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hiya :D I was just wondering where you got those tiny skulls that are in your bouquet from your Hannibal dinner party? I'm thinking of throwing one over Christmas. Thanks!

hi! i got them at evolution, one of my favorite shops in nyc. i used mink skulls, cow vertebrae and rabbit ribs. i think they do online orders, but i’m sure you can also find stuff in specialty online boutiques. xx

lemiowmonsieur replied to your post: hello :3 do you play AA on your computer? if so, where did you get it? would very much like to know :D

thank you! i just got a new laptop and want to spend my life on it instead of paying attention in college <3

well that definitely sounds like a good life choice to me!! :D

goofy fictional lawyers > everything else

i think they must be cheating because they ALWAYS win >:| not cool guys jk it’s totally cool AND I’M GOING TO STOP TALKING NOW BECAUSE I SOUND LIKE A CRAZY PERSON OMG I SHOULD PROBABLY GO TO BED SKJFHDSKF

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i’m on my way, hun. I know how you feel. you are not a failure, don’t think that. I love you kurt! <3

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oh no i’m really sorry! the other day you were in my dream and i hugged you so i’m pretty sure that counts

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hug hug hug hug hug hug hug hug hug hug hug hug hug hug hug hug hug hug <3

you guys are all so sweet, I love you <3 and your hugs are much appreciated

Heck yeah!!!! There’s a Fluttershy pair and a Rarity pair in the same pack too hehehe uwu also they’re made for kids so I managed to get my stupidly small foot in them fine but that also means Dash is now stretched to all hell I am so sorry Dashie omfg