Lembas Bread-A Drabble

I wanted to write a cute drabble, there are lots of things going on right now that are weighing me down and I just want to write. So here goes!!!

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Gosh that elf was adorable, so ridiculously innocent, just a cinnamon roll if there ever was one.

You guys had been packing for a bit, the pain of everything still palpable, the loss of Mithrandir, what Galadriel had said, everything. So when Legolas saw his favorite food, it was enough to make him break into a huge grin. “Lembas, elvish waybread, one small bite is enough fill the stomach of a grown man.” He said, taking a bite, the most ridiculously cute expression on his face, before turning around to talk to Strider, jumping from the boat you were currently sitting on. By that time you were holding in the giggles, barely managing to keep a straight face. Straying behind, you listened to the conversation of the two hobbits while you restrung your bow, wondering what they would say next.

The hobbits kept their gaze on the blonde elf for a minute before turning to each other. “How many did you eat?” Merry asked in the most natural tone, like they were sitting in their chairs in a hobbit hole, sipping tea and eating scones, not on a crazy journey to destroy the most powerful piece of jewelry in existence. That in itself was hilarious, but the next piece of conversation just broke you.

“Four.” Replied the hobbit, taking a belch at the end of the reply. And you just lost it.

“___ what’s wrong!” Legolas called out, turning around to see his fellow elf gasping for breath, bow at their side, laughing like there was no tomorrow. “What’s so funny?” He asked, confusedly, towards the hobbits, that were just staring at you.

“It’s, it’s nothing!” You managed to get out before erupting in another fit of giggles. Legolas just stared at you, an odd look on his face, something that caused you to laugh even harder. Finally you managed to calm down. “Sorry Legolas, there was just something funny I remembered.” You got out, trying to not start laughing again.

“Okay __, just happy you’re okay.” Legolas said, a suspicious look on his face. You saw Aragorn also was holding back a smile. You flashed a grin at him, before finishing restringing your bow and getting in your boat to continue your journey.

-The End-

Hope ya like! This was just something that I wanted to write, a cute little drabble, but I still hope it has at least some quality!! Have fun reading!!

Mistaken Identity

Words: 2453

Request:  Anon said: “Could you do a Thranduil x reader, where they are married, and she is usually always in fancy clothes. One day she tries to get into the throne room in more plain clothing, and the guard doesnt recognize her, so they end up throwing her in the dungeon, and when Thranduil finds out hes enraged, and shes irritated.”

Pairing/Characters: Thranduil x Reader

Notes: This ended differently than how I had originally planned, but it turned out!!

You had the entire day off. For once. No responsibilities were nagging at you to be completed. No handmaidens were knocking the doors down at the break of dawn to have a moment of your time, trying to get you prim and proper for the day’s meetings.

Today was one of those days, you laughed to yourself as you settled lower into the fluffy pillows of the bed you shared with your husband, Thranduil. Raising your arms, you stretched under the thick furs of the bed, relishing in the comfortable mattress.

