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Hannigram:26 Thank you!

26. “Any chance I could get you to stop staring at me?”

Will’s eyes shifted beneath his glasses. “Is there any chance I could get you to stop staring at me?” he grunted, crossing his legs away from his new therapist.

“Is it uncomfortable for you?” Dr. Lecter probed, neither looking away nor blinking.

“Yes, actually,” Will insisted, seconds away from throwing himself from the chair and getting the hell out of Dr. Lecter’s range of vision.

“My apologies,” Dr. Lecter murmured, finally lowering his eyes and tapping at his notebook.

Will relaxed marginally, exhaling, until… “It is difficult to keep from staring.”

“Excuse me?” Will stared himself now.

“Why law enforcement?” Dr. Lecter looked up, setting his notebook aside.

“Hang on, can we get back to-”

“A man of your talents, skills, and neuroses and you have chosen the field that will aggravate them all. It is only natural that one would wonder why.”

Will paused. “Is this… your way of answering?”

“Yes.” There was an exact moment of hesitation before Dr. Lecter pronounced it. The length of the deliberation, Will could not be certain, but he felt it, the break between Dr. Lecter drawing breath to speak and the exact second he began speech.

Will swallowed. “I’m good at my job.”

“You are good for it, it is not good for you. Does that never enter your considerations?” Dr. Lecter regarded him, closed and careful. He knew he was being watched, just as aware as Will was in turn. Of all the psychiatrists he’d ever hated, this one… was different.

“No.” Will settled both his feet back on the floor.

Dr. Lecter began to smile. “And you wonder why I stare?”