Circumstance (Part 2)

Rowaelin daughter x Feysand son 

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Cadewyn is amazed by the beauty of Terrasen. The towering mountains, crystal clear lakes, and enormous, flourishing pine trees that surround the capital city of Orynth is completely breathtaking. As he follows the Captain of the Guard, Aedion, around the palace grounds, he is struck by how different it is from the Night Court.

In Velaris, his parents do not own a large castle, or a huge plot of land. There is Aunt Elain’s garden, but Cade is sure she would love to see the one in Terrasen thrice the size of her own. Only in the last few years has Cade been able to venture down to the Court of Nightmares, and the difference between the two capitals is practically palpable.

Terrasen is fresh, new, and clean, with smiles passed between everyone and a calm atmosphere. The palace, which Cade has learned was built only in the last couple decades, is pristine, though old fashioned, and though it is enormous, has an incredibly homey feel to it. Hewn City is dark, extravagant, and the tension that is constantly floating in the air gives him a headache whenever he visits. The architecture is old and, though it is kept very clean, feels dirty.  

Quickly, and without much effort, Cade finds himself at ease in the company of the captain as they stroll along the edge of the forest and make polite conversation. Aedion only looks a few years older than Cade, but the boy knows better. The captain may not have pointed ears or elongated teeth, but Cade can recognize the smell of fae blood in him.

They have been walking a few minutes in silence, just admiring their surroundings, when Cade finally works up the courage to ask. “So, how old are you?” He wonders, trying to be nonchalant about it so as not to seem rude.

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Circumstance (Part 3)

Rowaelin Daughter x Feysand Son 

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Cade is dragged out of some of the most peaceful sleep he’s ever had by someone poking him on the cheek. He opens one eye groggily to find himself face to face with the subject of the dream he’d just been having. Turquoise eyes with a ring of gold around the pupil stare into his own and Cade almost falls off the bed in shock. 

A young girl, just entering her teen years, with long silver hair and incredibly familiar eyes stands next to him. 

He had thought he had recognized the eye in Aedion and Aelin earlier, but with them so close to his face, he knew they were the same ones he’d been painting for years, the ones everyone admired and complimented. No one had known where he had gotten the idea though, those dreams had been kept secret.

“Are you Cadewyn?” The girl asks, withdrawing her finger from his face once she realizes that he’s awake. He scrunches his eyes and sits up, feeling sleep logged and wondering how long he’s been out.

“Ah… yeah, and you’re Augustina?” He guesses, observing that she is probably about fifteen, and holds the posture he would expect from a princess.

The girl wrinkles her nose. “Don’t call me that. It’s Gusty,” A nice breeze swirled around Cade, making his eyes grow wide. “Like the wind?”

Cade sputters, not used to potent elemental power coming from someone other than his mother. “I see… how long have I been asleep?”

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