FF to Retirement AU

I found you Retirement AU and I fell in love. I had to write something despite not having written anything in about 4 years. This is to you


I hope you enjoy. Thank you for your AU, it made me so much happier!

Oh my gosh!!! Guys, go read it!! It’s absolutely awesome and I love it sososo much <3 I’ve added a link to it in the original post as well, though I wasn’t able to tag you because I don’t have your url, hon. If you want to stay on anon, that’s totally a-okay~ but if you want me to tag you in the post, just lemme know, okay?

Ahhh, I’m so happy that there are so many people writing my prompts <3 Especially this one. I’m always a slut for identity reveals XD

So yeah man, if y’all see one of my aus and wanna write for it but are worried about offending me, don’t be!! You should totally go for it!!!! I would worship you forever!!!!


These are the concepts I did for my thesis. They are just a tiny part of the work I did, but I still want to share them with you! I would like to hear your opinion about my new style, which is obviously different from the one I used on this blog. Would you like to hear something more about the work these landscapes belong to? Lemme know!

Please, don’t share them (or use them) without my permission.

rehmedys  asked:

Hi hi hi !! May I pretty pls request what nct u would be like in cuddling ?? ( you did one with nct 127, but I never saw an nct u) sorry for bothering youuuuu 💗

Hi! Of course I will! But this whole “how would 127….?” series is my next “project” I guess and I want to finish it with NCT 127 before I do any other members or sub-units. I hope you understand and I know there’s only an extra member but this is just easier for me to to keep note of. It’ll definitely happen but lemme finish these for nct 127 first☺️

Flowers by ska0325

MB: The weather is good…

YS: Byul-ah, look at this! It’s so colorful! I cut some for you!

MB: Do you want me to scold you? Who are you waiting for outside?

YS: BYUL! Byul I missed you <3… but where did you go?

MB: I went on a walk.

YS: A walk? Why would you go on a walk???

MB: … let’s not talk. mm hmmm

MB: Take this. I picked it up on the road.

YS: What’s thi- …

MB: They’re a little wilted… but I thought you would like them so I brought them back with me. Ah. And those are flowers. They’re very color-

~by ska0325 on twitter

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Omg could i get rfa+saeran+v reaction to mc calling them drunk because mc is spending christmas all alone and is like "lol btw i love u lmaoooooo isnt that funny anyway this wine is really strong wow but i love u ahahahahha im so alone" (ALSO CONGARTS ON 404 FOLLOWERS AND HOPE U BOTH HAVE HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!)




-He’s the one who called you!
-Just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas again (not like he said it 50,000 other times today)
-He knew you were spending it alone and felt really bad about it!
-Offered to spend it with you but you insisted you were okay, and that he should go spend it with his family!
-Once you answered, he wished you Merry Christmas and listened for a little bit as you rambled off a thank you
-You sounded a little funny? You words kept slurring and he wasn’t sure what was wrong
-”Oh, no. No no. I’m not okay.”
-P A N I C
-”I’ve a little too much to drink tonight. I didn’t even realize I had that much? But hey, ya know, you’re rreeeaaaalllllllyyyyy cute. I’d love to let you show me that you’re really a man.”
-Stuttered out that he had to go and that he hopes you sleep soon, and blushed SO HARD for the rest of the night!!


-Jumin is actually really sad that you’re alone on Christmas
- he might have had a little too much wine as well
-You two were in the messenger for .5 seconds before you decided to just call him and talk
- totally not because you couldn’t see straight enough to type anymore
-???? MC? What a weird greeting
-You asked him about his day, so he told you every detail. He started to trail off and talk about C&R’s stocks, when you suddenly interrupted him
-”Damn Jumin, you’re real cute. I just love you. Like, wow. How can I get you to love me like Elizabeth? Should I wear cat ears? *whispers to self* holy shit i should buy cat ears”
-He was shocked! Did you just drunkenly admit you love him?? He knew his feelings towards you, so all he did was respond with,
-”MC. I love you as well. I think you’re extremely fascinating. Now, what was that about cat ears?”


