i wanna make a multimuse because i wanna try branching out to see if i can write anyone other than caroline forbes.

but i also like…don’t think i can handle a multi? and i’ve heard from various people that for whatever reason, multi’s sometimes don’t work out. which would be fine, tbh, i just don’t wanna go through the trouble if no one would be interested.

so if you guys could drop me a line, lemme know what you think, that would be fantastic! i just…idk this has been floating around my mind for awhile so i thought i’d voice it. would greatly appreciate honest opinions.

potential muses i might have are under the cut:

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A short Pliroy fic because I have feelings about Yuri cutting his hair really short.  Hope you guys enjoy!  Let me know what you think!!

There was shouting coming from around the corner.  Russian shouting.  J.J.’s brow furrowed as he crept closer to the wall.  That voice was Yuri’s… and that was definitely Lilia and Yakov shouting in unison…  What on earth could they be yelling about?

Carefully, J.J. peeked around the corner, eyes darting between the three figures down the hall.  Lilia and Yakov were standing side by side, facing off against—

Was that Yuri?

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The future of Steven Universe

‘Back To The Moon’ dropped a big reveal on us when we learned Rose Quartz shattered Pink Diamond. But while she is shattered, she’s not gone. Homeworld’s gem shard experiments are proof enough that shattered gems don’t just disappear.

The fact of the matter is … Diamonds are not only powerful gems. They’re HUGE gems. If it’s any indicator, the largest gem we’ve seen (if I’m not mistaken) was this gem from the Obelisk in one of the first episodes, 'Serious Steven.’ (Which has hints about White Diamond written all over it, but that’s a theory for another day.)

Even normal gems can create many shards, so imagine how many a Diamond’s could make. When Rose shattered her, it’s likely the pieces almost instantly tried to reform. I believe some of them became Lion, which explains why Rose had him in the first place. Lion and Pink Diamond also have similar hair.

His gem isn’t shown which suggests he’s a culmination of gem shards, like Big Bird from 'Giant Woman’. His mane holds things much like Pearl’s gem, which I’d say it’s not a stretch to imagine Diamonds come with all the powers of every gem, including interdimensional pockets.

So where are the other shards? Well, what with the new info coming out about hibiscus flowers being associated with Jasper, and by extension, Pink Diamond, there’s some very hibiscus-like flowers I’d like to remind you of.

In ‘Lars and the Cool Kids’, the moss Rose Quartz grew herself bloomed into pink flowers with five petals, all with pink gems in the middle of them. Granted, Rose’s plants already gain sentience. But they usually became soldiers, as we’ve been told. While this moss seemed to be mindlessly searching for something … much like gem shards mindlessly search for their pieces. They’re also unevenly cut, more like shards than actual gems.

To see these flowers float off onto the breeze was symbolic. Pink Diamond isn’t gone. She’s everywhere. She could’ve been a part of the monsters from ‘Nightmare Hospital’. She could be some of the millions of shards in the Cluster. She could be in any of Rose’s secret bases, like the armory. And that’s a lot of shards to find.

So I think the recent promo suggests more than just the Crystal Gems going to space. I think it suggests the Crystal Gems themselves are going to grow, and fast. And it will take all of them to find Pink Diamond’s pieces.

We’ll hopefully see them solve corruption, so we can add Centi and Jasper and the currently corrupted quartzes to the team. Perhaps the Ruby Squad will join, and maybe even Bismuth will return. We could even see some all new gems join the ranks.

Because the Diamonds are coming, and it’s gonna take more than just ‘the four of us’ to take them down. I believe we’ll soon see an arc of the CGs hunting down PD’s shards for a currently undisclosed purpose in what would be another great anime reference (Inuyasha and the shikon jewel shards, anyone?)

The Crystal Gems are going to return to their former glory, stronger and better than before, all with Steven at the helm.

And he’ll be a greater leader than Rose ever was, in his own Steven-y way.

“That’s what’s so exciting! You don’t have to be like Rose Quartz! You can be someone even better. You can be you.


Sick Healer AU!

destiel 1k. my first attempt at smut bye

Ah, ah, right there, oh

Sometimes, Cas worked himself too hard.

Fuck fuck fuuuuuck

He would get stuck on a certain chapter or scene, or a troublesome plot line would need fixing.

Keep going, don’t stop

He would pace and think and think and pace until his own spinning imagination became his enemy, until his rigorous work regimen stopped working in his favor, until his desk became a prison.

Fuck, you feel so good”

Sometimes Cas needed to get out of his head.

Yes yes yes

Some people did drugs. Some people took walks. Some people slept or meditated or laid in a relaxing bath.

Oh God, oh my God

Castiel preferred to call Dean Winchester.

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Steven’s Song Theory

People have been speculating about Steven gaining new powers for some time now. Nearly every episode has some hint, subtle or otherwise, that Steven is growing stronger.

With ‘Monster Reunion’ and 'Earthlings’, they’ve made it painfully obvious that Steven’s healing spit just isn’t gonna do the job when it comes to healing corruption. But that’s the thing; Steven’s powers are similar to Rose Quartz’s, but not exactly like hers. And he’s unlocking new potential all the time.

