When I was finishing up outlining the zektbach badges I reached for the guidebook next to me to check Adhuk spelling and other reference. The moment I flipped through I was freaking out when I see the shota mathematician name is written as LIAN. To make it worse his name is also written as リアン. My brain went nuts, “OMFG BUT ADDYHSSJJK?? DID I GET HIS NAME WRONG ALL THESE YEARSS???”
I even changed the name on the badge from Lien to Lian. Doubting my own memory I dug out Ristaccia album artbook and relieved to find that it has always been Lien since then and Lian is just another one of few typo/mistake in Zekt Guidebook.

Then tonight as I chatted with Mishie about our zekt fan art progress for our respective upcoming con, she suddenly panicked and went “holy fuckin’ shit, i didn’t realize lien is actually spelled lian! FFFFFFFFFFFFF”

I am sorry Mishie but I can’t help but laughing at how both of us confused by the same thing when we are both preparing zekt fan merch!!! XDDDD

(Note: I did reassure her asap, so all is good)

Hi!! ( ´∀`)☆

lemishie and I will be at Anime Expo 2015′s artist alley! The convention runs from July 2-5, 2015 at the Los Angeles Convention Center, CA.

We are at A98, which is all the way to the right from the copic marker stand, and near the end of that rightward stretch.

I will be selling a number of new posters, and a lot of my familiar merchandise will reprise! lemishie will debut a new series of charms, buttons, and more~~

The series I typically focus on are the Atelier series (notably Arland and Dusk), Odin Sphere, Sound Horizon, Ar tonelico, Kagerou Project, and more. lemishie focuses on Owari no Seraph, Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun, Kekkai Sensen, Tales of Zestiria, Love Live!, and lots more~~ ヾ(>ワ<)ノ


Merry Christmas 2013!

I wanted to make proper drawing but as usual it is not possible due to health, so I can only do some chibis. 
Falo and Matin is obviously to satisfy my ultimate OTP feels, Gijiri and Ido is sort of my xmas card for sealer-of-wenkamui, while Gijiri and A'milia one is for lemishie. Thank you both for your support especially from last year Christmas, let’s Zektbach-ing again for the coming days~