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How Gimli really got to go the Undying Lands
  • Thranduil: ok Legolas everything is set are you ready to go?
  • Legolas: Yes. Are you ready Gimli?
  • Gimli: -nods-
  • -He and Legolas join hands-
  • Thranduil: um. Legolas. This is awkward as fuck but you know Gimli can't come, right?
  • Legolas: -stone cold glare- I'm sorry what.
  • Thranduil: Here we fucking go...You know the rules son, he-
  • Thranduil: Legolas we talked about this, you-
  • Thranduil: The rules say that-
  • Thranduil: Legolas! I can't just-
  • Thranduil: oh for fucks sake...
  • -Thranduil goes on a long perilous journey across the sea and appeals to Manwë and the other Valar-
  • Thranduil: Yeah hi there, I'm King Thranduil, you might remember me from the shit life you have dealt me...um anyway, so I'm here to ask that Gimli the Dwarf be allowed to come to Valinor.
  • Manwë: but why would you, Thranduil Oropherion speak of such for one of the Naugrim. You have no great love for their kind.
  • Thranduil: Tell me about it I...ah, it's not me. It's my son, Legolas. He...he...Damn, I'm not drunk enough for this...HE FELL IN LOVE WITH GIMLI OK. And now the only way he will agree to sail is if freakin Gimli can come with him. He's so damn stubborn, I don't know WHERE he gets that from GOSH.
  • Manwë: um
  • Thranduil:
  • Manwë: you mean 'in love' like Beren and Luthien 'in love'
  • Thranduil: fucking yes.
  • Manwë: woo. Oh boy. Ah. I'm sorry. I see your concern but never before has one of dwarvish kind set foot upon these shores
  • Thranduil: yeah and trust me I wouldn't want them here either but...Legolas. As much of a pain in the ass that little shit can be, I do love him. And like, it would only be ONE dwarf.
  • Manwë: hm, this COULD eternally amend the blood feud between the two races and pass into legend as a shining example of love and my kindness that I could bestow upon them. Give them my blessing, have a few or 15,000 ballads written about it. Good for PR you know.
  • Thranduil: yeah...so?
  • Manwë: it is decided. Your son may bring the dwarf.
  • -Thranduil returns to Middle Earth after a terrible journey back across the sea-
  • Legolas: So can he come? Did you get permission for Gimli to sail?
  • Thranduil: oh hello son, nice to see you again too. Yes the journey was terrible thank you for asking. That stupid steward of mine was sea sick all over my favorite robe, there were orcs on the way back through the forest, and I ran out of Lembas and-
  • Legolas: can Gimli come?
  • Thranduil:
  • Legolas:
  • Thranduil:
  • Legolas: can Gimli-
  • -Gimli and Legolas passionately kiss-
  • Thranduil:
  • -still kissing-
  • Thranduil: -reaches for glass of wine-
  • Thranduil:
  • Thranduil: -throws glass to floor and grabs the bottle-
  • Thranduil: -chugs wine-
  • Thranduil: an eternity of this...fuck my actual life.

خوبصورت (khubsurat) - beautiful

بڑا (beṛa) - big

گہرا (guehera) - deep

لمبا (lemba) - long

پتلا (petla) - narrow 

مختصر (mekheteṣer) - short 

چھوٹا (cheohṭa) - small 

لمبا (lemba) - tall   

موٹا حصّہ (meoṭa ḥeṣeh) - thick 

باریک (bareyk) - thin 

چوڑا (cheoṛa) - wide  

کڑوا (keṛva) - bitter  

تازہ (tazeh) - fresh  

نمکین (nemkeyn) - salty 

ترش (teresh) - sour 

مصالحہ دار/چٹ پٹا (meṣaleḥeh dare/cheṭ peṭa) - spicy 

میٹھا (meyṭha) - sweet 

برا (bora) - bad 

صاف (ṣaf) - clean

اندھیرا (andheyra) - dark

مشکل (mushkel) - difficult

میلا (meyla) - dirty

سوکھا (seokha) - dry

آسان (asan) - easy 

خالی (khaley) - empty

مہنگا (mehnegua) - expensive

تیز رو (teyz reo) - fast 

غیر ملک (gheyr melek) - foreign

لبریز (lebereyz) - full 

اچھا (accha) - good 

سخت (sekhet) - hard

بھاری (beharey) - heavy

کم قیمت (kem qeymet) - inexpensive

روشنی (reoshney) - light

مقامی (meqamey) - local

نیا (neya) - new

پر شور (per sheor) - noisy

عمر رسیدہ (emer reseydeh) - old 

طا قتور (ta qeteor) - powerful 

خاموش (khameosh) - quiet

درست (dereset) - correct

آہستہ (ahesteh) - slow

نرم (nerem) - soft

کمزور (kemzeor) - weak

گیلا (gueyla) - wet

غلط (ghelet) - wrong

جوان (jewan) - young

Immortal // Lee Taeyong


the prompt: Can i get fantasy scenario with Taeyong with The Hobbit/Lord of the ring theme? aka: you, a human, are the best friends with taeyong. the two of you realize the truth about mortality a bit too late.

words: 2000

category: angst + lotr elf!taeyong

author note: ayo your local tolkien stan is here!! I was so excited when I got this request I wasn’t sure what to write for it bc I wanted to make it perfect. anyway i figure some elves must hate being immortal, you know? so that’s what prompted this.

