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The Gift that Keeps on Giving | one-shot |

Summary: Iruka was not a hero in a way that most people knew heroes to be. But to those whom he treasured, his heart gave the most of all. A character study in ten different sketches. 

Pairing: n/a (Iruka-centric)

AN: Thanks to a post narootos/ naburos made a week or so ago, my love and appreciation for Iruka reared its head up and absolutely refused to budge until I did something with it. Never has there been a more underrated character with a softer and bigger heart than Umino Iruka. Apologies for any grammatical errors, I really had to just get this out so I can finally concentrate on my animation work for the week (I procrastinated so badly on that. I’m probably going to regret spending so much time writing this but let’s be real, one can’t really regret spending so much time with Iruka). Also, this is not in chronological order. It’s not in any order, really. Just ten different sketches with ten different people. Enjoy!  
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Iruka was among the first to know about the Uchiha massacre. Emergency summons came to him in the deadest hours of the night but not even the horror he knew from the Kyuubi attack all those years ago prepared him for what Sarutobi gravely told him.

His hair stood on to end and ice filled his veins as he heard how Itachi single-handedly killed each and every one of his clan- except for Sasuke.

The Sasuke Iruka knew was a hard working young boy, desperate to please and succeed despite the slightly stuck up attitude he showed in class. He adored his brother, respected his father, loved his mother, and his hard work and natural talent earned him easily the top student in the class.

Funny, how it was always so much easier and quicker to destroy happiness than it was to build it.

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—  What Tamaki will probably say sometime in life