-He understood that you wanted to be alone, he’s been the same way for years
-What he couldn’t understand, though, was why you kept texting him about aliens?
-Normally he’d just play along, because he sends you the same type of texts, but…
-The amount of rambling and typos makes him think you’re possibly drunk
-When you called him, he was excited to see what your drunken mind had to say to him
- afterall, sometimes drunken minds are the ones that’ll speak all of the truth
-He sat through all of your rambling about aliens and carols, but didn’t expect what you said next
-”Ya know, you’re such a dork. But you’re a great dork. I love you. I lllloooovvveee you. Hearts beating, hearts soaring, yeeeeaaaahhh!”
-”MC you…you’re just so cute. You’re going to kill me, do you know that?? Don’t worry, I have this recorded so I can replay it for you in the morning, when you forget~”


-Why did you want to be alone
-You have him now, just hang out with him
-Wants to treat you like a princess but nnnoooooooooo you gotta stay home alone
-Freaked out at the fact you haven’t texted him in a while??
-The moment he saw your name pop up on his phone, he answered it
-Before he got to talk though, he could hear you talking to yourself, slurring your words
-You realize he picked up the phone and you were so excited!! “SAERAAAAAAAAAAN~ Hhhhiiiiiiii~ I might have drank to much but that’s okay, but I gotta tell you something. I have a secret. *giggle* sshhh, listen,,,,,, I looooove you! Yes I do! I do I do! *giggle*”
-Honestly SUPER SHOCKED that you love him? And that you admitted it? Holy shit? Quickly regains his composure and fucking smirks this lil shit
-”Oh, do you? Go ahead, go on. You love me? I love you too. Now, tell me how you’d show me just how much you love me…” woah there saeran, woah, down boy, down


- he didn’t get why you wanted to be alone??
- This boy got you SO many gifts and he has to give it to you on Christmas Eve and not Christmas???

- His face lights up when you call, omfg he’s so excited and his chest feels fuzzy
- “RAT TAIL!!! You’re so handsome *hiccup*”
- he’s really shocked because when do you drink? You don’t even take a sip of wine at the RFA parties, wtfisthis
- “MC…are you drunk?”
- “Nooo…well, only a little bit *giggle*, I’m drunk on my love for youuu~” MCtIdon’tthinkthat’showitssaidbuturdrunkoffurasssoit’sokay
- youbetyoursweetassthisboyisgoingtothrowpartybecauseofthis
- “Princess, I know you won’t remember this, but I love you. I love all your quirks, mistakes, giggles, and stupid jokes. I love every single piece of you. I love all the bad times and good times ahead with you. I love you more than any obstacle that we’ll have to overcome. I just love you so much.”


- she didn’t really mind that you wanted to spend Christmas alone
- Jumin was probably going to make her work anyway hoeasstrustfundkidstophURTINGMYBAEHEE
- Luckily she got a day off but she felt so lonely without you!!!
- it’s okay though, she respects your privacy
- but when she hears your ring tone, she runs to her phone andtripsandknocksstuffoverontheway
- “Merry Chrismas!!! I bet you’d make a good Mrs. Claus…omg can you wear a mrs. claus themed outfit next year? *hiccup*  eVEN BETTER CAN YOU WEAR CHRISTMAS THEMED LINGERIE?
- omg the poor baehee is so flustered, first ur drunk and now you say this?? You’retryingtokillher
- “I don’t think that would be very appropriate, MC…”
- “Why noooot? My mom always told me when two people loved each other, they do a little…frick frack *giggle*”
- “I mean your mom isn’t wrong, but-”
- W A I T
- you just said love
- oh my god you love her and she loves you

- “MC, I’m going to come over, is that alright?” sheneedstokissyouohmygod
- “Yeah~ Just don’t wear anything, you’re so pretty with nothing on~~~”
- omgMCurbadatthis


- This poor soul is so lost when you say you want to spend Christmas alone
- he obviously respects your space, but this lil bby just wanted snuggles, Christmas movies, and hot chocolate
- he’s so excited when he hears your ringtone!!! Hahacausehecantseeurnameonthescreenimsowitty
- but when he answers he hears sobbing?
- W H A T
- he always knew you were a crying drunk buT IT WAS NEVER THIS BAD???
- “Hi V.. *sniffle* you know you’re cool right? Like you make my heart beat fast and i catch my breath when i look at you kind of cool? Because you’re really cool *sniffle* and it really hurts you know? *SOBBING* because I just love you so much and i know you’re terrified of a commitment like that again  and Rika was your sun and I can’t ever compare *moresobbing* And I just feel so bad because you had to go through all that pain and things never worked for you two because you just deserve the world V. You’re so precious and pure; you don’t deserve anything you’ve gotten”
- holy shit
- you’re in love with him???