- destinee

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You walked down the length of the stone corridor slowly, to take notice of the scenery around you. Lothlórien had become like your home after many years of traveling. As a child, you were a wanderer, so it didn’t surprise anyone when you decided to go off and search for the ancient elves realms that only few humans knew about.

The first time you met an elf was entirely by coincidence, and was the main reason you chose to look for more elves. His name was Taeyong, and he was your age or older (as no one can really tell with immortal beings). His dark hair was straight and flowed down past his collarbones, covered by a circlet of bronze. Your thirteen-year-old mind thought he must be royalty.

After talking to him, you found that he was only friends to royalty. Having been orphaned sometime during the war with Morgoth, he had been taken in under the wings of Lothlórien elves and their families. The elven prince, Sicheng, was exceptionally kind to Taeyong, always including him in royal activities so that Taeyong felt like royalty himself.

He knew the truth of course, which is why you found him in Fangorn Forest. He liked to be alone to think, but your company was never rejected. Perhaps he found something perplexing about you as a human. He had never met a nice human, and the only stories of the race of men he had learnt were horrible ones that resulted in the deaths of his elven ancestors.

You were nice to him however. You never pushed to learn about his life, or what he was thinking. Instead, you had asked him how to climb a tree. You had asked to see his pointed ears. You had asked him to teach you entish, so that you could talk to the Ents as they slowly roamed around the forest. You always wanted to learn something. Taeyong knew you hadn’t initially come to him for friendship, and the thought gave him a strange sense of comfort.

It took him forever to tell Sicheng about you. He was afraid that once you met him, you would go to the prince with all your questions. He was used to that: being surpassed by the prince. Although the royal family had taken him in with good intentions, there was always the underlying truth that Taeyong just wasn’t one of them. He was a dark elf. His skin was honeyed and his hair was blacker than the night itself. The only thing he had in common with the fair Lothlórien elves was the color of his eyes. Still then, his eyes were more of a charcoal gray people recoiled at, while Sicheng’s were a soft silver that people cooed at.

You had never really thought of Taeyong as your elven friend. You thought of him as your first friend; someone who you could learn things from. He was someone who would help you become better at your adventures. No matter where you went, you always returned to that hideaway spot in Fangorn Forest, where the Ents hadn’t yet awoken, to talk to Taeyong. You told him about the dwarven kingdoms and how they had more gold than you had ever seen in one place. You told him about the pleasant little hobbits, who lived in their warm holes, content with tea and pastries. You talked about the Old Forest and how Tom Bombadil was still doing very well, and he says thanks for asking. You talked about Bree, and how the mead was always too strong for you and the company was always a bit strange. You talked about Ithilien, the Moon-land, and how it was a cozy little place filled with beautiful foliage. You talked of Mordor, and how it was too far away, but you still had nightmares about the evil creatures you knew lurked there. By your twenty-first year, you had travelled nearly everywhere in Middle Earth. Yet, each month you would leave to find somewhere you wished to go and visit, then loyally return to Taeyong to tell him what you had learned.

When he finally told Sicheng about you, he found out that you had yet to explore any elven kingdom. He was so used to rangers coming in and out of Lothlórien, requesting blessings and gifts, that he hadn’t even realized that you hadn’t been inside of the kingdom itself.

“I’ve thought about it,” you’d say, “but I’m afraid to intrude. I know how elves feel towards human travelers.”