There’s a theory about the Diamonds using a 'song’ to corrupt gems. So this is a theory based on a theory, but it might be viable (or is at least fun to think about!) Here’s what new power I think he’ll gain next.

Steven’s Anti-Corruption Song

Steven has used songs to encourage his friends (such as Pearl during 'Coach Steven’) and to help his friends find peace (such as Peridot in 'It Could’ve Been Great’). He’s used music to help others before.

He’s still thinking about the gems he wronged, like Bismuth, Jasper, and Eyeball, as we see in 'Mindful Education’. And he likes singing about his feelings – he literally states so in the 'Steven’s Song Time’ short.

So don’t you think it’s likely Steven might pick up his ukelele and start singing around Jasper’s gem? And that there’s a chance it could affect her corruption? Perhaps at some point during ‘Gem Harvest’?

Songs are a focal point in the show and almost always develop relationships between characters.

If the Diamonds truly do have a widespread, catastrophic power like the corruption song, the Crystal Gems will need more than just brute strength to fight it. Steven having an antidote for that in the form of an Anti-Corruption Song only he can sing would be the perfect way to fight it! (And just imagine how AMAZING that song would be!)


Originally posted by riverrdxle

A/N: I strayed away from the request a bit just to follow a story line that I didn’t really plan, tbh (it just happened, I’m srry). I also switched up my style majorly for this just as an exercise, it’s in 3rd person and all but lemme know what you think and whether this is better, worse, or somewhere in between.

Request:  could you write about Jughead getting a call that the reader just got shitfaced at a party so he has to come get her and take care of her 

Word Count: 3,790 (whoops)

Warnings: Alcohol, swearing (lyk twice)

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Possessive Audrey Imagine

Bookstores were your favorite place in the world. It was the only quiet place you could get to sometimes, and knowing that every single book that surrounded you held stories of other worlds and different possibilities. No matter which one you picked up, you knew it would take you to some place completely separate from where you currently resided.

               The only time you didn’t feel like you needed to escape was when you were with Audrey. You two had been together for around a year and a half now, and while most people at that point felt their relationship start to die down and dwindle, that feeling of firsts and excitement never went away. You two always made time for each other and made sure you understood what was happening with the other. Both of you had been through a lot, so it was important that you had your own space but also communicated when you didn’t want to be alone. However, sometimes, you still just needed to get away.

               You texted her before you had left to the local bookstore to let her know where you’d be if she wanted to come by in a couple hours. You had your eye on a book for the last couple weeks and finally decided to buy it. They had a little corner next to the coffee shop that was made for reading, making it a perfect place for you to lose yourself and forget all the drama that seemed to take over your life. Once you had purchased your book and your favorite cup of coffee, you curled yourself into a chair and flipped to the first page. All the noise around you muted, all of your attention completely focused on this new story you had been dying to get into.

               The store was pretty calm for the most part, so that made it easy for you to go unnoticed and have minimal interruptions. When you checked the time you’d realized a couple hours had gone by and you were about 250 pages in. Audrey would be by soon, and just like always you started smiling with a rush of butterflies coming to your stomach at her pending arrival. You put the bookmark she had made you into your book and placed it on the table next to you. Stretching your arms above your head you began to stand up and gather your things.

               “That’s a great book.” A woman came and sat next to you before you had the chance to get up. She was about your height, had piercing green eyes and beautiful blonde hair. She smiled at you before she continued, “Have you read anything else by that author?”

               “Um, no, not yet. I just started reading this today so I haven’t had the chance to check the other stuff out yet.” You smiled back at her, trying to be polite.

               “You just started and you’re more than half way done? Impressive. I noticed you when I came in and you seemed completely engulfed in it, it was adorable. I’m not used to seeing gorgeous girls being so open about their love for reading.” She moved some of her hair behind her ears. “My name is Savannah, by the way.”

               “Y/N. Nice to meet you. I tend to get a little into whatever I’m reading. You know what, my-“

               “Let me show you the rest of what the author has written. I think you’ll enjoy it.” Savannah smiled as she stood up waiting to lead you to the other section of the store. You glanced over at the door to see if Audrey had shown up yet, but it was still empty and quiet where she would normally wait for you.

               “Um…yeah, alright. I can’t stay lo-“ She cut you off by spewing off some information about the author you had been reading. You walked over to the area where Savannah pointed you, checking the door once more before turning away.

               “He’s written a few books like the one you have. This one is my favorite.” She pointed to one that you had been interested in.

               “Oh yeah, I’ve been looking forward to reading that one. I think that one was recommended by a friend of mine after she told me to get this one.” You politely smiled at her and let her continue with her explanation.

               “Yeah, it’s the best one in my opinion. A few of the other ones, these ones right here, those are good but they’re completely different than anything else he’s written. It’s kind of like he wanted to see where he could go with his writing instead of sticking with the same types of stories repeatedly.” You nodded your head as she stepped closer to you, invading the bubble that you had subconsciously made.

               “That’s cool. I’ll have to check those out. I really do have to get going, though…” You tried stepping away but she put her hands on your triceps.

