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3. http://lelouisvuitton.tumblr.com/

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6. He seems to be non-existent at this point……..

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anonymous asked:

leluisvuitton was actually helenista/ciarabella. before her name was helenista, it was leluisvuitton.

oh sorry yeah. i didn’t know her before she was helenista. so i guess she was lelouis*vuitton. but yes i do have 6 of her themes then, for the other anon. (:

goopycarbonara asked:

Hello! Is helenista/ciarabella the same as lelouisvuitton? I don't know where to find any of the themes!

No I don’t think lelouisvuitton is the same person (x ciarabella used to be called helenista but she changed her name then deactivated

according to another anon helenista used to be lelouisvuitton (x sorry i only knew her when she was helenista. but yeah i do have 6 of her themes (: