Floating Market - Lembang, West Java, Indonesia

Hi everyone! This is my first post for my blog since my arrival in Indonesia. After all those travel posts around the UK, now I will take you to an area in West Java close to the city of Bandung, named Lembang! Lembang is a mountainous area with vast areas used for agribusiness of various sorts. It is a small town not that faraway from the hustle and bustle of Bandung. So if you go to Lembang, it’s like a quick nature-feel escapade.

I went to Lembang with my family, specifically to check out the Floating Market or Pasar Apung that is very happening at the moment for West Java tourism. To get in, one person have to pay Rp.10.000,00 and parking is Rp.5.000,00. For my international followers, Rp.10.000,00 is around 90 US cents or 55 British pence. Hahahah beyond cheap, right?? Also, you get a free welcome drink of your choice from cold teas until hot coffees.

Basically, the idea is to make a similar concept of the floating markets in Vietnam. I guess you could find similar markets like these in some other south-east asian countries, but in my opinion, this floating market is very well designed, landscaping-wise. I couldn’t upload all the parts of the area because of the limited photo space, but basically a very big lake is the central point of the area, with surrounding souvenir shops and restaurants in traditional buildings, neat parks with gazebos to lounge in, some amusement rides for children, and the main attraction itself: the floating market, located in an ¼ portion of the lake. To top it off, place a backdrop of sloping mountains and you get a very picturesque feel whilst you are there! The market itself is more of a traditional food market, not selling fresh veggies or anything.

Well of course, the main thing that people go there is for… the traditional indonesian food! Hahahah. Most of em are traditional snacks and they taste so good. There are also some other foods that is popular in Indonesia sold there that is non-Indonesian, for example my favourites: varieties of Chinese dim sums and Japanese Takoyaki and Okonomaki. Yum! And yes, all these are sold in gorgeous little boats floating on the side of a deck. Bascally you pay with special coins in the sums of Rp.5000, Rp.10.000, Rp.20.000. So you trade your money with these special coins. I guess this is also to control prices by the management of the place. But hey, it’s very affordable! Foods range from Rp.5000 - Rp.40.000 if I’m not mistaken. As far as my memory goes, but I don’t think there’s any less than Rp.5000. There are also sitting areas for you to eat your food or you could go standing-party-style if the place is very packed with people.

When I went there the place was so packed with people, it wasn’t really comfortable. But then again it was the long weekends, so what do you expect? Hahaha. I guess it’s best to go there not on the long weekends for a more relaxed feel. People from out of town, especially from Jakarta, literally invade Bandung and Lembang in long weekends or other holidays. Seriously.

So, what did I buy? After taking pictures first of the place (of course, so me haha) I went to grab some food with my family. It was quite confusing on what to choose because of all the variety and my tummy capacity. Haha. After one year in the UK, I wanted to stuff myself with many local foods hahaha. I wish. Well I managed to eat batagor (out of tofu and fish which is fried and topped with peanut sauce + a little chilli), this curly fried potato thing on a stick with barbecue flavoured topping as seen in the above picture (i’ve never seen it before, call it a recent local innovation lol), dim sums and dumplings, a taste of mom’s satays, and a cup of ice lemon tea. And I got an ice cream cone on the way back home that I also bought for my family. Hahaha.

Overall, Lembang’s Floating Market is a recommended place to go for anyone wanting to bring their family, children, friends, girlfriend, boyfriend, etc. and taste an Indonesian atmosphere in a Sundanese-feel area :D. Sundanese is West Java’s main ethnicity btw.