Lem, as his friends call him, has been in Midnight longer than most of his neighbors. In fact, he knew Manfred’s grandma back in the day, when she was still breathing, and his respect for her keeps his girl from offing Manfred. He’s powerful, wise, safeguards his friends at all costs, and takes swift and deadly action against enemies. He works the night shift (naturally) at the pawnshop, which is bad news when the biker gang rolls into town and they aren’t there for antiques. He and Olivia are deeply connected and committed and he helps her with her anger management issues. “I love all the characters for different reasons and I love telling his backstory,” Owusu-Breen says. “He’s not exactly what we’ve all come to expect from a vampire. I loved how in these books the bad guy is not always who you assume it would be.”


So… I drew all the player characters from the Dungeon World campaign Seasons of Hieron/Winter in Hieron, of the podcast Friends at the Table. You guys. Y'all. It’s such an incredible feat of collaborative storytelling, I love it so much.

Please listen to Friends at the Table.


The Brotherhood without banners. King’s men, knights, and heroes … but some knights are dark and full of terror.

(top to bottom: Beric Dondarrion, Thoros of Myr, Tom Sevenstrings, Lem Lemoncloak, Edric Dayne, Anguy, Harwin, Gendry and Lady Stoneheart)