- Oh man you’re right this boy is so terrified
- But he is sure of one thing
- He may be scared to love you right now, but he will NOT walk away from this
- “Listen MC. Never compare yourself to Rika, okay? But if you’re going to, I want you to know this. Yes, she was my sun, but you know what you are? You’re my moon. You shine so brightly that I can see my way out of the dark. You’re the one who guides me. Nothing, and I mean nothing, can ever compare to what you mean to me. I may not be ready now, but I can say with certainty that one day, I will say “I love you”.”

Boyfriend! Taehyung

Dating Taehyung would include:

  • alright lemme just start off saying that
  • he’s always rushing to grab whoevers child he can get
  • you laugh at him because he’s just all over every toddler that wobbles into the room
  • it honestly melts your heart bc you know how much he wants to be a dad one day
  • and he’s really good with the kids too
  • like they warm up to him right away because of his charming smiles and how he coos to them 
  • while the other members just laugh and move on it’s tae who’s always got a baby in his arms
  • meanwhile
  • when he’s not playing with random children
  • he’s at home with you
  • the two of you enjoy torturing yourselves with horror movies and although he doesn’t admit it
  • he’s fuckin scared when the axe murderer appears out of the woods
  • but since you’re more scared
  • he just pulls you to his chest and puts his hand over your ear so you can’t hear any sound effects
  • he thinks you don’t know but he closes his eyes when it gets scary too
  • taehyung always wants to know what you love about him
  • “y/n i want to know ten reasons why you love me”
  • “before i leave for work i want a kiss and i need you to tell me five reasons you love me”
  • he’s admitted that hearing those things are the only reasons he gets through the six hour long dance practices
  • so you go
  • “tae i love your laugh”
  • “i love your voice”
  • “i love how you always kiss me right when i wake up despite my morning breath”
  • and at that he laughs and leaves for work with his cute lil cheesy smile on his face
  • and in the middle of the day he’ll call you and say he loves you more than anything
  • but he can’t let his members or the choreographer know that he’s snuck off to call his love
  • “y/n this is risky and im gonna get two extra hours of practice if they see me but i love you so much”
  • very dramatic little shit
  • you get that he’s an actor but STILL
  • when you tell him to do the dishes he’ll groan and flop back onto the couch as if he’s been stabbed
  • it’s only when you come over and sit on top of him, kissing him deeply and grinding on him a little
  • then just pull away, stand up and walk away
  • he’ll whine and follow you to the kitchen like the lost puppy he is
  • he’ll back you up against a counter and begin a heated make out session
  • but you push him off and go
  • “not until the dishes are done”
  • he’ll pull a face and then you’ll hear the kitchen sink start after you’ve walked away
  • oooo sex is rly good between you guys
  • SUPER passionate and he’s very vocal
  • total missionary style type a guy
  • tbh probably gets kinky once in awhile when you ask him to try something new
  • ANYWAY post-sex cuddling is huge with tae
  • ya’ll are so worn out but still cannot
  • get
  • enough
  • of
  • each other
  • so bare bodies and all, he’ll pull you close to him to the point where your foreheads are touching and your breath is mixed
  • “i love you” is exchanged almost too much in your household
  • sleepy tae with his raspy voice whispering “i love you so much” is your favorite sound in the world
  • his hair will be messy and his eyes are dazed with sleep but the sight only makes you want to bury yourself back beneath the warmth of his body and stay that way forever
  • which he wouldn’t mind either
  • the boys are grossed out at how public you guys are
  • like tae is NOOOT afraid of showing you off
  • hand holding, kissing, backhugs, and overall pda is not off limits

So I’d like to take a minute to address this video. This is the first @crankgameplays video I’ve watched. I’ve just finished it. I’m crying.

