I finally finished a group shot of Boat Party from Season 1 of one of my favorite podcasts Friends at the Table. 

Hella the fighter Fero the druid and Lem the bard respectively. I love them a lot and putting details into clothing a lot. Apparently. It was fun if very time consuming. Hopefully drawing the other half of the FatT dream team will go faster. 

YEah! I worked real hard and am happy with how it turned out. :) Thank you.

Cuddle (L.H. Blurb)

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You looked away from your textbook and at your phone that just beeped, signaling that you had a new message.
You sighed, debating whether or not it was important enough to check as you were currently studying for an exam you had the following day.
You decided to brush it off and turned back to your textbook, reading over the chapter you were currently on.
After a few more beeps, you groaned and grabbed your phone to see who thought it’d be a good idea to spam it while you were studying.
It was your boyfriend.
“Freaking Luke Hemmings,” you muttered as you unlocked your screen and pulled up his messages.
His messages went a little something like:

Huke Lemmings :P 

Huke Lemmings :P 

Huke Lemmings :P 

Huke Lemmings :P 
Stop ignoring meeeeee. I’m in some serious need of some cuddles!!!! :(

You rolled your eyes at the messages.

Go and cuddle Michael. I’m trying to study and you’re distracting me :/

His reply was almost instant.

Huke Lemmings :P 
(picture on top) but I need your cuddles :(

That blanket seems to be doing a nice job.

Huke Lemmings :P 
You’re mean :/

Babe, just please let me finish studying this chapter and I promise I’ll FaceTime you after, okay? In the meantime, go bug Michael for cuddles.

Huke Lemmings :P 

Your phone was silent for a few minutes before it beeped again.

Huke Lemmings :P 
Michael threw a pillow at me and refused to give me cuddles.

Huke Lemmings :P 
I’ll go bug Calum for a cuddle.

It was a few more minutes later that you got another text.

Huke Lemmings :P 
Yay! I got cuddles from Calum. I’ll be waiting for your call, babe xx

You simply laughed at how cuddle seeking your boyfriend was before going back to studying so that you could FaceTime your man and make fun of him for his obsession with cuddles.

thegreyturtle  asked:

The answer to both questions is magic..... Well the short answer is anyway.... I don't think even Don could understand the Long answer (spoilers it involves lemmings)

Lemmings? Grey, have you ever sent me an ask that didn’t leave me confused??

Resûlullah Efendimiz (sallallahu aleyhi ve sellem ) buyurdular:

“Her kim ‘Kul hüvellâhü ehad’ sûresini on defa okursa, Allah (azze ve celle) onun için cennette bir köşk yapar.” buyurdular.

Bunun üzerine Ömer bin Hattab (radiyallahu anh )
“Öyleyse ben bunu çok okuyacağım yâ Resûlallah” dedi.

Resûlullah (sallallahu aleyhi ve sellem ) de “Allâhü Teâlâ(nın hayrı) daha çok ve daha güzeldir.” buyurdular.

(Hadîs-i Şerîf, Taberânî, el-Mu’cemü’l-Kebîr)

1- Kul hüvellâhü ehad
2- Allâhüssamed
3- Lem yelid ve lem yûled
4- Ve lem yekün lehû küfüven ehad

Rahmân ve Rahîm olan Allah'ın ismiyle.
1- De ki; O Allah bir tektir. 
2- Allah eksiksiz, sameddir (Bütün varlıklar O'na muhtaç, fakat O, hiç bir şeye muhtaç değildir).
3- Doğurmadı ve doğurulmadı 
4- O ‘na bir denk de olmadı.