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There’s nothing in the world that you and i can’t do together”

Okay don’t kill me but…i’ve always thought Code geass should’ve been a yaoi anime. I mean…Suzalulu,it’s not just for me,i watched and analized all the ships believe me,and Suzalulu is the ship that makes the most sense…and have the most drama.

Childhood friends,they met again and going to the same school,then became lovers and at the end enemies.

You can’t tell me this isn’t accurate,Code Geass might have MORE drama if the anime were like this.

How Suzaku would flirt with Lelouch

As requested by anon

1. Reminiscing about the past

Suzaku: Those were some tough times during the Invasion of Japan, huh?

Suzaku: Remember when we had to sleep in the forest so that we weren’t spotted by the Britannian forces?

Suzaku: And we had to huddle together for warmth?

Suzaku: Now that I think about it, I’m pretty cold right now! How about a huddle, for old times’ sake!

Lelouch: No need for that, Suzaku, you can take one of my coats in the hall.

Suzaku: But old times!

2. Happiness as glass metaphors

Suzaku: I might have been wrong before.

Suzaku: I think happiness is only like glass…if your face is on the other side.

Lelouch: …So, to be happy, I need a mirror?

Suzaku: Do you even emotion

3. Through moral reflection

Suzaku: Lelouch, I don’t approve of results gained through dishonest means.

Suzaku: So, you’ll have to buy me dinner first.

Lelouch: …?

4. Through statistics

Suzaku: Lelouch, did you know that I have a 94% compatibility rating?

Lelouch: With your Knightmare?

Suzaku: With you.

5. Through the heat of battle

Suzaku: I swear, Lelouch, I’LL ANNIHILATE YOU!

Suzaku: …if you know what I mean. [winks]



Suzaku: Lelouch, you are terrible at flirting.

Lelouch: Wh-what?!

6. With surprises

You know how Suzaku always likes to barge in at the last minute to disrupt Lelouch’s plans?

Lelouch: S-Suzaku? What are you doing here!

Suzaku: Surprise! Look, I got dinner!

Lelouch: But how did you even find this place?! It’s supposed to be highly classi-

Suzaku: Huh?

Lelouch: Highly…classy.

Suzaku: Only the best for you!

7. With secret hand signals

Lelouch came up with a series of secret hand signals to communicate with Suzaku. Unfortunately, Suzaku could never learn them.

Suzaku: Psst! Lelouch!

Suzaku: [makes weird hand signal]


Suzaku: Wait, crap, what’s the one for “you look good”?

Suzaku: [makes weird hand signal]


Suzaku: Ugh…

8. Using Lancelot to leave a message

Soldier #1: Oh god, the destruction. Bodies everywhere…why must the innocent always suffer?

Soldier #2: Hey, Derek, check this out. Tracks in the dirt. Looks like someone was trying to leave a message.

Soldier #1:

Soldier #1: “Dinner?”

Soldier #2: This is by the far the weirdest case of fraternising with the enemy I’ve encountered.

9. Through puns

Suzaku: So let me get this straight - I become Zero after you die.

Lelouch: That’s right.

Suzaku: So basically, I will be nothing without you.


Lelouch: Just put on the damn mask.

10. In the Zero Requiem

Suzaku: Your heart isn’t the only thing I’ll be stabbing!


Lelouch: Suzaku, I just asked you to kill me. Is this really the time?

Suzaku: You ruined my life, dude. At least let me flirt when I want.


Hi :3 I know i messed you before a while ago(on ask) i just don’t have any friends that like code geass XD so I just really like talking to people about it~ so I was wondering, who’s your favorite character? :3 


Lelouch Lamperouge Suzaku Kururugi

idk if favorite code geass character but even if its not code geass xD they’re my favorite characters of characters *A* <3 (if i have to choose one,is Lelouch uwu) 

But like…maybe all the people are always sayin “oh why do you like Suzaku? when he did blah blah blah and he is blah blah” well i don’t care uwu if all of you know more about more about him maybe you will love him too.

I liked him since the first season *A* like Lelouch

any of the gifs are mine lol