Idk today was a bad day for me and I dunno the fact that… lemme quote some of this at you guys:

“You do matter. Everybody matters. Even thought I may not know all of you guys… I care about you guys. I may not know you, but I do care. I care so much about you guys… and you do matter! Every single person matters! And there’s no one out there that doesn’t matter! Eveyone matters. Everyone.”

“I’m here for all of you that may be feeling this way!… You’re not alone!”

“There’s no one out there that can’t be loved. Everybody can find love.”

“I just want to let you know that every single one of you, you do matter. You seriously, seriously do. You matter to me and I’m sure you matter so much to so many other people in your life, and I hope that you guys realize that. And I hope that, whatever you’re going through, you can get theough it. You can get through it, 100%. Every day is a chance to improve yourself ans to get better, so if you’re going through a tough time, just remember that you can do it. You can get better ans you will get better and sometimes it just takes time. Even if you’ve been trying to get better for years and years and years, there’s no reason why tomorrow couldn’t be ths start of something great and for you to find happiness. And I really want to make sure that you guys know that you mattwr ans you matter in this community and not only do you guys matter to me but you matter to each other.”

“I just wanna make sure you guys know that it can get better and you guys can be happy. If any of you guys are going through a tough time, gou can get through it. Please, please stay here with us. Stay here on this planet and don’t give up. Just keep fighting. And I know it might be really hard, but you’ve gotta keep fighting, you have to keep going because if you give up, you’re just eliminating the chance of it ever getting better.”

“I believe in you, and you can do this. I just wanna remind you that you’re not alone. You are not alone in this.”

Fuck life man that was everything I needed to hear and I’m just so???? Thankful???? Damn. I just. Thanks, man. And that was only some of it??? Like??? Bless you the world needs this.

I want a tv show about badass lgbt+ ladies starring Lana Parrilla, Bridget Regan, Hayley Atwell, Meghan Ory, Tatiana Maslany, Jamie Chung, Sasha Alexander, Chyler Leigh, Jessica Capshaw, Jennifer Morrison, Floriana Lima, Katie McGrath, Viola Davis, Bellamy Young, Kerry Washington, Lucy Liu… You know what, this list is getting pretty long so lemme just say that i want all of our lovely ladies in one big show where they’re all gonna be gay af. 


Since a lot of you wanted to see my new silver hair (which is pretty different from the blonde I usually am), here are some selfies. I’m actually so in love with the colour and the ombre. 

I hope you appreciate them because I froze my ass off going outside to get some good winter sunlight. My phone kept dying because it was so fjdkslfj cold outside. No filters on them (besides the obligatory flower crown one), so that’s the real colour.  Lemme know what you think!

Finally Met You

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Request: Soulmate AU with Alex Summers x Reader? Thanks!

Summary: So in this AU, anything you draw or write on your skin shows up on your soulmate. It’s told mainly in 3rd person but switches to reader’s POV towards the end. Hope you enjoy it!

Tagging: @a-girl-who-loves-disney (if any of you ever want to be tagged in a fic lemme know)

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have you ever wanted to use a certain screenshot in an edit, but the lighting was just Not Working For You™? ever wondered how to fix it? i know i did :/

so lemme just blow your minds.

things you need:

  • any version photoshop (anything cs or above, pretty much)
  • your transparent image you want to change the lighting of
  • various different images of the SAME person in the previous image with the right lighting
  • patience

instructions under the cut!

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“Do you guys think I could rig up the office with traps like this kid does?!”

“If you do I’m not defending you in court Trucy.”k“Haha, we all know Polly’s gonna be the one to get into all of them!”

And here’s my secret santa for @miluotic!! I know you said you wanted some family fluff and being the grinch that I am I chose the only festive thing I’d ever done; watching home alone with the family.

I hope you have a good one this year!

May 28

When God has you and holds you, He wants all of you. Every piece. Your heart, your mind, your muscles. Nothing else has a place. Your past has no place here! Your labels have no place here! Your insecurities have no place here! Your identity is in the One who is jealous for you and wants to be your everything, especially because He knows He is the only one who can bring purpose to those parts you give to Him. All that other stuff? Just weighs you down. Doesn’t give you any life. He is everything.