Taeyong had brushed your concerns away. “You’re my friend, though. They’ll want to meet you.”

So you agreed. You finally met Sicheng, the renowned prince, to find that he was quite witty. He and you clicked well, but he couldn’t replace Taeyong. He never would. From then on, Taeyong wasn’t afraid of telling others about you. He realized that you were loyal, which was a trait rarely found in elves. Humans did have that strange resilience to stay by their friend’s side until the very end. It seemed you had chosen to stay with Taeyong. Taeyong had unknowingly chosen you as well. His entire family could tell that you were someone Taeyong had attached himself to. Which is why, as you were off visiting Rohan, they decided to sit down and talk to him.

They reminded him that he was over a century old. Which was young, yes, in elven years. However, you wouldn’t even be around for a century. You were a mortal. Humans were mortal and there was nothing they could do it gain immortality. They reminded Taeyong that the gleam in his eyes wasn’t that of a friend. They admitted that they knew Taeyong had fallen in love with a human. They told him to be careful.

Taeyong was hurt in every sense of the word. Never in his life had he begged for mortality like he had the next few weeks. How could the universe be so cruel that it would not only take away his parents, but also threaten the one he loved?

So he tried to fix the universe himself. He tried to change fate, as if it were his to control. With a long knife, he chopped off his long hair, resulting in a messy cut that barely brushed the top of his collar. Then he put on human clothes and left with nothing in his pocket but a few biscuits of lembas bread. He wanted nothing more than to become a human. He wanted a life humans always talked about in their books. They were boring, short lives, filled with nothing but following expectations but somehow Taeyong thought he could endure that if you were by his side. Perhaps that’s how humans thought, too. Perhaps all they wanted to do was find that one person who would make their short, mediocre lives seem a little bit longer and a little more exciting.

Taeyong’s disappearance was the entire reason you were at Lothlórien and not at Fangorn. You had come here first to talk to Sicheng about the situation. Sicheng hadn’t known what to tell you other than the truth, so he revealed that there was no real way you and Taeyong could become one. You would die far too soon for it to become anything. Everything Sicheng was telling you wasn’t news. You had thought about it plenty of times before. There was always an extra something there between you and Taeyong. You never thought you would have to confront the truth so soon.

You felt immortal. You felt like there was nothing you could do that would kill you. It was jarring to remember that you were just a human with limited time and organs that could fail any moment.

You went to the Fangorn Forest. There, on his usual tree, was Taeyong with his hair cut short. It was attractive, just brushing the tips of his pointed ears. His gaze lifted to see your form, and you could see all the emotion hidden behind the moon nestled in his eyes. “Y/n.”

You didn’t answer. Instead, you climbed the tree with little effort until you were sitting beside Taeyong, shoulders brushing. “So, I went to Rohan. You wouldn’t believe how many horses are in that kingdom, Tae.”

“Really?” he asked weakly, buying into the game you were playing. The game of acting like nothing had happened. “Did you get to ride any?”

“Get to?” you scoffed playfully. “That’s all I did while I was there. I’m sure the stablehands were mad at me. There was this one named Kun. He was so annoyed that I kept making him stay at the stable so he could do his job and clean the tack after I was done.”

Taeyong quirked a small smile, but it was nothing compared to his usual shining grin.

You couldn’t ignore it anymore. “Tae, I know I’m not immortal. It’s okay.”

With that, the damn fell. Elves didn’t cry, for they were strong and graceful creatures. For the first time in his life, Taeyong felt a warm sting being his eyes and the overwhelming urge to just sob crawling up his throat. He couldn’t stop himself from wrapping him arms around your body as he cried into your shoulder. “It’s not fair, Y/n. I love you so much. I want to be a human.”

Your heart broke at his voice, and the amount of hurt inside of it. Every lilt was accented by pain that had been bubbling inside of him for a few weeks now. You were the only person who could comfort him.

