lemon madeleines

growing dandelions
wonho/minhyuk, pg, fluff, angst

minhyuk doesn’t know what looks weirder- that single dandelion rising from a bunch of primroses or the fact that he’s literally stuffing his pockets with little flowers in the middle of the day.

A/N: dudes i gotta beta this but. i’ll come back and fix it later i just really wanna post this

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Okay but. 

Derek Hale, landlord and small business owner, investing in his community and forming lasting relationships with his tenants.

He owns a little brick building with five floors, just 9 apartments total if you count his loft on the top. The bottom floor is the family bakery his sisters now run, Ora’s, and every other week Laura changes the little chalkboard sign so that it says “Aura’s” instead. Cora does most of the baking, using recipes their grandmother handed down after it became obvious that she’d never be the front-of-house genius her sister is but that her hands in dough are literally magic. 

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Patrick Piuze Val de Mer Crémant de Bourgogne Blanc de Blancs Brut

Pretty psyched about this value sparkler made in the traditional Champagne style (just not in the Champagne region itself - hence, it can’t be called Champagne)! Toasted bread with lemon crust, hint of golden madeleines, golden apples, loads of chalk, and crème on the nose. Lemons, golden apples, and madeleines on the palate with a mineral chalky finish. Yum!

4/5 bones



12% abv

Burgundy, FRANCE

Chapter 1 of ??

“Ten, please stop putting stickers on my face. You know it’s my cheat day and I’m trying to eat 17 pancakes in under 30 minutes.”

“NO. Dwayne WILL have stickers on his face.” Ten says as she continues to put giraffe stickers on The Rock’s face. He’s trying to act annoyed but he loves this morning routine. He eats his breakfast and she puts stickers on his face while telling him all about the fried chicken and corn bread that she wants for dinner.

“Okaaay… but I told you that I didn’t want the giraffes anymore. I want something cooler and tougher. Like a sticker of you.” Rock says as she puts a sticker over his eyelid.

“We can do those stickers tomorrow. But first, you can finish your breakfast and then give me a piggy back ride to the candy store so I can buy lemon madeleines” 

After a few seconds of silence, The Rock replied “Ten, you do realize that is a ten mile walk both ways, right?” 

“Yep, guess it’s not your cheat day after all! Get to eating, you have a lot of walking ahead of you.” Ten exclaimed excitedly. 

“Can I at least take the stickers off before we go?” The Rock asked, knowing what her answer is going to be before she answers.

“No, why would you do that?” She asked seriously. 


I’m not the best writer but I laughed so hard writing this. Hope you like it!