Otayuri Headcanons

They bake/cook
-otabek makes tiny cupcakes with cats on them for yuri when hes upset
-yuri will try to make different foods.
-hes okay at it
-has beka try it
-Almost always likes it because yuri made an effort
-someone almost always gets something on their face
-the other leans in and wipes it
-doesnt leave with out a peck on the lips
-theyre too cute

Video games
-they have call of duty matches against each other
-otabek is suprisingly amazing at it
-he will let yuri win
-yuri knows

-their legs are tangled together
-they hug in their sleep
-sometimes yuri sleep talks
-its pretty funny
-if otabek is awake he’ll talk back
-its cute bc yuri only responds to otabek in his sleep
-otherwise he talks about cats and ducks.

So those were my headcanons
Probably messed up spelling somewhere
Since this is my first one if you want more lemme know

One Night In Hong Kong (Hoshi/Soonyoung Smut)

Summary: All it took was one look. One look and nothing else mattered. The city lights and bustle of a single night in Hong Kong disappeared around you. Smut. 

(AN: wanted to try out a different style here. it’s actually very different. kinda short compared to what i normally write and idek. cheesy title too. just suit hoshi and delayed mama feels and eternal no f.u.n feels. also those gifs. also don’t be an idiot like the people in this piece of fiction and have unprotected sex. also smut warning. lemme know what you think? -Tanisha<3)

A dark night sky, distinctly void of stars because of the city lights glaring up at it. The bustle of cars and trains and pedestrians showing that nightfall did not signify a period of rest. Hong Kong seemed busier than ever on this night, filled with the best and brightest of the industry’s k-pop stars and spectators, all gathered for the Mnet Asian Music Awards.

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“ I have the honor to be your obedient servant. ”

A.Ham ….. A.Burr

I’ve been REEEEALLY wanting to do some Hamilton fan art for the longest time and so I decided to finally do so. One of my favorite songs because of the back and forward letter to letter conversation these guys are having and cause of just how pissed Burr is. Such an awesome soundtrack overall, I’m hoping to do more fan art and maybe even an animatic in time!

I’m open for feedback too so don’t be shy! Lemme know what you guys think or what I should draw next!

Lunch Stop | Jake Peralta

Title: Lunch Stop
Author: Clara
Character: Jake Peralta
Warnings: swearing
Prompt: I was wondering if you could a Jake one shot (you seem to be one of the few blogs who do stuff for him unfortunately/your stuff for him is also awesome) where Jake is just super affection and just like ‘this is my girlfriend/partner and they’re awesome and i’m so lucky’ and just super adorable? If not that’s okay! Keep up the awesome work :D

note: If yall want a part 2 where reader actually meets the team lemme know :)

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With the outcome of the nerve-racking election, I know we are all scared. Lemme be honest, I’m fucking freaked out—scared shitless even—but, this is the time we need to stand together. With what may or may not happen, WE NEED TO STAND AS ONE! We will weather this damn storm, we will continue fighting till the last one of us have equal rights and are protected from those who mean to harm us. I want you to know, I am here for you all. I can be your rock, your friend and your ally. Fuck, I can be your leader if need be. Transcend Girl will FOREVER and ALWAYS be a safe zone for those of the LGBT+ community. I would also like to extend a loving hand to those who feel they aren’t safe. Any cisgender women, person of color, Muslim, immigrant, etc era, you are welcome here. We will greet you with loving open arms. I want all of you to know, I love each and everyone one of you. It doesn’t matter your age, gender, sexuality, social status, religion, or the color of your skin. You are loved here and you are accepted for WHO YOU ARE. Let us stand together and show everyone that no matter what they throw at us, we aren’t going anywhere. We will not hide in that closet! We are here to stand and you better fucking believe that WE WILL FIGHT BACK! LOVE NOT HATE! Know that I’ll keep doing my best to make everyone laugh and crack a goofy ass smile. I’m not giving up my dreams and you shouldn’t either. As the one and only Transcend Girl, I promise you that this blog will always be full of love, excessive vulgarity and an exceptional love of breasts. STAY STRONG! We may be pushed down, but little do they know, we are aiming for that kill shot! We will win! WE ARE ALL HUMAN! WE ALL STAND TOGETHER!