               “What’s the rush? You like this author right? There’s another one you might be interested in just a few shelves down.” She removed her hands and stepped back again, making you feel slightly more comfortable than you had been before.

               “I really do appreciate you showing me these things, but-“ You started to back away pointing at the door behind you.

               “Hey, babe. How’s it going over here?” Audrey showed up behind you, snaking her arm around your waist and pulling you close. She kept her eyes on Savannah as she kissed your cheek.

               “I was just showing her some of the other stuff this author has written. I noticed her reading when I came in and thought she’d be interested.” Savannah smiled but kept her eyes on you.

               “I got that book I’ve been telling you about for the past couple weeks. Apparently the guy has written some more so it looks like I’m going to have to spend more money next month.” You smiled at your girlfriend, aware that she was trying to get Savannah away from you. It wasn’t like her to be so affectionate in public. A hug or a quick kiss, sure. Keeping her arm around your waist and kissing your cheek, not so much.

               “She looked so cute when she was reading I thought she’d love to see the other books-“ Savannah started and you felt Audrey’s arm stiffen around you as she moved some of her hair away from her eyes.

               “That’s great, babe. I’m glad you found more books. Now, if you’d excuse us, we’re going to head out now.” Audrey started leading you away from Savannah.

               “She was the one that came back here with me, you know.” Savannah had a smug look on her face. As soon as you opened your mouth to respond, Audrey grabbed your face and kissed you like she had been starving for air. Your knees went weak and you grabbed her hips and dug your fingers in. When she broke away from you, she laced her fingers between yours and started to walk to the other side of Savannah.

               “And I’m going to the be the one that takes her home.” Audrey whispered in Savannah’s ear as you both continued to walk past her. You suppressed a laugh and squeezed her hand.

               “Nice to see you, too.” You smiled at her as you made your way outside.

               “Sorry, I saw her grab your arms and kind of lost it for a bit.” She sounded slightly embarrassed when she held the door open for you.

               “I didn’t say I was upset. It was hot.” Her face started turning red even with the cold air outside. You both walked across the parking lot to her car when you had an idea. You blocked her from getting into the driver’s seat, smirking as she looked at you with confusion etched on her face. “Take me home and I’ll show you that I’m yours and only yours.” You whispered in her ear and heard her breath catch. When you looked back at her, her eyes had grown dark and almost primal.

               “We better get going then.” She had a coy smile on her face as you made your way to the other side of the car.


Title: Hourglass
Pairing: Tyler Joseph/You/Josh Dun
Rating: Mature.
Warning: Daddy kink, dirty talk, voyeurism, light bondage.
A/N: So if this goes over well, and people seem to enjoy the concept, this is going to be part of a series kinda. Different adventures on the same timeline. Also, this is another long one, almost 4.6k. Sorry, lol. Anyway, enjoy, lemme know what you think, and keep sending in those requests.

(Upcoming stuff: more Josh, some Jai, maybe something with Tyler. And I’m contemplating posting some SVU stuff I’ve been working on. We’ll see.)

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i have a download page!! thanks to @tofusaucee for helping me a lil bit!!

added some new cc that i haven’t posted yet, the links will go to my blogspot!

i moved all my clayified hairs (and some other things) to the “old custom content” category because i’m lazy and i don’t like clayified hairs anymore lol


A bubble and a goth

“I just don’t know how to tell him Bitty… I don’t think I can,” Dex moped into a slice of cherry pie. The kitchen was empty but for the two of them, the radio music fading out only to be replaced by the booming voice of Kiss 93.5’s afternoon show host. Bitty’s apron was spotted with flour and cherry filling.

“I know what Nursey would do,” Bitty said. Dex gave him a suspicious look. “I mean, if he were in your situation.”

“I’m not writing a damn poem,” Dex said, “if that’s what you’re suggesting.”

“No need to get all hot and bothered about it,” Bitty chirped turned towards the oven. “Just might help to speak his language, is all.”

Dex groaned around another mouthful of pie. He was okay with hopelessly pining as long as it didn’t involve writing poetry about his fellow D-man. That was something, Dex thought, he’d never be desperate enough to do.

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Too Late - Simon Minter Imagine

hey boo boos, a new imagine coming your way! i got slight inspiration from a song called u just cant be replaced by gnash and imagination by shawn mendes. i also happened to think of this in the shower so i dunno. by the way, this is in simon’s perspective, so i hope you guys enjoy it, lemme know what you guys think. 

bel x

word count; 501

pairing; simon x (y/n) x jj

Why did I let her go?

I left her over six years ago, and I still feel so strongly towards her. It was so dumb of me to let my jealousy take over.

But here I am, standing in some dumb diagonal line, looking at how beautiful she looked in her creamy white lace gown walking down the aisle. Her thin veil was tucked nicely into her loosely tied-up curls, a few strands falling infront of her face. A beautiful bouquet of her favourite flowers, which included orangey-pink coloured carnations, baby’s-breath, and white roses, was held with a tight grip as she walked slowly.

She looked so beautiful.

Except she wasn’t walking down the aisle coming towards me. 

She was walking towards one of my best mates.

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