Before either of you really knew what was happening, you were kissing. Kissing and crying and touching and just… feeling. Feeling the passion that the two of you had known for that past years that neither of you had acted upon. Feeling the slow burn of love that was quickly turning into ashes that flew into the sky, never to be seen again. It wasn’t an I-love-you kiss. It was a goodbye kiss, and both of you knew it.

Taeyong’s tears stained your cheeks when he pressed into you, his teeth grazing your lips as a growl of frustration escaped him lips. He was frustrated at the world, and the rules that somehow made it to where he couldn’t be with you.

Even if the two of you stayed together until you died, he would still have to live for the rest of his life with you gone. It was better to forget you and move on now, while he and you both were still young.

He finally let go of your lips, his forehead rested harshly against yours as he breathed heavily. “We never should’ve met,” he said.

“I know,” you replied, your eyes closing in pain.

“However, I don’t regret it.” He pressed a chaste kiss to your forehead. “Good luck on your travels, Y/n. I’ll be sending blessings your way. I hope you find a human man who loves you so much more than I ever could.”

“Taeyong…” You cupped his cheeks tenderly, looking into those penetrating eyes one last time. “I love you.”

“I didn’t think this was going to be so hard,” he sighed. “I’ve got to go.”

As he climbed down the tree, he looked back sadly, “It might be best that you don’t return to Lothlórien for a few years. They’ll be watching me closely. Elves can die of a broken heart, you know?” He gave you a bitter smile, “They might make me forget you, and if that happens, I’m sorry.”

You wiped your eyes, “I understand. It’s for your own good, of course.”

You watched him walk away, until there was no evidence that he was even there, save the tear stains dripping down your cheeks.

You felt mortal. Although you had always known your mortality, it hadn’t registered.

You felt mortal, and there was no feeling more devastating.

~the end~

Cinnamon-Sugar Lembas

I have stayed away from lembas recipes thus far. So many people have so many different recipes, and everyone just loves every single one. Why bother, ya know?

@theweirdsadhobbitofbagend sent me this recipe a while back and suggested I try it - and I am so glad I did! It’s flaky, it’s tender, and it’s soooo good. So if you need another lembas recipe to add to your collection, choose this one. Please.

Cinnamon Sugar Lembas (printable)
makes about 10 servings


2 ½ cups of flour
1 tablespoon of baking powder
¼ teaspoon of salt
8 tablespoons of cold butter 
1/3 cup of brown sugar
1 teaspoon of cinnamon
½ teaspoon maple syrup/honey
2/3 cup of milk/heavy cream (or more, if necessary)
½ teaspoon of vanilla 


Preheat oven to 425 F/ 220 C. Mix the flour, baking powder and salt into a large bowl. Add the butter and mix with a fork or a pastry cutter until the mixture resembles fine granules. Add the sugar and cinnamon, and mix them thoroughly into the mixture. Add the milk/cream, vanilla and maple syrup/honey and stir them in with a fork until a nice, thick dough forms.

Roll the dough out about ½ in thickness. Cut out 3-inch squares and transfer the dough to a cookie sheet. Criss-cross (DO NOT cut all the way) each square from corner-to-corner with a knife. Sprinkle with cinnamon-sugar before baking, if desired. Bake for ~12 minutes or more (depending on the thickness of the bread) until it is set and lightly golden. 

Recipe found on sparkpeople, via @theweirdsadhobbitofbagend

I got an anon prompting me for more Fingros. I’ll get to it soon (…it’s a good prompt!) but clearly I’ve been letting the side down so here’s some garbage I wrote ages ago for partner in crime @imindhowwelayinjune while we were doing Treat Me Soft. It’s literally just this but with the OTP. Sorry not sorry. 

“Alright,” Fingon said, hoping he sounded soothing and not vaguely panicked. The surgeries were done. No complications, the healers had assured him. Everything had gone as well as could be expected and Maedhros was as healthy as anyone in his situation could be. Which was not close to healthy enough, Fingon thought, his heart aching. “Eat the lembas." 

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