A smol witchmika from my sketch folder bc I have been a bad mother and haven’t given her much love

TimeKid!Sans travel ‘forward’ in time to meet the Original gang! XD Little do the tyke know that he is connected to the original Sans in his Timeline. So whatever happens to Baby Bones pretty much happens to Lazy Bones as you can see for yourselves. Lelelel X9

space-panther  asked:

following u and seeing all ur junkrat art has made me go from being low-key terrified of him because reasons 2 genuinely enjoying his presence thank u he is a good boy but he still has to take a bath

LOOOL yea hes still a terrifying rascal but i like drawing other sides 2 him lelelel. thank u <3

Come at us, bro.

Mercury Black: @PrimalPikachu96 || FB: Zavage Cosplay
Emerald Sustrai: Me! || FB: Sarahstrasza Cosplay
((I’m on mobile, so I can’t do link backs. XD))

RTX 2016 was fantastic!! So glad I could finally get EmCury pics with Zach!! Stay tuned for more!! ~