest friends. they urged her to stop looking for danger and stop trying to meet up with her love, and if she did atleast be smart about it and keep protection. But their could be no love without trust and tonight she would show the ultimate trust in her loved one and break every rule the school had ever taught her.
she had tracked down the gentry she sought, her one true love. they were posing as one of the taken, a distant friend called lemon. she walked to lemons dorm and knocked on the door. hearing a sharp yes she slipped into the room. lemons dorm mate shanty sat on her bed with a ring of salt around it and a metal bat perched on her pillows for easy access. she eyed not-lemon with a wealth of distrust but obviously her paper wouldn’t write itself.
not-lemon was perched on her bed, spine contorted in a cat like fashion. Lemon herself was a pretty girl, but the other replacing her was something beyond human beauty. the teeth so sharp and long betrayed the human skin she possessed. that and the eyes, eyes that only creatures of the night possessed. I had seen those same features in a few of the students who had been replaced, and relentlessly traced down my love everytime even going so far as too stop a too eager freshman who’s roommate had been taken from lunging at the fae with a silver scalpel. That was the day I was noticed by it. it asked what the price was for my help and I had shaken my head no too awestruck to speak.
now here I was face to face ready to bear my all. “shanty I hope I’m not being rude but I’d like to talk to lemon for awhile could I have some alone time with her” shanty eyes me curiously, word of my “crush” had spread within our friend group. None the less shanty snapped her laptop closed and stood to leave. As she passed me she took my hand “ be careful teacup” and closed the door behind her. Not-lemon was now gazing at me. I hoped by now I was recognizable to one such as she. instead of heading into shanty’s bed and ring of salt I sat at the foot if not- lemons bed and stared her n the eyes. Quirking a thin brow the gentry looked at me and I swear. could see recognition in her eyes. had made the right choice. “what can I do for you? come t collect?” I shook my head no. “ I’m sure ny now you must kniw if my…interest…I’m here to show you that I am not against you all I want is your affection” . with a sharp toothed smile not-lemon cranes her neck closer to me looking less human by the second her skin had lost lemons usual brown and was slowly being replaced by a blue tinge around the eyes and lips.“ And what are you willing to trade with me?” I smiled softly and placed my hands in the bed. “ not trade. give. I’m willing to give you my true name. Freely. ”

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What type of stones are good for people with boredline personality disorder? Also do you know anything that can help balance my emotions?

To balance your emotion use the following herbs in excess. Drink them in tea at least thrice a day, smoke them at least thrice a day, or, and I recomend this most highly, make a tincture out of all of them and add three to six drops into a drink at least two tmes a day.

Herbs for BPD: (*Make sure starred herbs do not interact with any of your medications, if you take any.) Chamomile, *St. John’s Wort, *Valerian, Kava Kava, red raspberry leaf, lavender, *yerba mate, lemon balm, cocao, CBD oil, *marajuana.

To use the crystals, infuse them in water or in the tea or juice you use with your herbs for your treatment. Wear them in jewelry. Meditate with them on important points on the body; forehead, lips, chest, wrists, palms, ankles. Sleep with them. But them in a diffuser with essential oils, slipping the crystal(s) inside as well.

Crystals for BPD: Lithium quartz, rose quartz, lepidolite, amethyst, blue calcite, kunzite.

You didn’t ask, but I will list some helpful essential oils as well.

Essential oils for BPD: Frankeincense, myrrh, lavender, German chamomile, spearmint, blood orange, bergamot, cedarwood, cypress wood, bay, pine, juniper, and clary sage.

*Bolded = most highly recommended.

**Disclaimer: I also have BOD. Below are things which have helped me.

Here are a few other tips; Add DHA ( Docosahexaenoic acid), 5-HTP (5-Hydroxytryptophan ), and SAM-e ( S-Adenosyl-L-Methionine) to yout vitamin regamin. They have control and regulate serotonin, increasing it during times of depression and lowering it gradually during times of mania.

Learn DBT skills. Doing this has saved me so, so much grief. Learn about deep breathing, distraction, how to stop dissociation, how to calm impulsivity, how not to see in only black and white/good and evil, and learn about Wise Mind, Logic Mind, and Emotion Mind. This information is avalible online. DBT Skills.

Mate tea

My friend gave me some mate tee (Cruz de Malta) to make and it is AWESOME for weight loss and for getting extra energy (more than coffee and Coke Zero).

Mate is very famous in Argentina or so. And it has a lot of nutrients.

I’m going to order two packs online, one traditional and other with lemon flavor.


We went a little crazy with the new additions this weekend….

Female Jungle Jag Carpet Python (clutch mate of Lemon Drop, owned by crispysnakes)

Male Irian Jaya Carpet Python

Pair of Candy Cane corn snakes

Female honey corn snake

Female sunglow Sonoran gopher snake

*SU Spoiler* Matching Episode List and Clips

Okay just got info from a blog called lemon-optimizer posted the episode list for the “In Too Deep” special. Not sure if the list is official or not but it does make sense. Here is the list:

1) Super Watermelon Island: Steven wonders what happened to his watermelon Stevens.

Well we already know what the episode is going to be from the leaked clip a couple months ago. These clips though prove that this episode is going to happen.

2) Gem Drill: Steve and the gems take a trip underground.

I don’t need to explain that this episode is definitely going to happen.

3) Same Old World: A gem settles down in her new home with Steven.

There is no clip to show if this episode will air. However, we can tell that the gem is Lapis Lazuli and Steven helps her adjust to living on Earth. It could also be talking about the barn.

4) Barn Mates: Steven helps two friends get along.

There is a leaked clip of this episode. The two friends are Lapis Lazuli and Peridot and Steven has a lot to do once this episode airs.

5) Hit the Diamond: A secret of Yellow Diamond and her plans are revealed.

This is a clip of “Barn Mates” but it does show a hint of “Hit the Diamond.” Peridot said they’re here as in another gem. There is information that a new villain will appear from Yellow Diamond’s side. Notice that when the Moving Eye hits the ground it forms a Yellow Diamond symbol. The new villain might come out, the gems capture her, and have her reveal Yellow Diamond’s plan. Not sure if the episode will be released.

6) Steven Floats: Steven steps on a warp leading him to a place he’s never been to.

Theories (including mine) say he has acquired a new power or something related to Rose Quartz. However, what if this clip shows him being transported to another place? That would explain the glowing light, night sky background, and Steven looking terrified. He has about to travel to a new place and it might reveal something about Rose Quartz, the Crystal Gems, or Gems. Hope this one airs.

These episodes might not happen or might not be in order. We will just have to wait until May!